Debian package based Rapsberry Pi installation

This documents a (for now) experimental Debian-package-based installation of OGN. It is designed to make life easy for Windows users who can only easily add files to the boot partition.

Installation instructions

  1. Download Raspian Lite (latest ZIP) onto your SD card
  2. Unzip and write this image to an SD card using something like Etcher
  3. Download the latest
  4. Unzip the file onto to the Windows visible partition - you'll need to overwrite command.txt
  5. If using WiFi, amend the appliance/etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf with your WiFi router details
  6. Insert the SD card in your Raspberry Pi, power up and wait. It will take some time for the system to set itself up. Better feedback would be handy. But eventually, you should be able to get to the web interface on http://ogn:8080/ and http://ogn:8081/
  7. For now, there is no web configuration interface. You will need to do this manually over SSH. Follow the Manual Installation Guide Receiver configuration and tuning for best performance.


  • Configuration still involves SSH'ing in or modifying the config file on the SD card. TODO: Make a web interface to configure things like password, configuration settings, etc.
  • There is very limited feedback when things go wrong at present. A web interface would help that.
  • Password remains as default.
  • The Jessie built-in disk expansion is currently disabled as it is normally triggered from cmdline.txt which we replace


Output from the pi-install script once running can be read using

sudo journalctl -u pi-install

(add -f to follow)

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