Find out your Flarm-ID

Often pilots want to Opt-In or Opt-Out but they don't know where to get their Flarm-ID(RadioID) or ICAO24 Address from.

This page should help to find out your Flarm-ID or ICAO24 Address.


Classic Flarm

To be clear the Radio-ID is not the Serial number of the Unit.
The ClassicFlarm Serial number can be found on the case. Starting with the Hardwareversion like F5… F6… F7…followed by 4 numbers.

Sticker at the Bottom of Case

If your Flarm is an IGC-Valid-Logger you might have a chance that there is a sticker at the bottom of your device telling you what the Flarm-ID is.


(small Sticker at the Top ID= DDA300)

Download IGC Files and CSV File to Micro-SD-Card

If your Flarm is equipped with a Micro-SD-Card slot then you can insert a card and startup your Flarm to download the IGC Files. Together with the downloaded IGC files there will be a flarmdev.csv file.
Open it in any text editor (or Excel) and find an entry for each Downloadprocedure.
Search for the last line and look at ID=


Readout from IGC File

Download some IGC Files from your Flarm. Use Micro-SD-Card or XCSoar (connected via cable or Bluetooth) or just download them from the OLC-Server.
If you open the IGC-File in a text editor you can scroll down a bit till you find the Line starting with LFLA and ID


Upload an IGC File to RangeAnalyzer

IGC can also be uploaded to the RangeAnalyzer from Navigate to Support —> Tools & Software —> FLARM Range Analyzer (
select your IGCf file and click on "UPLOAD & ANALYZE IGC FILE" a new page will be loaded showing you the result of your FLARM Reception Range, where you should be able to see your device's FLARM-ID.


Readout via FlarmTool

You can also connect your Flarm with a serial cable to a computer and run the FlarmTool which comes with the Softwareupdate from Once Flarm is connected, you should be able to see RadioID on the main screen.


a IGC-Valid Flarm


non IGC-Valid Flarm (no IGC-Number)

OGN-Viewer app

if the Flarm is not setup for NOTRACK and it is in an Area with coverage you can also use the OGN-Viewer App. Turn on your device, run the application, then select your placemark. The popup will show your Flarm-ID

Other Flarm devices


This following is true for embedded PowerFlarm in LX8080 and LX9050:
Open an IGC file in notepad or similar text editor. Look for a line that starts with 'LLXVFLARM:'
The last item in this line is your FLARM ID.


First, make sure that the FLARM firmware on your LX is up-to-date.
Note in order to connect you need a special RS232-to-RJ45 cable (normally comes with the LX)

Use the FLARM-Tool (3.6.4 + )

Just connecting the device might not give you software connection to the LX. Go into the PASSWORD section first (LX memu). PASSWORD is 43000 for Flarm interaction.
Once done you should get connected. (be patient it might take time ..)
Update your firmware.

Read your FLARM id in the In the FLARM-Tool!


needs to be written

ICAO24 Address

In Germany you need to pay a fee to get your own ICAO24 Address.


If your aircraft is registered or already got an ICAO24-Address it is possible to look up in the Airframes Database.
Type in your registration. You will find the ICAO24 Ccde and the Flarm-ID (if it was registered there)

Gatwick Aviation Society

At this website you can search for your registration and it will show the ICAO24 address at the Mode-S code field

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