TTN interface

Successful experiments have been conducted to transmit position data through LoRaWAN and The Things Network.
Using this method it is not possible to transmit positions as often as with OGN-Tracker, still it can well serve as a backup in areas where the OGN coverage is not sufficient.

LoRaWAN in Europe uses the 868MHz ISM frequency band and the LoRa modulation thus the sx1276 radio chip already used in (some) OGN-Trackers and FANET devices is enough to support the connection and data transmission/reception over the LoRaWAN.

Currently the ESP32 OGN-Tracker supports TTN method at a beta-test level. If you want to try it, get the source code and compile it with the WITH_LORAWAN tag. You will need to ask us to register your deivce and we provide in return the application key to be written into the Tracker. In future this part would be automatic.
In principle any LoRaWAN device can send its position/status/information data if it only uses the right format and application and device keys.

The application ID on the TTN is ogn and it is integrated with the TTN Mapper under the experiment name ogn and so the range data is viewable there.

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