Marketing Materials

This page is a place to put links to marketing material for OGN. Do not hesitate to update this page if you gave some interesting presentation, know a page or an article written about OGN. Please try to keep it in order (most recent events/articles on top)


File(s) Description Author(s) Place & Date Language
Prezi An overview of OGN and all involved components given at the Bavarian Gliding Convention on 23. Feb. 2019 Dominic Spreitz and Konstantin Gründger Hirschaid, 2019 German
pptx A presentation of OGN to BEA (Bureau d’Enquêtes et d’Analyses) Sébastien Chaumontet & Philippe Boissel Paris March 2018 English
youtube.png "OGN - the movie" - presenting gliding activities in southern Germany, registered on June 18th 2017 on Made to show what OGN is already able to do and to stir the discussion about the project. Daniel Herzig Germany 2017 English
pptx A presentation explaining the basic idea behind OGN to the IGC Plenum 2017 Angel Casado Budapest 2017 English
pdf, pptx Presentation at the Dutch Gliding Convention Frank Schellenberg Terlet, 7 November 2015 Dutch
pdf, gitlab Presentation to the Austrian, German, Swiss Gliding Conventions Gerhard Wesp Niederoeblarn, Freudenstadt, Rorschach 2015—2018 German
pdf, odp A presentation about OGN function, advantages, challenges and privacy concerns Malte Randt Germany, September 2015 German
pptx A presentation explaining OGN achievements in the FFVV initiative Christophe France, September 2015 French
pptx , pdf A presentation explaining OGN in general, the benefits and privacy issues for the local gliding club Sebastian Erlangen, Germany 15 February 2015 German
odp , pdf A presentation explaining OGN and the achievements till 2014, given at the Dutch GlidingNerd Event 2015 Frank Schellenberg Gilze Rijen, 17 January 2015 Dutch
pdf A presentation explaining the OGN Project, FLARM system news and the federal experimentation for French Mountain area, given during a safety meeting Christophe and Microbada France, 6 December 2014 French
pdf , pptx A presentation made to the UK BGA Management Conference. Feel free to reuse Paul Ruskin UK, November 2014 English
pdf , pptx A presentation explaining the basic idea behind OGN, given to the members of the Centre Genève Vol Libre Pawel Jalocha and Wojtek Buczak Geneva, 2012 English

Articles and publicity

Web Link Description Date of publication Country Language
Sehen wir uns noch? (Seite 2-6) Ulrich Heynen Segelfliegen Magazine 1/2017 Germany Deutsch
OGN im Härtetest (Seite 6-10) Jan Lyczywek Segelfliegen Magazine 1/2017 Germany Deutsch
"A totally new spectator experience" Gliding International March 2015 English
OGN und Datenschutz Rebecca Hentrich & Dominic Spreitz Segelfliegen Magazine 3/2015 Germany Deutsch
Wir sehen uns! Dipl.-Ing. Ulrich Heynen Segelfliegen Magazine Jan-Feb 2015 Germany Deutsch
Le projet Open Glider Network (page 8-9) Planeur info n°47 January 2015 France French
Radar mondiale, (english translation) Article by Aldo Cernezzi "Volo a Vela", No 343, November 2014 Italy Italian, English
Flash Info F.F.V.V. informs about OGN 29th October 2014 France French
Track our Aircraft Live! British RAF September 2014 UK English
Receiving decoding Flarm tracking news about OGN 1st July 2014 n/a English

Logo OGN

LOGO's in different formats by Frank Schellenberg

Drawings and Schematics

File(s) Description Author(s) Place & Date Language
pdf svg A diagram illustrating OGN function and architecture Malte Randt Germany, September 2015 English
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