List Of Receivers UK
No. APRS name Description Photo Status Contact
Balado Development in Progress availability.php?station=Balado Peter R
Bidford RPi + home made collinear on 9 m mast above clubhouse at Bidford Gliding Club with PilotAware radio uplink availability.php?station=Bidford Guy
Booker Wycombe Air Park (EGTB). Chinese antenna (installed late June2014) availability.php?station=Booker Peter
Brunty Near Bruntingthorpe Airfield Leicestershire - RPi3 Model B availability.php?station=Brunty Dave
Burn Burn Gliding Club. Chinese aerial on clubhouse availability.php?station=Burn George G
Crowland Crowland airfield. Peterborough and Spalding Gliding Club. Chinese antenna Webcam1 Webcam2 availability.php?station=Crowland Paul Ruskin
DNDSOUTH Dundee Airport (EGPN) Webcam availability.php?station=DNDSOUTH
EGDM MoD Boscombe Down, Odroid with 12 stage colinear, expect periods of outage during installation availability.php?station=EGDM Brian
EGFD Temporary receiver at Llanbedr Airfield for the London Gliding Club's expedition in September availability.php?station=EGFD Clement
EGHF Portsmouth Naval Gliding Centre. The receiver is a 12 element home made colinear antenna set-up on the clubhouse roof at the western edge of the airfield attached to a RPI Dongle, Antenna, Receiver availability.php?station=EGHF Chris
EGHL Lasham airfield: home-made antenna under a roof, RK3066 2-core CPU availability.php?station=EGHL Tim
EGKE Kent Gliding Club at Challock. Photos to be added once installation finalised. availability.php?station=EGKE Jared
EGPT Perth Airfield hosted by AST. 'Chinese' collinear on side of building. Antenna availability.php?station=EGPT Alastair
EGUB Raspberry Pi 2 with mini DVBT adapter F05430 and Huahong antenna Aerial, Receiver availability.php?station=EGUB Andrew
EGWN 18/08/15 now at RAF Halton with antenna mounted on the top of a hangar 20 m agl on a TV stick MK809IV (RK3188 Debian 14.04) over WiFi. 'Chinese' co-linear. Antenna, Receiver availability.php?station=EGWN Peter
EGXY RPi2 + RT820T2 + Chinese Antenna. Located on roof of the control tower. availability.php?station=EGXY David
EGYD Cranwell Village Just East of RAF Cranwell (EGYD) availability.php?station=EGYD Ian Mountain
Enstone RPi + collinear on mast above clubhouse at Enstone Flying Club with PilotAware radio uplink availability.php?station=Enstone Ian
HusBos Receiver located at Coventry Gliding Club, East Midlands, UK with PilotAware uplink. Webcam1 Webcam2 availability.php?station=HusBos Toby
Mynd Midland Gliding Club.The Long Mynd Nr Church Stretton in Shropshire - OGN Chinese 9dB Antenna now installed. availability.php?station=Mynd Paul S
UKNYM Bristol & Gloucestershire G. C. DIY antenna mast on top of the bar. availability.php?station=UKNYM Xtophe
Oban Oban Airport (EGEO). Connel Flying Club Airfield Club availability.php?station=Oban Alastair
Portmoak Receiver located at Portmoak airfield, North of Edinburgh. Scottish Gliding Centre. 9dB Chinese aerial on clubhouse. Antenna Webcam availability.php?station=Portmoak Alastair
SALTBY Receiver at Buckminster GC Saltby Airfield, 8 element Collinear, RPI on Club House Roof availability.php?station=SALTBY Malc H
Shobdon Receiver at Herefordshire Gliding Club - OGN Chinese 9dB Antenna (Temporary Install at Present). Running on a Raspberry Pi B+ availability.php?station=Shobdon Paul S
SuttonBnk Yorkshire Gliding Club. Sutton Bank - SUT. Aerials availability.php?station=SuttonBnk SteveB
UKABO Chinese antenna on extension to weather mast at Deeside Gliding Club, Aboyne Webcam1 Webcam2 Webcam3 availability.php?station=UKABO Mike
UKAST RPi B+ with Chinese antenna on control tower roof at Cotswold Gliding Club, Aston Down Airfield. Antenna availability.php?station=UKAST Stephen
UKBIC Bicester airfield (EGDD), Bicester Gliding Centre availability.php?station=UKBIC Paul Ruskin
UKBRW Receiver located at Walney Island Airport, Barrow-in-Furness. The Lakes Gliding Club Airfield availability.php?station=UKBRW
UKCHP Receiver located at Bowland Forest Gliding Club, Chipping, Lancashire with homemade 12 element collinear Antenna, Receiver availability.php?station=UKCHP Phil
UKCPH Derbyshire & Lancashire Gliding Club. Camphill availability.php?station=UKCPH Dave R.
