Nice-to-have Ideas

This is a list of ideas we could implement or would love to have.

Please move to the 'already implemented' section below if implemented with remark on which site

Tracking, geofencing

  • Project for geofencing (, receive notifications via bot telegram bot when an aircraft connected to the platform OGN enters a pre-established area. If you update the code remeber to share :)
  • Geo-fencing with SMS - When a glider flies into a set perimeter, a sms will be sent
  • Possible to create some revenue! I would love it. Set a perimeter 5km around my house and receive a text when its time to look up ;-)
  • But many more applications can be thought off. Many car tracking black-boxes have this option.
  • Could also be handy for ground instructors to get a warning when a club glider flies outside a distance from the airport.

APRS core




  • Competition management
  • Tasks
  • Mark participating gliders


  • Something to help some to help other in the receivers configuration/tunning (ssh keys, revers sssh tunnel, …)

Interfaces to other systems

WIKI - future content awaiting contributions

  • Receiver software command reference. (A short guide covering: how to start, how to monitor, what options are available, what is expected to be in the config file etc..)
  • Anything more ?? (Please post on the group your ideas of the subjects which should be covered on this WIKI - or - even better - update the WIKI directly!)

Ideas already implemented

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