Competition tracking

This section will explain how you can use OGN to track a gliding competition live.


To successfully track a competition, you should have

  1. good OGN coverage of the competition area and
  2. preferably an OGN-station at the airfield of the competition.

You can check the OGN-coverage of your competition area using the OGN range analysis.

Tracking tools

Following tools can be used for the online tracking:

  3. KTrax

The following sections will explain how to use both tools to create a competition tracking.

For competition tracking it is essential to integrate the task as an overlay onto the 'normal' tracking page of To do so, you need an task file, which is online accessible via http.

Creation of the task tile

To create a task file, you can use various tools. I recommend

  1. Go to
  2. Klick on 'Wegpunkte' and upload the turn point file of the competition you want to track
  3. Click on 'Aufgabe'
  4. Click on 'Neu / Laden' to create a new task and select the type of task
  5. By clicking on the map select the turn points of the task one after another. Double clicking on the last turn point creates a finish turn point.
  6. By clicking on the turn point in the left hand menu, you can modify the type of turn point, size of turn point, etc.
  7. When you are done creating your task, click on 'Speichern/Export' to download your task. You need to download the task in XCsoar format (.tsk)
  8. Save the .tsk file to you hard disk

Make the .tsk file accessible online

Next step is to make the .tsk file accessible online. You can use various ways to achieve this

  1. Make the task file accessible via the web page of the competition
  2. Paste the content of the .tsk file to (This will be used for this tutorial)
  3. Upload your task to GitHub
  4. Upload the .task file to your personal http server

Create the task overlay

Next you need to tell glider tracker, from where to load the task file, which you just created and published online

  1. Go to
  2. Add the http-location of your task file to the url
  3. In pastebin, click on raw view can copy the url of the paste (e.g.
  4. Add the task-url to the glider tracker url:
  5. You should now see the task as an overlay on the map

Create a filter for the contest participants

To only show the participants of the contest on the map overlay, you can create a filter.

  1. Create a .csv file, which contains on the contest participants. This file must have following format:

DDDDDD is the Flarm-ID of the contest participant, The prefix (e.g. 06 depends on the type of aircraft and Flarm settings)

  1. Make the file accessible via url. Please refer to the 'Make the .tsk file accessible online' section, e.g.
  2. Tell glider tracker the url of the filter file by adding &lst=

Howto to be written ….


Howto to be written ….

Silent Wings Studio

This tracking solution used the commercial software Silent Wings Studio.
See and for code base of OGN to Silent Wings Studio interface.
Silent Wings Studio is used in most of the Sailplane Grand Prix competitions.

Here you can find an example Youtube video that showcases the capabilities of this tool.

Comparission of Tracking Tools

This sections compares the different tracking tools and their features. KTrax SWS tracking
Type of task tracking 2D map 2D map 2D map 3D scenery
Task overlay Yes Yes Yes (not all kind of turn points supported) Yes
Contest participants filter Yes - via url Yes, however all participants must be registered in DDB No Yes
Accepts .tsk task files Yes Yes No Yes Via converter
Accepts .cup (SeeYou) task files No No No Yes via
Accepts JSON task files No Yes Yes Yes
Provides live scoring of task No No No Yes
Can display multiple tasks for different classes at same time No Yes No Yes

Software tools for tracking

CUP to OGN converter

Here you can find a JAVA based CUG to OGN (JSON) task file converter.

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