list of receivers managed by Paul Ruskin
No. APRS name Description Photo Status Contact
Alconbury In Little Stukeley, 400m S of Alconbury disused airfield, Pib with Chinese antenna - antenna now mounted on roof. 3/3/15 antenna height increased by about 1.5m, (getting it clear of the roof line) hopefully to increase sensitivity in the NE & SE quadrants. More cover into East Anglia I hope! 5M coax between antenna and Pi Paul Ruskin
Crowland Crowland airfield. Chinese antenna Paul Ruskin
Bury Chinese antenna in loft in central Bury Paul Ruskin
Calne Toothpick + RPi Paul Ruskin
Dereham Chinese antenna external RPi Paul Ruskin
Fordham Chinese antenna on Chimney, Rpi Paul Ruskin
KingsLynn Chinese antenna in loft, RPi Paul Ruskin
Orwell Orwell (near GRL). Chinese antenna on chimney Paul Ruskin
Swaffham Swaffham
Troston Chinese antenna on chimney, RPi Paul Ruskin
UKMAC [] [] Paul Ruskin
UKPET Peterborough. Chinese antenna on mast Antenna Receiver Paul Ruskin
UKRAT A Raspberry Pi running a Flarm receiver on roof of Rattlesden Gliding Club Paul Ruskin
UKTIB Chinese antenna + RPi Paul Ruskin
UKWRM Chinese antenna RPi Wormingford Paul Ruskin
Blunham Receiver located at 2 km north of Bedford Microlight Airsports
Cambridge Cambridge - Permanent rooftop installation of Chinese antenna. photo1 photo2 photo3 Andrew
Elsworth Elsworth
Gransden Receiver in Gransden village
Nhampton Northampton
Shefford Bruce
StNeotsLF St Neots Loves Farm. Shaun
UKGAM Gamlingay, near Gransden, Badland + Keedox Realtek RTL2832U attic installation since July 2014 Radome at RAF Croughton Gavin
UKGRF Great Ashfield - approx 15km NE Bury St Edmunds Greg Monaghan
UKGRL Cambridge Gliding Centre RPi2 and 9dB Collinear antenna with masthead multi stage pre-amp including multiple SAW bandpass filters. Bob Pursey
UkOln Olney, externally mounted 3-4db antenna on roof of house Melissa
UKOUN Oundle, 1.7km W of OUN TP. Loft mounted Odroid U3 with Chinese antenna Shaun M
UKSTN St Neots
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