List Of Receivers Swiss
No. APRS name Description Photo Status Contact
AbtwilSG RPi B+. RTL2832/R820T USB-Stick. Homemade-Antenne 2x Lambda/2 availability.php?station=AbtwilSG Martin
Aetingen RPi3B+. RTL2832/R820T USB-Stick. 9dBi Antenna ab Ende Nov availability.php?station=Aetingen Joerg
Airolo Airolo, Active Diapason AA 868 Antenna. availability.php?station=Airolo Giorgio
Appenzell Home made Collinear-Antenna, RPi B+ Station, Antenna availability.php?station=Appenzell Chrugi
Azmoos Receiver located at Azmoos availability.php?station=Azmoos
Bachtel Bachtel, COSSOR directional antenna receiving direction North availability.php?station=Bachtel Greyheron
Belalp Rasp Pi 3+ long range rooftop antenna availability.php?station=Belalp Andre
Bellalui ongoing planing, operative Summer/Fall 2018 / Montana, RPi B+. RT283L2, collinear CXL 900-6LW-NB/868 MHz availability.php?station=Bellalui Christophe
BelpSGB Receiver located at Segelfluggruppe Bern on Airfield LSZB availability.php?station=BelpSGB Michael
Bern RPi4 for ADS-B and Flarm, located at Bern/Bierhübeli availability.php?station=Bern Ceithliand
bSkyN1006 skynet Axalp skynet availability.php?station=bSkyN1006 Arn.
Bern1 Receiver located at Bern availability.php?station=Bern1
Bern2 Receiver located at Bern availability.php?station=Bern2
Brugg RPi B+. RTL2832/R820T USB-Stick availability.php?station=Brugg Simon
buentAir Homemade 1/4-λ Groundplane availability.php?station=buentAir Mathias
Brunnen Raspberry Pi 3 Modell B+, RTL2832/R820T USB-Stick, HAB-FPA868 - filter, 868MHz Fiberglass Antenna availability.php?station=Brunnen Mathias
Bueron RPi B, 8*Lambda/2 collinear indoor availability.php?station=Bueron Benjamin
Burgdorf Yagi indoor availability.php?station=Burgdorf Benjamin
Carasso1 Raspberry 3, RTL-SDR usb Stick, Conrad / Aurel GP 868 antenna availability.php?station=Carasso1 Alessio
chaudefon La Chaux-de-Fonds, à ~1 km de l'aéroport des Eplatures (LSGC). BananaPi + RT283L2 Aérodrome Webcam-est Webcam-ouest availability.php?station=chaudefon Alain
CHESSEL Chablais Vaudois test 2021 availability.php?station=CHESSEL Christophe Courvoisier
Cimetta Cardada Cimetta, Active Diapason AA 868 Antenna at the arrival of the chairlift. availability.php?station=Cimetta Giorgio
CONS Cons (Laax) village; Bpi M1, telescope Antenna; In operation since 15 Nov 2020; via Casti, Laax-Cons availability.php?station=CONS Ronald
DiepoSG RPi B+. RTL2832/R820T USB-Stick availability.php?station=DiepoSG Beat
DomatEms Raspberry Pi 3 Modell B+, RTL2832/R820T USB-Stick, KLK02124-868 0.3m 3dBi Antenna, Filter Uputronics HAB-FPA868L2S availability.php?station=DomatEms Christoph
Entfelden Oberentfelden, at ~12 km east of Olten airfield (LSPO). availability.php?station=Entfelden
Erlach Erlach availability.php?station=Erlach
ETH Zürich Test station at ETH Zürich, still in the lab, will be placed on the roof soon availability.php?station=EthZueri Giorgio Tresoldi
Graetli GP-Antenna, Rpi B3+ Station, Antenna availability.php?station=Graetli Chrugi
Granges Rpi B3 availability.php?station=Granges
