List Of Receivers Swedish
No. APRS name Description Photo Status Contact
ESGC Receiver located at Ålleberg airfield availability.php?station=ESGC
ESGE Receiver located at Borås airfield. Borås segelflygklubb Airfield availability.php?station=ESGE Kjell
ESGH Receiver located at Herrljunga airfield. Herrljunga Flygklubb Airfield availability.php?station=ESGH Info
ESGI Receiver located at Alingsås airfield availability.php?station=ESGI Bengt Svensson
ESGK Receiver located at Falköpings airfield. Falbygdens Flygklubb Airfield availability.php?station=ESGK Info
ESGL Receiver located at Lidköping Airport. Lidköpings Flygklubb availability.php?station=ESGL
ESGO Receiver located at Vårgårda airfield availability.php?station=ESGO Bengt Svensson
ESGR Skövde airport. Skövde segelflygklubb Webcam availability.php?station=ESGR
ESKC Receiver located at Sundbro airfield, near Uppsala. Segelflygarna Uppsala FK availability.php?station=ESKC
ESKD Receiver located at Dala-Järna airfield Västerdalarnas Flygklubb availability.php?station=ESKD LG
ESKD2 Receiver located at Dala-Järna airfield Västerdalarnas Flygklubb availability.php?station=ESKD2 LG
ESMG availability.php?station=ESMG
ESMI Receiver located at Sjöbo/Sövde airfield. Sjöbo Flygklubb Airfield Webcam availability.php?station=ESMI Info
ESML Receiver located at Landskrona Enoch Thulins airport ESML. Enoch Thulins airport Hangar, Runway 12, Clubhouse availability.php?station=ESML Hannes Wemming
ESOK availability.php?station=ESOK
ESQO Located at Arboga Gliding Club. Airfield availability.php?station=ESQO Per
ESSC Receiver located at airfield ESSC, Eskilstuna-Ekeby availability.php?station=ESSC Michael
ESSE Receiver located at Skå-Edeby Airfield availability.php?station=ESSE Robert
ESSD Receiver located at ESSD Borlänge availability.php?station=ESSD Kristofer
ESSF Receiver located at Hultsfred Airport ESSF. Hultsfred Airport availability.php?station=ESSF Hannes Wemming
ESSG Receiver located at ESSG Ludvika Ludvika Flygplatsförening availability.php?station=ESSG Stefan
ESSZ availability.php?station=ESSZ
ESTL availability.php?station=ESTL
ESUL availability.php?station=ESUL
ESVL availability.php?station=ESVL
ESVM Receiver located in Malung availability.php?station=ESVM Johan Gustafsson
other locations
Almhult Receiver located in Älmhult. availability.php?station=Almhult Hannes Wemming
Arboga Receiver is Long term sleeping availability.php?station=Arboga Per
Bergsgard Receiver located South of Kopparberg, R-Pi, homemade Koaxial-antenna. availability.php?station=Bergsgard Per
Bjorbo Receiver located in Bjorbo availability.php?station=Bjorbo Kristofer
Braten Receiver located west of the lake Langsvan, R-Pi, homemade Koaxial-antenna. availability.php?station=Braten Per
Djuras Receiver located in Djuras availability.php?station=Djuras Kristofer
Ekero Receiver located at Ekerö 20 km sw of Stockholm availability.php?station=Ekero Robert
GOTENE Receiver located at Götene N. availability.php?station=GOTENE
GRASTORP Receiver located at Grästorp. availability.php?station=GRASTORP
Halvar Receiver located at Halvars, Ludvika, Active Jetvision/Diapason 2m above roof availability.php?station=Halvar Stefan
Hjortsbrg Receiver located in Hjortsberga. availability.php?station=Hjortsbrg Hannes Wemming
Jkpg1 Jonkoping Airport availability.php?station=Jkpg1 Mattias R
Jkpg2 Jonkoping City availability.php?station=Jkpg2 Mattias R
Jkpg3 Jonkoping Tower availability.php?station=Jkpg3 Mattias R
JGmobile Mobile station, running in my car, in the plane together with flarm, at airshows etc. WiFI via phone availability.php?station=JGmobile Johan Gustafsson
Kalmar Receiver located 2 km from Kalmar Öland Airport ESMQ availability.php?station=Kalmar
Kanehall Kanehall availability.php?station=Kanehall
Koping Receiver in center of Koping. Directional antenna towards west. availability.php?station=Koping Tommy
Kronobhed Receiver located at Kronobergshed airfield, 11km NW of ESMX. Kronobergs Segelflygklubb availability.php?station=Kronobhed Hannes Wemming
Lammhult Receiver located in Lammhult. availability.php?station=Lammhult Hannes Wemming
Lima Receiver located in Lima / Limhedsforsen availability.php?station=Lima Johan Gustafsson
Motala Receiver located at Motala airfield. Motala Flygklubb Airfield availability.php?station=Motala
NIKKA Kebnekaise wave camp ice runway, 2 weeks of wave soaring fun every easter Airfield, Towplane, Glider availability.php?station=NIKKA Tom Arppe
Ottsjo Receiver located in Ottsjö village for the yearly wave camp on the ice runway of lake Ottsjön. Ottsjö Wave Camp availability.php?station=Ottsjo Hannes Wemming
RadioSala Located at Radio Sala, Sala GuenuineRadio availability.php?station=RadioSala
Skarstad Skärstad near Ragglanda availability.php?station=Skarstad Mattias R
sthlmtest Placed in central of Stockholm for the moment availability.php?station=sthlmtest Magnus
Vansbro Receiver located in Vansbro availability.php?station=Vansbro Johan Gustafsson
Varnamo Receiver located in Värnamo. availability.php?station=Varnamo Hannes Wemming
Vaxjo Receiver located in Växjö. availability.php?station=Vaxjo Hannes Wemming
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