Decoding telnet and aprsc-status data

NOTE: This page describes the debug output via telnet.
For the APRS stream, see subscribe-to-ogn-data!

Hopefully this page will explain to some degree what we see on telnet and the servers.


This section shows some example output via telnet.


APRS_Sender.Exec() … Beacon:
UK-BNN>APRS,qAR:/210543h5117.27NI00105.48W&/A=000308 CPU:3.8 RAM:37.9/192.6MB NTP:5.0ms/-41.4ppm +41.2C RF:+60+0.0ppm/+1.7dB

=> your receiver sends a beacon message with some information.

APRS server: # aprsc 2.0.14-g28c5a6a 11 May 2014 21:05:42 GMT GLIDERN2
=> APRS server sends to your receiver a keep alive/beacon message

APRS server: UK-WOG>APRS,TCPIP*,qAC,GLIDERN2:/210632h5152.87NI00113.75W&/A=000495 CPU:0.7 RAM:316.0/492.2MB NTP:0.4ms/-43.7ppm +49.2C RF:+32-1.8ppm/+2.5dB
=> APRS server sends you a beacon message from receivers close to yours

FLRDDF99F>APRS,qAS,UK-WOG:/083448h5156.01N/00112.51W'096/076/A=001302 id06DDF99F -039fpm -0.2rot 6.0dB 4e -0.6kHz

ProcessTimeSlot(badCRC/4.8dB/-3.0kHz) => no track => badCRC
=>A debug message, to trace how the logic of linking signals with tracks works. This particular message means: there was a signal (SNR/freq.offset), no track could be assigned to it, could not be made for correct CRC by error correction.

Data from APRS servers


Port Callsign Address Verified Up Last in Software Packets Tx Packets Rx Bytes Tx Bytes Rx Tx/Rx bytes/s OutQ MsgRcpts Filter
Callsign IP address ??? Elapsed time since service started Elapsed time since last receipt of data version ???? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???/lat/long/???
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