Guemligen located 3 km from Bern Belp Airport. RPi3 - FlightAware Pro Stick - 868 MHz Filter and Preamp - selfmade collinear 50 Ohm antenna availability.php?station=Guemligen Bruno
Haslital Lambda/4, Rpi B3+ availability.php?station=Haslital Chrugi
HB9GFVogn Located nearby Fribourg-Romont-Payerne, RPi 2 availability.php?station=HB9GFVogn Gregory
Heisch Near Hausen am Albis airport (LSZN), collinear antenna on the roof, 5m RG-213, RPi Roof availability.php?station=Heisch Andrea
Herisau Herisau
Hunzensch OGN Support. Rpi Zero W with small antenna. Picture will follow with antenna upgrade. availability.php?station=Hunzensch Philippe
Koeniz Receiver located in Koeniz, W approach for LSZB availability.php?station=Koeniz Michael
Letzi Letzi hill, HB9CA amateur radio station, chinese collinear antanna availability.php?station=Letzi Paul
Letzi2 Letzi hill, HB9CA amateur radio station, test of active antenna availability.php?station=Letzi2 Benjamin
Leysin Top of TéléLeysin cable-car (La Berneuse), Raspberry Pi Station, Active Diapason AA 868 Antenna Webcam availability.php?station=Leysin CédricD
Linth Wangen, at ~3 km of Wangen-Lachen airfield (LSPV) availability.php?station=Linth
LSGB Aérodrome de Bex, GVV les Martinets. RPI2 Antenne Webcam-piste-33 Webcam-piste-15 availability.php?station=LSGB CouCou
LSGE Aérodrome d'Ecuvillens (AREF). Intel NUC + RT283L2 + collinear Aérodrome Webcam-est Webcam-ouest availability.php?station=LSGE Jérôme
LSGN Aérodrome de Neuchâtel, GVVN. Pi2B + RT283L2 Aérodrome Webcam-ouest Webcam-est availability.php?station=LSGN Herb
LSGS Aérodrome de Sion, Vol à Voile Club Valais. RPi B+. RT283L2, collinear CXL 900-6LW-NB/868 MHz availability.php?station=LSGS Christophe
LSGT Aérodrome de la Gruyère (LSGT), RPi 2 Webcam-Runway-17 Webcam-Runway-35 availability.php?station=LSGT Gregory
LSGY Aérodrome d'Yverdon. Air-Club d'Yverdon-les-Bains Aérodrome Webcam availability.php?station=LSGY
LSMD Dübendorf military airfield. availability.php?station=LSMD
LSME LSME military airfield Emmen. availability.php?station=LSME
LSML RUAG Lodrino, Active Diapason AA 868 Antenna. availability.php?station=LSML Giorgio
LSPD LSPD airfield Dittingen, rPI2, RT2838UHIDIR, chinese Antenna - availability.php?station=LSPD Beat
LSPM Ambri Airport - Rpi3 - 9 db gain antenna Hangar1 Hangar1 availability.php?station=LSPM Marco
LSPG LSPG airfield Sarnen-Kägiswil, Baulokal SGOW, RPi 3. RTL2832/R820T USB-Stick Webcam RWY 21 Webcam RWY 03 availability.php?station=LSPG Manuel
LSPH LSPH airfield Winterthur, RPi 3 availability.php?station=LSPH Chris
LSPK LSPK, COSSOR directional antenna receiving to the South availability.php?station=Hasi Greyheron
LSPL LSPL airfield Langenthal-Bleienbach Webcam RWY 05 Webcam RWY 23 availability.php?station=LSPL Beat Münch
LSPU LSPU airfield (MUENSTER GOMS) installation availability.php?station=LSPU Chregu
LSTB Aérodrome de Bellechasse. Groupe de vol à voile Fribourg, antenne fouet. Terrain WebcamPanoramique WebcamPiste08 WebcamPiste26 availability.php?station=LSTB Reto
LSTBSE LSTB airfield (SE), toothpick antenna availability.php?station=LSTBSE Reto
LSTR Montricher glider airfield, GGVVM GVVVM. rPi 2, Chinese 9dB antenna on a 3m mast on top of the clubhouse roof Antenna WebcamSW WebcamNW availability.php?station=LSTR Vincent
