No. APRS name Description Photo Status Contact
LOAG Receiver located at the airfield Krems-Gneixendorf (LOAG) Webcam of the airfield, availability.pl?station=LOAG Stefan LOAG
LOGO Receiver located at the airfield Niederöblarn (LOGO) webcam of the airfield, antenna availability.pl?station=LOGO Christoph LOGO
LOGT Receiver located at the airfield Timmersdorf (LOGT) availability.pl?station=LOGT ???
LOWG Receiver located at Graz Airport availability.pl?station=LOWG ???
other locations
GarsKamp Receiver located in Freischling near Gars am Kamp availability.pl?station=GarsKamp Stefan
GrEngersd near by Deutsch Wagram, Receiver located in Groß Engersdorf availability.pl?station=GrEngersd Harry
Leoben receiver located in Leoben availability.pl?station=Leoben ???
MaAnzbach near Altlengbach / Eichgraben availability.pl?station=MaAnzbach ???
Plesching Receiver located near Linz availability.pl?station=Plesching ???
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