List Of Receivers UK
No. APRS name Description Photo Status Contact
Balado Development in Progress availability.php?station=Balado Peter R
Bidford RPi + home made collinear on 9 m mast above clubhouse at Bidford Gliding Club with PilotAware radio uplink availability.php?station=Bidford Guy
Booker Wycombe Air Park (EGTB). RPi 2 Chinese antenna (installed late June2014) PilotAware (PWBooker)added June 2018 availability.php?station=Booker Peter
Brunty Near Bruntingthorpe Airfield, Leicestershire - RPi3 Model B, Nooelec NESDR SMart v4 SDR, Uputronics 868 MHz filtered pre-amp and 7 dBi antenna availability.php?station=Brunty Dave
Burn Burn Gliding Club. Chinese aerial on clubhouse availability.php?station=Burn George G
Crowland Crowland airfield. Peterborough and Spalding Gliding Club. Chinese antenna Webcam1 Webcam2 availability.php?station=Crowland Paul Ruskin
DNDSOUTH Dundee Airport (EGPN) Webcam availability.php?station=DNDSOUTH
EGBS Shobdon Airfield, Herefordshire availability.php?station=EGBS Tom
EGDM MoD Boscombe Down, Odroid with 12 stage colinear, expect periods of outage during installation availability.php?station=EGDM Brian
EGHF Portsmouth Naval Gliding Centre. The receiver is a 12 element home made colinear antenna set-up on the clubhouse roof at the western edge of the airfield attached to a RPI Dongle, Antenna, Receiver availability.php?station=EGHF Chris
EGHL Lasham airfield: home-made antenna under a roof, RK3066 2-core CPU availability.php?station=EGHL Tim
EGKE Kent Gliding Club at Challock. Photos to be added once installation finalised. availability.php?station=EGKE Jared
EGTU OGN-PAW Installation at Devon and Somerset Flight Training, Dunkeswell availability.php?station=EGTU Chris
EGUB Raspberry Pi 2 with mini DVBT adapter F05430 and Huahong antenna Aerial, Receiver availability.php?station=EGUB Andrew
EGWN 18/08/15 now at RAF Halton with antenna mounted on the top of a hangar 20 m agl on a TV stick MK809IV (RK3188 Debian 14.04) over WiFi. 'Chinese' co-linear. Antenna, Receiver availability.php?station=EGWN Peter
EGXY RPi2 + RT820T2 + Chinese Antenna. Located on roof of the control tower. availability.php?station=EGXY David
EGYD Cranwell Village Just East of RAF Cranwell (EGYD) availability.php?station=EGYD Ian Mountain
Enstone RPi + collinear on mast above clubhouse at Enstone Flying Club with PilotAware radio uplink availability.php?station=Enstone Ian
HusBos Receiver located at Coventry Gliding Club, East Midlands, UK with PilotAware uplink. Webcam1 Webcam2 availability.php?station=HusBos Toby
Mynd Midland Gliding Club.The Long Mynd Nr Church Stretton in Shropshire - OGN Chinese 9dB Antenna now installed. availability.php?station=Mynd Paul S
UKNYM Bristol & Gloucestershire G. C. DIY antenna mast on top of the bar. availability.php?station=UKNYM Xtophe
Oban Oban Airport (EGEO). Connel Flying Club Airfield Club availability.php?station=Oban Alastair
Portmoak Receiver located at Portmoak airfield, North of Edinburgh. Scottish Gliding Centre. 9dB Chinese aerial on clubhouse. Antenna Webcam availability.php?station=Portmoak Alastair
SALTBY Receiver at Buckminster GC Saltby Airfield, 8 element Collinear, RPI on Club House Roof availability.php?station=SALTBY Malc H
Shobdon Receiver at Herefordshire Gliding Club - OGN Chinese 9dB Antenna (Temporary Install at Present). Running on a Raspberry Pi B+ availability.php?station=Shobdon Paul S
SuttonBnk Yorkshire Gliding Club. Sutton Bank - SUT. Aerials availability.php?station=SuttonBnk SteveB
UKABO Chinese antenna on extension to weather mast at Deeside Gliding Club, Aboyne Webcam1 Webcam2 Webcam3 availability.php?station=UKABO Mike
UKAST RPi B+ with Chinese antenna on control tower roof at Cotswold Gliding Club, Aston Down Airfield. Antenna availability.php?station=UKAST Stephen
UKBIC Bicester airfield (EGDD), Bicester Gliding Centre availability.php?station=UKBIC Paul Ruskin
UKBRW Receiver update to add Pilot aware and new antennas. Station located close to Walney Island Airport, Barrow-in-Furness. The Lakes Gliding Club Airfield availability.php?station=UKBRW
UKCHP Receiver located at Bowland Forest Gliding Club, Chipping, Lancashire with commercial colinear (Oct 2019) and Pilotaware bridge and aerial (Jan 2019) Antenna, Receiver availability.php?station=UKCHP Phil
UKCPH Derbyshire & Lancashire Gliding Club. Camphill availability.php?station=UKCPH Dave R.