UKDRL Darlton Gliding Club. Pi 2V2, Home made antenna on hangar roof, BGA turn point DRL, with PAW upload availability.php?station=UKDRL Robert
UKDUN2 London Gliding Club. Chinese colinear on roof of club house Webcam1 Webcam2 availability.php?station=UKDUN2 Melissa
UKEAS Easterton Airfield, Highland Gliding Club. RPi2 with Chinese antenna mounted on hanger roof Webcam availability.php?station=UKEAS John C
UKEDG Shenington Gliding Club with PilotAware uplink availability.php?station=UKEDG Guy
UKFES RPi2 + home made 8 element collinear antenna (Pawel design) at Feshiebridge. Cairngorm Gliding Club Webcam availability.php?station=UKFES Nick
UKGRL Cambridge Gliding Centre RPi2 and 9dB Collinear antenna with masthead multi stage pre-amp including multiple SAW bandpass filters. availability.php?station=UKGRL Bob Pursey
UKFAL RPi B with homemade colinear antenna. [] availability.php?station=UKFAL Robert
UKKEE Keevil Airfield. Bannerdown Gliding Club. Needs proper Aerial. availability.php?station=UKKEE Phil
UKKIR RPi 2 B+ with commercial antenna and PilotAware uplink. Trent Valley Gliding Club, Kirton in Lindsey availability.php?station=UKKIR Robert
UKLLE Lleweni Parc airfield. Denbigh Gliding. Toothpick antenna on clubhouse windowsill! availability.php?station=UKLLE Peter
UKLTN London Luton Airport (EGGW) availability.php?station=UKLTN
UKmil RPi 2 + commercial antenna on clubhouse at Borders Gliding Club, Milfield with radio uplink onto the PilotAware frequency availability.php?station=UKmil Robert
UKNHL Devon & Somerset Gliding Club - Chinese aerial / rasp pi, mounted on corner of Clubhouse, North Hill availability.php?station=UKNHL Jill
UKPAR Parham Airfield, Southdown Gliding Club. - RPi + Chinese antenna on clubhouse roof Webcam availability.php?station=UKPAR Mark Fisher
UKPOC RPi2 with home made Co-linear antenna Wolds Gliding Club clubhouse at Pocklington, with PilotAware uplink. Airfield availability.php?station=UKPOC Guy
UKRAT A Raspberry Pi running a Flarm receiver on roof of Rattlesden Gliding Club setup by me… a 14 year old availability.php?station=UKRAT Nathan
UKRIN Ringmer Airfield, East Sussex Gliding Club. - RPi + Chinese antenna on clubhouse roof availability.php?station=UKRIN Mark Fisher
UKRUF York Gliding Centre. RPi2 + DIY antenna (5 element co-linear using RG402 semi-rigid coax) on Rufforth clubhouse roof availability.php?station=UKRUF richard
UKSE2 Staffordshire Gliding Club, RPi B+ with commercial antenna on clubhouse roof Webcam availability.php?station=UKSE2 David Gill
UKTAL Talgarth airfield. RPi, 820T, antenna mounted on pole on hangar apex west side. Black Mountains Gliding Club Airfield Webcam availability.php?station=UKTAL Mark F Dave J
UKTIB Chinese antenna + RPi availability.php?station=UKTIB Paul Ruskin
UKWRM Chinese antenna RPi Wormingford availability.php?station=UKWRM Paul Ruskin
UKUPW Upwood airfield, Nene Valley Gliding Club availability.php?station=UKUPW
UKUSK Airfield near Usk in Monmouthshire. South Wales Gliding Club. Home made collinear on clubhouse roof. Webcam1 Webcam2 availability.php?station=UKUSK Dave J
UKWOG Weston-on-the-Green - NE of Oxford. Oxford Gliding Club. Collinear antenna on top of club's hangar availability.php?station=UKWOG Krzysiek
WingFarm Longbridge Deverill. Airborne Pyros. RPi B+ at Airborne Composites, Huahong colinear aerial on flag pole availability.php?station=WingFarm Colin
Other Locations
Alconbury In Little Stukeley, 400m S of Alconbury disused airfield, Pib with Chinese antenna - antenna now mounted on roof. 3/3/15 antenna height increased by about 1.5m, (getting it clear of the roof line) hopefully to increase sensitivity in the NE & SE quadrants. More cover into East Anglia I hope! 5M coax between antenna and Pi availability.php?station=Alconbury Pete Belcher
