Installation for Mechanical Engineers, Dentists, Accountants etc.

OGN Installation for Mechanical Engineers (and others unfamiliar with new fangled computers)

This page contains additional hints that are probably obvious to the programmers but might not be to others, if you enjoy working the software things out yourself click here. If not and you just want the bl@@dy thing to work read on.


  1. Buy a Raspberry Pi - just click add to basket from (thanks JPack)
  2. Get something to hit with a hammer. You will get urges during installation, it takes a while. Metal is good for this as it makes a reassuring sound.
  3. Get a bottle of wine, if you are French or Italian do something new, try one from outside your country, if you are not French or Italian drink Italian or French wine - its the best. This dulls the pain (its only a little so dont worry). This step is not for dentists, its their turn for pain.

Copy the image (thanks Mel)

in a windows pc

Follow the instructions on there. You only need a web browser for this part!

More advanced stuff, for example configuring wifi

If you dont have a telly to plug into the Pi you can remote access it using something called PuTTY.
Get putty from here. Top left link.

top left link, open the PuTTY software:

type in ip address of r-pi (if you don't know plug a telly in and type "ifconfig" or look on your router (usually in a internet thingy) for a list of connected devices. (Be warned it may change from time to time)

click connect, you will need your username and password, "pi" and "raspberry" if you haven't run the configure script which will display a new password for you.

If you need to make it work on wifi use the username "wifi" and password "wifi" to configure it.

Linux for windows users

when its running you may want to change things, these handy Linux hints may help.

Cut and paste from the instructions to the putty window. Right click in the PuTTY window pastes.
You can google sudo but basically if in doubt add it to the front of any command. (IT types correct this…)
sudo poweroffpowers the pi off
sudo halt –p shuts the pi down
sudo reboot reboots the pi
mv tom.txt jerry.txt renames tom to jerry
and to open the file for edit is nano filename
in nano use the curser keys to move the green square around. Ctrl O saves

to edit the config file
sudo nano /home/ogn/rtlsdr-ogn.conf

stopping and starting the service
sudo service rtlsdr-ogn start
sudo service rtlsdr-ogn stop

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