UKDRL Darlton Gliding Club. Pi 2V2, Home made antenna on hangar roof, BGA turn point DRL, with PAW upload availability.php?station=UKDRL Robert
UKDUN2 London Gliding Club. Chinese colinear on roof of club house Webcam1 Webcam2 availability.php?station=UKDUN2 Melissa
UKEAS Easterton Airfield, Highland Gliding Club. RPi2 with Chinese antenna mounted on hanger roof Webcam availability.php?station=UKEAS John C
UKEDG Shenington Gliding Club with PilotAware uplink availability.php?station=UKEDG Guy
UKFES RPi2 + home made 8 element collinear antenna (Pawel design) at Feshiebridge. Cairngorm Gliding Club Webcam availability.php?station=UKFES Nick
UKGRL Cambridge Gliding Centre RPi2 and 9dB Collinear antenna with masthead multi stage pre-amp including multiple SAW bandpass filters. availability.php?station=UKGRL Bob Pursey
UKFAL RPi Zero with homemade colinear antenna. At Clubhouse SW corner.[] availability.php?station=UKFAL Allan
UKKEE Keevil Airfield. Bannerdown Gliding Club. Needs proper Aerial. availability.php?station=UKKEE Phil
UKKIR RPi 2 B+ with commercial antenna and PilotAware uplink. Trent Valley Gliding Club, Kirton in Lindsey availability.php?station=UKKIR Robert
UKLLE Lleweni Parc airfield. Denbigh Gliding. Toothpick antenna on clubhouse windowsill! availability.php?station=UKLLE Peter
UKLTN 1500m N of London Luton Airport (EGGW) availability.php?station=UKLTN
UKmil RPi 2 + commercial antenna on clubhouse at Borders Gliding Club, Milfield with radio uplink onto the PilotAware frequency availability.php?station=UKmil Robert
UKmil2 RPi B with 3db commercial antenna on northside hangar at Borders Gliding Club, Backup receiver availability.php?station=UKmil2 Robert
UKNHL Devon & Somerset Gliding Club - Chinese aerial / rasp pi, mounted on corner of Clubhouse, North Hill availability.php?station=UKNHL Jill
UKPAR Parham Airfield, Southdown Gliding Club. - RPi 3+ with Chinese antenna on a pole on the club hangar roof. Webcam availability.php?station=UKPAR Mark Fisher
PARTEST Parham Airfield, Southdown Gliding Club. - Development OGN-R receiver which will replace UKPAR soon. Feb 2021. Webcam availability.php?station=PARTEST Mark Fisher
UKPCS West end of Portmoak Airfield. Short range internal rx for better takeoff/landing detection. availability.php?station=UKPCS Alastair
UKPOC RPi2 with home made Co-linear antenna Wolds Gliding Club clubhouse at Pocklington, with PilotAware uplink. Airfield availability.php?station=UKPOC Guy
UKPRK RPi 2 with 9dB Chinese antenna + PAW uplink at Bath Wilts & North Dorset Gliding Club (The Park) availability.php?station=UKPRK Joe
UKRAT A Raspberry Pi running a Flarm receiver on roof of Rattlesden Gliding Club setup by me… a 14 year old availability.php?station=UKRAT Nathan
UKRIN Ringmer Airfield, East Sussex Gliding Club. - RPi + Chinese antenna on clubhouse roof availability.php?station=UKRIN Mark Fisher
UKRUF York Gliding Centre. RPi2 + DIY antenna (5 element co-linear using RG402 semi-rigid coax) on Rufforth clubhouse roof availability.php?station=UKRUF Roy
UKSE2 Staffordshire Gliding Club, RPi B+ with commercial antenna on clubhouse roof Webcam availability.php?station=UKSE2 David Gill
UKTAL Talgarth airfield. RPi3+, 820T, antenna mounted on pole on hangar apex west side. Black Mountains Gliding Club Airfield Webcam availability.php?station=UKTAL Mark F Dave J
UKTIB Chinese antenna + RPi availability.php?station=UKTIB Paul Ruskin