Aldersht2 West end of Aldershot, RPi2 with Chinese antenna at around 10m agl availability.php?station=Aldersht2 Ben
Arnold Home made colinear antenna, RPI 2b2 availability.php?station=Arnold Robert
Aurora Receiver located at Fulstow, Louth availability.php?station=Aurora
Aylesbury RPi, 863Mhz pre amp with SAW filter, Chinese antenna Antenna Receiver Box Box2 availability.php?station=Aylesbury Alan
Balerno Combined PilotAware / OGN-R 'Rebroadcast' Station near RAF Kirknewton in South West Edinburgh. Chinese 9dBi collinear connected direct to Uputronics Pre-amp/Filter & NESDR TCXO SDR (all in loft at present) then via short USB to RPi 2B, feeding into OGN network - OGN-Relay provided by PilotAware RF Transceiver combined into unit & actuated only by & to local PilotAware Traffic availability.php?station=Balerno Peter R
Barton Receiver located at Barton, a district of Oxford availability.php?station=Barton
Bellinghm RPi 2, chinese antenna on chimney availability.php?station=Bellinghm Keith
Bicester Located approx 1Km from Bicester airfield using a homemade colinear and running on a X86 PC availability.php?station=Bicester EFFUL
Blunham Receiver located at 2 km north of Bedford Microlight Airsports availability.php?station=Blunham
Bosham RPi 2 with Active Diapason Antenna availability.php?station=Bosham Chris Bishop
BURSTALL Receiver located at Burstall, at ~17 km from Rattlesden Airfield. availability.php?station=BURSTALL
Bury Chinese antenna in loft in central Bury availability.php?station=Bury Paul Ruskin
Calne Toothpick + RPi availability.php?station=Calne Paul Ruskin
Cambridge Cambridge - Permanent rooftop installation of Chinese antenna. Receiver House Antenna availability.php?station=Cambridge Andrew
Chirnside RPi B+ with home made colinear antenna in roof space Receiver availability.php?station=Chirnside Derek
Codford W of Salisbury Plain, Odroid and homemade 12 section colinear availability.php?station=Codford Brian
Coldstrm E of Coldstream, Pi B+ and homemade 8 section colinear availability.php?station=Coldstrm Robert
Cwmbran Home made colinear in my back garden - good to East - mountain to West availability.php?station=Cwmbran Dave J
DarltonN RPi B+ with 9 dBi Chinese antenna on chimney at Rampton, 6 Km North of Darlton Gliding Club. Airfield availability.php?station=DarltonN Robert
DAWLY Located at Dawlish availability.php?station=DAWLY
Dereham Chinese antenna external RPi availability.php?station=Dereham Paul Ruskin
Didcot Didcot - S of Oxford, 9dB collinear antenna under the roof, RK3188 PC (MK809IV) availability.php?station=Didcot Krzysiek
Dundee Dundee University Tower Building, Active Jetvision/Diapason aerial on roof. Hosted by Dundee Satellite Receiving Station SRantennas View TowerBuilding Webcam availability.php?station=Dundee Alastair
Edinburgh North Edinburgh, Chinese 9dB in loft. Not a glider friendly area. availability.php?station=Edinburgh Alastair
EGBKE East of EGBK in Wellingborough, Combined PilotAware / OGN-R 'Rebroadcast' on a Pi, Chinese 9dB just above roof line. availability.php?station=EGBKE Kevin
Elsworth Elsworth availability.php?station=Elsworth
Fordham Chinese antenna on Chimney, Rpi availability.php?station=Fordham Paul Ruskin
FourMarks Pi running the basic stick antenna in the loft for now. Colinear under construction. availability.php?station=FourMarks Kevin Wood
Glamis South of Glamis village availability.php?station=Glamis Alastair
Gransden Receiver in Gransden village availability.php?station=Gransden