LSTS St. Stephan Airfield, LSTS, Hunterverein, RPi 3B, SDR-Dongle (R820T) Webcam availability.php?station=LSTS GIN
LSTZ Zweisimmen Airfield, LSTZ, ASGZ, MFGO, RPi 3B, SDR-Dongle (R820T) with TCXO, "Active Diapason AA 868" Antenna Webcam availability.php?station=LSTZ GIN
LSZB Near Bern Belp airport, RTL2838/R820T2, 30cm antenna, Banana pi together with a ADSB MLAT receiver. LSZB availability.php?station=LSZB ujm
LSZBGLD Bern-Belp / Segelluggruppe Bern availability.php?station=LSZBGLD jlaeby
LSZF Birrfeld airfield. Segelfluggruppe Birrfeld. RK3188 with collinear antenna availability.php?station=LSZF Paul
LSZI AeCS Fricktal-Schupfart / Segelluggruppe Basel Fricktal Webcam availability.php?station=LSZI jlaeby
LSZJ Courtelary airfield (LSZJ), Courtelary (GVVC) and Biel (SGBiel) clubs, rPi B+ with a chinese antenna. The antenna will be on the top of the C Office. Airfield Webcam availability.php?station=LSZJ Jérôme
LSZC Airport Buochs, [] availability.php?station=LSZC Armin Stutz
LSZK Speck-Fehraltorf, Receiving station on Airfield availability.php?station=LSZK Greyheron
LSZL Locarno, Clubhouse GVVVT 9dBi Chinesiche Antenna. availability.php?station=LSZL Giorgio
LSZM LSZM airfield Mollis (1jan21: new LSZM from LSMF); RPi model B 256MB, chinese antenna; Gliding Club Hangar SG Glarnerland; mounted spring 2018; updated antenna settings on 10mar2019; Nov 2020: power supply died; 23 Mar 2021: new setup with RTL-SDR.COM silver stick FINALLY working Antenna at SGGL hangar Dead DVT-T stick (Nov 2020) availability.php?station=LSZM Ronald
LSZU Airfield Buttwil LSZU, receiver operated by Soaring Club Zurich (not yet permanent installed) availability.php?station=LSZU Peter Nyffeler
LugCiv Located Via Tesserete, Lugano. RPI 3B+ with a 210mm active diapason AA 868 antenna, plugged to a RTLSDR dongle through a bias tee. availability.php?station=LugCiv Alexis
Marn1 Raspberry 3, RTL-SDR usb Stick, Chinese 6 dB antenna availability.php?station=Marn1 Alessio
MenzlenSG Receiver near Saint-Gall View WEBCAM availability.php?station=MenzlenSG SatellitenPaul
MenzleSG1 rPI B+ and homemade Yagi antenna Yagi-Antenna View WEBCAM availability.php?station=MenzleSG1 SatellitenPaul
Meyriez Receiver RPI3+ located at lake of Murten availability.php?station=Meyriez Stefan
MONTREUX RPI3, sur mon balcon Vue_LSGB availability.php?station=MONTREUX CouCou
Morrens 4.5km north LSGL, RPI3, SDR RTL v3, Filtered preamp Uputronics 868MHz, Antenna ZIIZOR Technology Lora 868-915MHz 8Dbi (TX900-BLG-60NK), Antennas - roof view and RPis and SDRs availability.php?station=Morrens Nico
Mostelbrg Gondola Mountain Station Mostelberg, Rpi B3+, 3.5dbi 1090 MHz Antenna availability.php?station=Rotenflue Geri
OberWinti Oberwinterthur, at ~2 km of Winterthur airfield. Segelfluggruppe Winterthur Airfield availability.php?station=OberWinti
Ragaz 868MHz Sleeve Antenna, Rpi B3+ availability.php?station=Ragaz LTrack
Rigi At Rigi Kulm hotel, collinear antenna on the roof, 5m RG-213, combline bandpass filter Huber+Suhner 2131.17.B, VECOW EC-3000-3G Panorama Hotel filter Spectrogram(FilterOff) (FilterOn) IndustrialPC availability.php?station=Rigi Andrea