UKWRM Chinese antenna RPi Wormingford availability.php?station=UKWRM Paul Ruskin
UKUPW Upwood airfield, Nene Valley Gliding Club availability.php?station=UKUPW
UKUSK Airfield near Usk in Monmouthshire. South Wales Gliding Club. Chinese collinear on clubhouse roof. Webcam1 Webcam2 availability.php?station=UKUSK Zak B
UKWOG Weston-on-the-Green - NE of Oxford. Oxford Gliding Club. Collinear antenna on top of club's hangar availability.php?station=UKWOG Krzysiek
WingFarm Longbridge Deverill. Airborne Pyros. RPi B+ at Airborne Composites, Huahong colinear aerial on flag pole availability.php?station=WingFarm Colin
Other Locations
Alconbury In Little Stukeley, 400m S of Alconbury disused airfield, Pib with Chinese antenna - antenna now mounted on roof. 3/3/15 antenna height increased by about 1.5m, (getting it clear of the roof line) hopefully to increase sensitivity in the NE & SE quadrants. More cover into East Anglia I hope! 5M coax between antenna and Pi availability.php?station=Alconbury Pete Belcher
Aldersht2 West end of Aldershot, RPi2 with Chinese antenna at around 10m agl availability.php?station=Aldersht2 Ben
Arnold Home made colinear antenna, RPI 2b2 availability.php?station=Arnold Robert
Aurora Receiver located at Fulstow, Louth availability.php?station=Aurora
Aylesbury RPi, 863Mhz pre amp with SAW filter, Chinese antenna Antenna Receiver Box Box2 availability.php?station=Aylesbury Alan
Balerno Combined PilotAware / OGN-R 'Rebroadcast' Station near RAF Kirknewton in South West Edinburgh. Chinese 9dBi collinear connected direct to Uputronics Pre-amp/Filter & NESDR TCXO SDR (all in loft at present) then via short USB to RPi 2B, feeding into OGN network - OGN-Relay provided by PilotAware RF Transceiver combined into unit & actuated only by & to local PilotAware Traffic availability.php?station=Balerno Peter R
Barton Receiver located at Barton, a district of Oxford availability.php?station=Barton
Bellinghm RPi 2, chinese antenna on chimney availability.php?station=Bellinghm Keith
EGDD Located approx 1Km from Bicester airfield using a Chinese aerial and running on a X86 PC availability.php?station=EGDD EFFUL
Blunham Receiver located at 2 km north of Bedford Microlight Airsports availability.php?station=Blunham
Bosham RPi 2 with Active Diapason Antenna availability.php?station=Bosham Chris Bishop
Burnley Raspberry Pi Model 3B with a NooElec SDR, colinnear antenna from Slovakia ebay seller and Uputronics filtered preamp availability.php?station=Burnley Iain D
BURSTALL Receiver located at Burstall, at ~17 km from Rattlesden Airfield. availability.php?station=BURSTALL
Bury Chinese antenna in loft in central Bury availability.php?station=Bury Paul Ruskin
UKCALDER0 Receiver located Calderdale, West Yorkshire, Homemade Nonlinear, RPi2 availability.php?station=UKCALDER0 Mike
Calne Toothpick + RPi availability.php?station=Calne Paul Ruskin
Cambridge Cambridge - Permanent rooftop installation of Chinese antenna. Receiver House Antenna availability.php?station=Cambridge Andrew
Chilboltn Chilbolton village availability.php?station= Tim
Chelt PWChelt 2km East of EGBJ (Gloucester) airport. Raspberry Pi 3 Model B + TCXO R820T2 tuner + 868Mhz Filtered Preamp + 5dBi Taoglas Antenna + PilotAware (PAW) uplink. Antenna availability.php?station=Chelt Andrew
Chirnside RPi B+ with home made colinear antenna in roof space Receiver availability.php?station=Chirnside Derek