Hewish RPi2 with Chinese antenna on south side of roof of outbuilding 2 miles west of BGA TP CRK availability.php?station=Hewish Jill
Hurst Receiver in Hurstpierpoint, Sussex. RPi 3+, WiFi to router, 820T dongle, homemade colinear antenna on a pole at rear of house. availability.php?station=Hurst Mark Fisher
Hullav Near Hullavington Airfield still being configured Odroid and 12 section colinear availability.php?station=Hullav Brian
KingsLynn Chinese antenna in loft, RPi availability.php?station=KingsLynn Paul Ruskin
Kingstone PilotAware OGN-R station with 9dBi Chinese co-linear antenna for Flarm and PilotAware end fed dipole for P3i, on mast mounted on end of house availability.php?station=Kingstone Chris Adams
Littleton RPi 3B + rtl-sdr blog TCXO. ½ƛ dipole shielded to SE will be replaced by a 'Pawel CoCo' home-made. availability.php?station=Littleton Alan
Llanwrda Llanwrda, Premier Electronics (UK) Ltd office. availability.php?station=Llanwrda
Madeley Receiver at Home Near Telford in Shropshire - OGN Chinese 9dB Antenna now installed. availability.php?station=Madeley Paul S
Midlem RPi 2 and home made antenna in roof space availability.php?station=Midlem Robert
Mira Nuneaton availability.php?station=Mira
Morecambe RPi 3B and basic stick antenna. The Lakes Gliding Club availability.php?station=Morecambe Peter
Nhampton Northampton availability.php?station=Nhampton
Newcastle RPi 2 availability.php?station=Newcastle Freddy
OldSdbury 1km S of Old Sodbury, RPi 3B, R820T, Chinese 9dB antenna availability.php?station=OldSdbury Roger
Orwell Orwell (near GRL). Chinese antenna on chimney availability.php?station=Orwell Paul Ruskin
Oxford Garsington near Oxford availability.php?station=Oxford Paul Ruskin
Penally RPi3B with Chinese antenna (eventually, when I get it put up) availability.php?station=Penally Geoff Brown
Peninver RPi3B, R820T, Filtered Preamp, Chinese Antenna. availability.php?station=Peninver Dave
Quorn Pi with home-built collinear on a 3m mast on roof availability.php?station=Quorn Jon
Riponhill Ripon, Hill Aviation Insurance Services Limited office. availability.php?station=Riponhill
Saxondale Pi2 v2 with commercial antenna, with Pilotaware. Both antennas on garage roof availability.php?station=Saxondale
Shefford availability.php?station=Shefford Bruce
Southwick Self build 12 stage colinear in the loft. availability.php?station=Southwick Klaus
Stirling East side of Stirling town. Chinese 9dB aerial. availability.php?station=Stirling Alastair
StNeotsLF St Neots Loves Farm. Raspberry Pi 3 Model B + TCXO R820T2 tuner + 868Mhz Filtered Preamp + Chinese Antenna. availability.php?station=StNeotsLF Shaun
Stoke Leics/Northants border. 17km E of Hus Bos. RPi, 12 element collinear, with PilotAware uplink. availability.php?station=Stoke Guy
Swaffham Swaffham availability.php?station=Swaffham
Thame RPi2 with PilotAware radio uplink. Poor antenna, used for testing availability.php?station=Thame Ian
Thornbury Home made colinear on roof of house availability.php?station=Thornbury Dave Lewis
Totternho Totternhoe village, 2km NW of UKDUN, Raspi 3/stretch running ARM 0.2.6, with Huahong colinear aerial in attic availability.php?station=Totternho Colin
Troston Chinese antenna on chimney, RPi availability.php?station=Troston Paul Ruskin
UKBDY Metheringham - 10Km SW of Bardney. Homebrew 8 element coaxial collinear located in loft availability.php?station=UKBDY David
ukBER RPi 2 Model B + RTL SDR Blog V3 dongle + Uputronics filtered preamp + 9dBi Chinese antenna located at Berwick-upon-Tweed (1.25 mi ENE of the BGA turnpoint 'BER'), with PilotAware uplink availability.php?station=ukBER Samuel