Rotenflue Gondola Mountain Station, Rpi B3+, Active Diapason 868 availability.php?station=Rotenflue Geri
SanSalvat San Salvatore, Active Diapason AA 868 Antenna. Not working properly, likely due to interference availability.php?station=SanSalvat Giorgio
Schwyz Air!Squitter, Chinese 9dB Antenna availability.php?station=Schwyz Geri
Siebnen Receiver with open view to Valley Waegital availability.php?station=Siebnen
SIMME1 Zweisimmen, Pi Zero W, RTL2832 + R820T2, Std-indoor antenna placed outdoor availability.php?station=SIMME1 abg
SoloStdby Spare receiver located at Solothurn availability.php?station=SoloStdby
Solothurn Receiver located at Solothurn availability.php?station=Solothurn
Speck Speck-Fehraltorf, receiver operated by FGZO Segelflug availability.php?station=Speck Patrick
SpeicherS Speicher availability.php?station=SpeicherS
Steinglet GP-Antenna, Rpi B3+ Station, Antenna availability.php?station=Steinglet Chrugi
Sustenpas Diapason AA868 Active Antenna, Rpi B3+ Station, Antenna availability.php?station=Sustenpas Chrugi
Termen Receiver located at Termen Pi2/WLAN/DVB-T mini antenna HeyWhatsThatCoverage availability.php?station=Termen Oliver
Termen2 Receiver located at Termen Pi1/LAN/chinese collinear antenna HeyWhatsThatCoverage availability.php?station=Termen2 Oliver
Untervaz Raspberry Pi 3 Modell B, RTL2832/R820T USB-Stick, 15dBi Antenna, HAB-FPA868L2S Antenne Schaltschrank availability.php?station=Untervaz Aldo
USigg Untersiggenthal, at ~7 km Birrfeld airfiled (LSZF) availability.php?station=USigg
Uster Uster, omnidirectional home made collinear antenna availability.php?station=Uster Greyheron
Uster2 Uster, Professional directional antenna availability.php?station=Uster2 Greyheron
WalpwilM Walperswil, LILYGO® TTGO T-Beam with a Chinese 9dB Antenna Station availability.php?station=WalpwilM Andreas
WilSg Wil SG, hill direction west. Home made collinear antenna array (12x lambda/2). RPi2 (Raspbian/Debian Jessie), RTL2838 / R820T2 receiver. GPS / (PPS) clock. availability.php?station=WilSg Alex
LSZG Grenchen Aeroport 9dB Antenne Segelfluggruppe Solothurn Webcam availability.php?station=LSZG Josef
Wunnewil Wünnewil Mittelland, Antenne Eigenbau Segelfluggruppe Solothurn availability.php?station=Wunnewil Josef
ZHAWisc Technikumstrasse 9, Winterthur. Raspberry Pi 3 B+ with R820T/RTL2832U SDR USB-Stick, 5dBi gain omni antenna on rooftop with Uputronics HAB-FLT868 preamp. ZHAW Institute of Signal Processing and Wireless Communications (ISC) availability.php?station=ZHAWisc ZHAWisc
ZrhUzh Located in on the roof of Y11 building of ETH, Irchel Campus, Zurich. RPI 3B+ with a 210mm active diapason AA 868 antenna, plugged to a RTLSDR dongle through a bias tee. availability.php?station=ZrhUzh Alexis
ZrhKip Located on one of the Klinip In Park building. RPI 3B+ with a 210mm active diapason AA 868 antenna, plugged to a RTLSDR dongle through a bias tee. availability.php?station=ZrhKip Alexis
ZrhSeeb1 Raspberry 3, RTL-SDR usb Stick, Conrad / Aurel GP 868 antenna availability.php?station=ZrhSeeb1 Alessio
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