Codford W of Salisbury Plain, Odroid and homemade 12 section colinear availability.php?station=Codford Brian
Coldstrm E of Coldstream, Pi B+ and homemade 8 section colinear availability.php?station=Coldstrm Robert
Cwmbran Home made colinear in my back garden - good to East - mountain to West availability.php?station=Cwmbran Dave J
DarltonN RPi B+ with 9 dBi Chinese antenna on chimney at Rampton, 6 Km North of Darlton Gliding Club. Airfield availability.php?station=DarltonN Robert
DAWLY Located at Dawlish availability.php?station=DAWLY
Dereham Chinese antenna external RPi availability.php?station=Dereham Paul Ruskin
Didcot Didcot - S of Oxford, 9dB collinear antenna under the roof, RK3188 PC (MK809IV) availability.php?station=Didcot Krzysiek
Dundee Dundee University Tower Building, Active Jetvision/Diapason aerial on roof. Hosted by Dundee Satellite Receiving Station SRantennas View TowerBuilding Webcam availability.php?station=Dundee Alastair
Edinburgh North Edinburgh, Chinese 9dB in loft. Not a glider friendly area. availability.php?station=Edinburgh Alastair
EGBKE East of EGBK in Wellingborough, Combined PilotAware / OGN-R 'Rebroadcast' on a Pi, Chinese 9dB just above roof line. availability.php?station=EGBKE Kevin
Elsworth Elsworth availability.php?station=Elsworth
Fordham Chinese antenna on Chimney, Rpi availability.php?station=Fordham Paul Ruskin
FourMarks Pi running the basic stick antenna in the loft for now. Colinear under construction. availability.php?station=FourMarks Kevin Wood
Gilwern Raspberry Pi Model 3B with a NooElec dongle and homemade 8 element co-axial colinear aerial located in the loft availability.php?station=Gilwern Phil Lee
Glamis South of Glamis village availability.php?station=Glamis Alastair
Gransden Receiver in Gransden village availability.php?station=Gransden
Hewish RPi2 with Chinese antenna on south side of roof of outbuilding 2 miles west of BGA TP CRK availability.php?station=Hewish Jill
Heyshott Receiver in Heyshott, Sussex. RPi 3+, WiFi to router, 820T2 dongle, colinear antenna on chimney. This receiver went live 13 Sept 2018 and should provide good coverage of the western section of the South Downs ridge. availability.php?station=Heyshott Mark Fisher
Hullav Near Hullavington Airfield still being configured Odroid and 12 section colinear availability.php?station=Hullav Brian
Hurst Receiver in Hurstpierpoint, Sussex. RPi 3+, WiFi to router, NooElec NESDR dongle, homemade colinear antenna on a pole at rear of house. availability.php?station=Hurst Mark Fisher
KingsLynn Chinese antenna in loft, RPi availability.php?station=KingsLynn Paul Ruskin
Kingstone PilotAware OGN-R station with 9dBi Chinese co-linear antenna for Flarm and PilotAware end fed dipole for P3i, on mast mounted on end of house availability.php?station=Kingstone Chris Adams
Littleton RPi 3B + rtl-sdr blog TCXO. ½ƛ dipole shielded to SE will be replaced by a 'Pawel CoCo' home-made. availability.php?station=Littleton Alan
Llanwrda Llanwrda, Premier Electronics (UK) Ltd office. availability.php?station=Llanwrda
Madeley Receiver at Home Near Telford in Shropshire - OGN Chinese 9dB Antenna now installed. availability.php?station=Madeley Paul S
Midlem RPi 2 and home made antenna in roof space availability.php?station=Midlem Robert
Mira Nuneaton availability.php?station=Mira
Morecambe RPi 3B and PAW Bridge added, new +3db antenna at roof height. The Lakes Gliding Club availability.php?station=Morecambe Peter
