OGN Infrastructure
Server Location Services Owner
ogn1 Europe/France/Gravelines (ovh.com) APRS Download Seb
ogn2 Europe/Germany/Frankfurt (ovh.com) APRS Ddb Grafana interface Seb
ogn3 Europe/France/Gravelines (ovh.com) Live OGNRANGE Angel
ogn4 Europe/Finland/Espoo APRS Javier/Heikki
ogn5 South America/Chile (iia.cl) APRS TRACKER Alex/Felipe/Angel
ogn6 Europe/Germany/Hetzner APRS Heikki
OVH Europe/France/Graveline (ovh.com) Grafana data storage Seb
OVH World wide/Anycast (ovh.com) glidernet.org DNS servers (dns200.anycast.me & ns200.anycast.me) Seb
Wiki AWS wiki.glidernet.org (Wikidot.com service hosted on AWS EC2) Wojtek
Onglide Europe/UK ognrange Mel
Ktrax Europe/Ireland (AWS) Ktrax (hosted on AWS EC2) Kisstech/Gerhard
Glidertracker Europe/Germany glidertracker.de Lukas
ogn.peanutpod.de ? ogn.peanutpod.de kerel
ognstats Europe/Switzerland ognstats Wojtek
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