UKBSN Basingstoke North - RPi. Chinese aerial in house Loft. Powerline ethernet over mains. Receiver availability.php?station=UKBSN Pete
UKCHL Cheltenham. Badlands Antenna in loft on PI availability.php?station=UKCHL Melissa
UKCME Cheltenham East, on going installation with 1st floor toothpick Antenna on Pi availability.php?station=UKCME Alan
UKCRI Crianlarich (middle of nowhere) Scottish highlands. Jetvision active aerial on a mast. (Thanks Nigel) Antenna Webcam1 Webcam2 availability.php?station=UKCRI Alastair
UKGAM Gamlingay, near Gransden, Badland + Keedox Realtek RTL2832U attic installation since July 2014 UKGAM availability.php?station=UKGAM Gavin
UKGRF Great Ashfield - approx 15km NE Bury St Edmunds availability.php?station=UKGRF Greg Monaghan
UKHUN Hungerford availability.php?station=UKHUN
ukinv Inverurie, between Insch and Aberdeen (EGPD) airfields. availability.php?station=ukinv
UKKTH Keith, at ~20 km of Easterton Airfield. availability.php?station=UKKTH
UKLSW Lincoln South West - RPI + 8 ele Collinear on house roof availability.php?station=UKLSW Malc H
UKMAC availability.php?station=UKMAC Paul Ruskin
UKMAM Malmesbury, 700m West of BGA TP MAM availability.php?station=UKMAM James
UKMARW02 West of MARlborough Wilts, in loft. (9Aug2014: V1.3 upgrade and 9dB Chinese antenna, previously known as UKMARW) availability.php?station=UKMARW02 Jeremy
UKMBU Sherborne, Melbury Bubb ?? availability.php?station=UKMBU
UKMOO Muir of Ord, at 22 km west of Inverness Airport (EGPE) availability.php?station=UKMOO
UKMUD RPiB+ with Chinese antenna on south side of roof of house adjacent to BGA TP MUD availability.php?station=UKMUD Jill
NewburyS Burghclere, south of Newbury. Home location, 100m S of NES turnpoint UK Chinese Collinear Antenna availability.php?station=NewburyS Tim
UKOAK Oakley, near Bedford, UKOAK availability.php?station=UKOAK Gavin
UkOln Olney, externally mounted 3-4db antenna on roof of house availability.php?station=UkOln Melissa
UKOUN Oundle, 1.7km W of OUN TP. Loft mounted Odroid U3 with Chinese antenna availability.php?station=UKOUN Shaun M
UKPET Peterborough. Chinese antenna on mast Antenna Receiver availability.php?station=UKPET Peter
UKPRK RPi 2 with 9dB Chinese antenna availability.php?station=UKPRK Joe
UKREASW Burghfield Common, south west of Reading availability.php?station=UKREASW
UKSHS RTL Dongle With Odroid U3, Located Shrewsbury UK, Roof Mounted OGN Chinese 9dB Antenna . availability.php?station=UKSHS Nic
UKSTN St Neots availability.php?station=UKSTN
UKTEW 1,800m SW of TEW. RPi B+ with 9db collinear antenna in the attic. availability.php?station=UKTEW Geoff
UKYTT02 NE of Newbury, 700m WSW of YTT on garage roof. (10Aug2014: V1.3 upgrade and 9dB Chinese antenna, previously UKYTT). availability.php?station=UKYTT02 Jeremy
UPTON RPi3B, RTLSDR, Filtered Preamp, Chinese Antenna. availability.php?station=UPTON Dave
WestGrin West Grinstead. Raspberry Pi. Antenna: Vertical 4 dipole stacked collinear array at 60ft AGL. 820T2 SDR Dongle. Mast mounted receiver with WI-FI connection, Pre-amp Antenna Receiver availability.php?station=WestGrin John M
Whittnghm Home made antenna in roof space, RPi B+ availability.php?station=Whittnghm Robert
Wokingham Receiver located at Wokingham. availability.php?station=Wokingham
Woodbury 8 Kms SE of Exeter, Devon, NE corner of building, Rpi + Chinese aerial, 7m above ground - elevation 77m availability.php?station=Woodbury Jill
Worcester Worcester availability.php?station=Worcester
Hawkinge 12/05/18 - Work in Progress…. Antenna on order availability.php?station=Hawkinge Simon
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