Nhampton Northampton availability.php?station=Nhampton
Newcastle RPi 2 availability.php?station=Newcastle Freddy
OldSdbury 1km S of Old Sodbury, RPi 3B, R820T, Chinese 9dB antenna availability.php?station=OldSdbury Roger
Orwell Orwell (near GRL). Chinese antenna on chimney availability.php?station=Orwell Paul Ruskin
Oxford Garsington near Oxford availability.php?station=Oxford Paul Ruskin
Penally RPi3B with Chinese antenna (eventually, when I get it put up) availability.php?station=Penally Geoff Brown
Peninver RPi3B, R820T, Filtered Preamp, Chinese Antenna. availability.php?station=Peninver Dave
Quorn Pi with home-built collinear on a 3m mast on roof availability.php?station=Quorn Jon
RhiwFaw PWRhiwFaw 26km North East of EGFH (Swansea) airport. RPi3+ with PilotAware (PAW) uplink. Receiver1 Receiver2 Receiver3 Antenna1 Antenna2 availability.php?station=RhiwFaw Andrew
Riponhill Ripon, Hill Aviation Insurance Services Limited office. availability.php?station=Riponhill
Saxondale Pi2 v2 with commercial antenna, with Pilotaware. Both antennas on garage roof availability.php?station=Saxondale
Shefford availability.php?station=Shefford Bruce
Southwick Self build 12 stage colinear in the loft. availability.php?station=Southwick Klaus
Stirling East side of Stirling town. Chinese 9dB aerial. availability.php?station=Stirling Alastair
StNeotsLF St Neots Loves Farm. Raspberry Pi 3 Model B + TCXO R820T2 tuner + 868Mhz Filtered Preamp + Chinese Antenna. availability.php?station=StNeotsLF Shaun
Stoke Leics/Northants border. 17km E of Hus Bos. RPi, 12 element collinear, with PilotAware uplink. availability.php?station=Stoke Guy
Swaffham Swaffham availability.php?station=Swaffham
Thame RPi2 with PilotAware radio uplink. Poor antenna, used for testing availability.php?station=Thame Ian
Thornbury Home made colinear on roof of house availability.php?station=Thornbury Dave Lewis
Totternho Totternhoe village, 2km NW of UKDUN, Raspi 3/stretch running ARM 0.2.6, with Huahong colinear aerial in attic availability.php?station=Totternho Colin
TRING RP3 on 8 metre antenna mast with home made Antenna availability.php?station=TRING Pete Milligan
Troston Chinese antenna on chimney, RPi availability.php?station=Troston Paul Ruskin
UKBDY Metheringham - 10Km SW of Bardney. Homebrew 8 element coaxial collinear located in loft availability.php?station=UKBDY David
UKBER RPi 2 Model B + RTL SDR Blog V3 dongle + Uputronics filtered preamp + 9dBi Chinese antenna located at Berwick-upon-Tweed (1.25 mi ENE of the BGA turnpoint 'BER'), with PilotAware uplink availability.php?station=ukBER Samuel
UKBSN Basingstoke North - RPi. Chinese aerial in house Loft. Powerline ethernet over mains. Receiver availability.php?station=UKBSN Pete
UKCHL Cheltenham. Badlands Antenna in loft on PI availability.php?station=UKCHL Melissa
UKCME Cheltenham East, on going installation with 1st floor toothpick Antenna on Pi availability.php?station=UKCME Alan
UKCRI Crianlarich (middle of nowhere) Scottish highlands. Jetvision active aerial on a mast. (Thanks Nigel) Antenna Webcam1 Webcam2 availability.php?station=UKCRI Alastair
UKGAM Gamlingay, near Gransden, Badland + Keedox Realtek RTL2832U attic installation since July 2014 UKGAM availability.php?station=UKGAM Gavin
UKGRF Great Ashfield - approx 15km NE Bury St Edmunds availability.php?station=UKGRF Greg Monaghan
