Receiver Naming Convention

When installing your new receivers please follow the OGN receivers naming convention:

  • if a receiver is to be located at the airport/airfield give it a 4 character ICAO code identifier. It is important to keep the identifier in upper-case, e.g.:

LFLE (Challes-les-Eaux)
LFLG (Grenoble, Versoud)
LFLP (Annecy, Meythet)
EPZR (ZAR, Poland)

if a receiver is not foreseen to monitor takeoffs and landings, please do not use ICAO code, but chose a name for other locations.

  • for any other locations (cities, towns, private houses, etc..) please follow a CamelCase naming convention. It is also recommended to choose a name corresponding to the closest "known" place (town, institute, mountain, etc..) e.g:

Cern (European Organization for Nuclear Research, Geneva, Switzerland)
Paris (no need to comment, I guess?;)
Cluses (Receiver near Cluses, France)
Didcot (Receiver in Didcot, UK)

  • if they are more than one receiver at a location you can use numbers OR cardinal direction (N,W,S,E).



  • it is not so unusual a receiver is located at the airport/airfield, so there is no need to mention this (bad: HoyaFlpl, EDLGTurm; good: Hoya, EDLG
  • dont use country codes in the name (bad: DEboetzow; good: Boetzow)
  • dont use abbreviations too much, we have 9 characters. (bad: BOZ, better: BergenOZ or BgOpZoom, bad: Strass1, better: Strassham)
  • use receiver names you can google (bad: something cryptic like hgrtl, HGC, KCCM, SFVWUG, flevonet2)
  • dont write out cardinal directions (bad: LSZKWest, UrySud, good: LSZKW, UryS, even better: LSZK, Ury)

Exceptionally for UK: In the UK, if a receiver is near to a BGA turn point, it can be named UKXXX where XXX is the BGA turn point, e.g. UKFOX. (Note this DOES NOT have a DASH in it!)


  • Minimum length for name is 3 characters
  • Maximum length for name is 9 characters
  • Underscores and Dashes and probably other punctuation do not work ( name must comply with the APRS SSID naming convention )
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