UKHUN Hungerford availability.php?station=UKHUN
ukinv Inverurie, between Insch and Aberdeen (EGPD) airfields. availability.php?station=ukinv
UKKTH Keith, at ~20 km of Easterton Airfield. availability.php?station=UKKTH
UKLSW Lincoln South West - RPI + 8 ele Collinear on house roof availability.php?station=UKLSW Malc H
UKMAC availability.php?station=UKMAC Paul Ruskin
UKMAM Malmesbury, 700m West of BGA TP MAM availability.php?station=UKMAM James
UKMARW02 West of MARlborough Wilts, in loft. (9Aug2014: V1.3 upgrade and 9dB Chinese antenna, previously known as UKMARW) availability.php?station=UKMARW02 Jeremy
UKMBU RPi 2 with 9dB antenna in loft near MBU turnpoint availability.php?station=UKMBU Joe
UKMOO Muir of Ord, at 22 km west of Inverness Airport (EGPE) availability.php?station=UKMOO
UKMUD RPiB+ with Chinese antenna on south side of roof of house adjacent to BGA TP MUD availability.php?station=UKMUD Jill
NewburyS Burghclere, south of Newbury. Home location, 100m S of NES turnpoint UK Chinese Collinear Antenna availability.php?station=NewburyS Tim
UKOAK Oakley, near Bedford, UKOAK availability.php?station=UKOAK Gavin
UkOln Olney, externally mounted 3-4db antenna on roof of house availability.php?station=UkOln Melissa
UKOUN Oundle, 1.7km W of OUN TP. Loft mounted Pi 3 with Chinese antenna availability.php?station=UKOUN Shaun M
UKPET Peterborough. Chinese antenna on mast Antenna Receiver availability.php?station=UKPET Peter
UKREASW Burghfield Common, south west of Reading availability.php?station=UKREASW
UKSHS RTL Dongle With Odroid U3, Located Shrewsbury UK, Roof Mounted OGN Chinese 9dB Antenna . availability.php?station=UKSHS Nic
UKSTD 450m from UKSTD availability.php?station=UKSTD James
UKSTN St Neots availability.php?station=UKSTN
UKTEW 1,800m SW of TEW. RPi B+ with 9db collinear antenna in the attic. availability.php?station=UKTEW Geoff
UKYTT02 NE of Newbury, 700m WSW of YTT on garage roof. (10Aug2014: V1.3 upgrade and 9dB Chinese antenna, previously UKYTT). availability.php?station=UKYTT02 Jeremy
UPTON RPi3B, RTLSDR, Filtered Preamp, Chinese Antenna. availability.php?station=UPTON Dave
WestGrin West Grinstead. Raspberry Pi. Antenna: Vertical 4 dipole stacked collinear array at 60ft AGL. 820T2 SDR Dongle. Mast mounted receiver with WI-FI connection, Pre-amp Antenna Receiver availability.php?station=WestGrin John M
Whittnghm Home made antenna in roof space, RPi B+ availability.php?station=Whittnghm Robert
Wokingham Receiver located at Wokingham. availability.php?station=Wokingham
Woodbury 8 Kms SE of Exeter, Devon, NE corner of building, Rpi + Chinese aerial, 7m above ground - elevation 77m availability.php?station=Woodbury Jill
Worcester Worcester availability.php?station=Worcester
Hawkinge 12/05/18 - Work in Progress…. Antenna on order availability.php?station=Hawkinge Simon
LOCHLMND Loft mounted RPI with V3 RTl Dongle, home made antenna availability.php?station=LOCHLMND Craig
EdinbuW Home based OGN-R station. Combined OGN/PilotAware rebroadcast station. availability.php?station=EdinbuW Alan Gee
Shiren Home based OGN-R Station near Chepstow, Monmouthshire. availability.php?station=Shiren | Zak B
UKPRE Home based Raspberry Pi temporary installation near Presteigne, NW of Shobdon. availability.php?station=UKPRE | Phil King
BROMSGROV Pi3 and roof mounted home made aerial availability.php?station=BROMSGROV Dave T
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