List Of Receivers - German
No. APRS name Description Photo Status Contact
Agathazel Agathazell glider airfield. Luftsportverein Agathazell Airfield Antenna Receiver Antenna2 availability.php?station=Agathazel LSG Oberallgäu e.V.
Altdorf Receiver located in Altdorf bei Nürnberg, chinese Antenna, Terra AB010 pre-amp, Kathrein LCD 112 sat cable, rtl-sdr V2 dongle, Pi2 availability.php?station=Altdorf Dominic
Amoneburg Raspberry PI 3 B and OGN ARM availability.php?station=Amoneburg Philipp Schreiber
Aue Raspberry 2 with small antenna on SDR @ Glider-airfield Aue near Osterode am Harz availability.php?station=Aue Nixe
AVENTOFT Receiver located at Aventoft airfield. Operated by Luftsportverein Südtondern e.V. Airfield Antenna availability.php?station=AVENTOFT Dirk
BadWaldse Receiver and JetVision antenna installed at tower, air field Bad Waldsee near Ravensburg availability.php?station=BadWaldse Wolfgang
BadWrshfn Receiver located at Bad Wörishofen glider airfield (near EDNH): Raspberry Pi 3, 9dB colinear China antenna, Terra AB011 preamp, RTL-SDR receiver (v.3), 25m EcoFlex 10 coax cable. Segelflugverein Bad Wörishofen e.V. Antenna1 Antenna2 Antenna3 Receiver-Station availability.php?station=BadWrshfn Oliver
Bene Receiver located nearby glider-airfield Benediktbeuern, 12db chinese antenna with Odroid U4 availability.php?station=Bene Berni
Bensheim Receiver located at "Bensheimer Stadtwiesen" airfield. Segelfluggruppe Bensheim Airfield availability.php?station=Bensheim
BMarienbg RCVR is located at glider airfield Bad Marienberg Oberrossbach,the airfield is in the vicinity of EDGS and EDGB, R Pi with RTL-SDR R820T2 tuner and Chinese Colinear Antenna 9db. availability.php?station=BMarienbg Peter
BOBERG located near Hamburg. Active Flarm antenna under test availability.php?station=BOBERG Andy
Bohlhof Receiver with Chinese antenna located at Bohlhof glider airfield close to the Swiss border, using white list selection of OGN DDB registered stations. availability.php?station=Bohlhof SGB
Bueren Testsetup Pi with Salcar, Bueren near EDLP Paderborn, Germany availability.php?station=Bueren Andreas Jordan
Burgberg Receiver located at glider-airfield Witzenhausen-Burgberg [], Hardware > Rasperry Pi 3, 165cm 868 MHz Antenna from "Airbatt" availability.php?station=Burgberg Thomas
Cralsheim Homemade antenna located on the roof of the house at Crailsheim availability.php?station=Cralsheim Goesta Worf
DeckenPfn Receiver located at Deckenpfronn glider airport availability.php?station=DeckenPfn Marko Rocznik
EDAD Receiver (Hardware Frontend) located in Dessau Hugo-Junkers Flugplatz, operated by Fliegerclub Hugo Junkers See also "Hugo Junkers" Museum Airfield Webcam availability.php?station=EDAD Holger
EDAE Receiver located Eisenhüttenstadt airfield. availability.php?station=EDAE OGNKDF
EDAG Receiver located at Grossrueckerswalde airfield availability.php?station=EDAG UB
EDAN Receiver located at Neustadt-Glewe airfield. Segelfliegerclub Neustadt-Glewe e.V. (SFC)) Webcam1 Webcam2 availability.php?station=EDAN
EDAR Receiver installed at Pirna airfield -EDAR availability.php?station=EDAR Thomas
EDBE RPi 3B, 9dB Colinear Antenna, 9A4QV SAW, Uputronics PreAmp, RTL2832U/R820T2 TCXO V3 Antenna availability.php?station=EDBE Klaus
EDBP Receiver installed at Pinnow airfield. Operated by Fliegerclub Schwerin/ Pinnow e.V. availability.php?station=EDBP
EDBQ Receiver located Bronkow airfield. availability.php?station=EDBQ OGNKDF
EDBX Raspberry Pi with fibre-glass 9dB collinear antenna on the Clubhouse of Görlitzer Flugsportclub e.V. availability.php?station=EDBX Raik
EDCT Test project with Raspberry Pi and dvb-T antenna availability.php?station=EDCT Uwe
EDDG Receiver located at International Airport Münster / Osnabrück. Luftfahrtvereinigung Greven e.V. availability.php?station=EDDG Operator
EDEL Receiver located at Tower of the Airfield in Langenlonsheim; Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3 + small antenna availability.php?station=EDEL Julian
EDEM RP2 + chinese colinear antenna; Mosenberg clubhouse test installation availability.php?station=EDEM Skyteam
EDEQ Receiver located at Mühlhausen airfield. Luftsportverein Mühlhausen e.V. availability.php?station=EDEQ
EDER Wasserkuppe, Germany, 9db China Antenna, Terra AB010 Preamp, Kathrein LCD111 coaxial cabling, Flarm Filter by Adam, RTL-SDR Dongle, Pi2 availability.php?station=EDER Ulrich
EDEW Receiver located at airfield EDEW, antenna selfmade groundplane availability.php?station=EDEW
EDFA RasPi B+ with chinese colinear antenna. Receiver located on Tower of airfield EDFA (Anspach/Ts.) LSC Bad Homburg e.V. Webcams availability.php?station=EDFA Peter Scholz
EDFJ Receiver located FSG Hammelburg availability.php?station=EDFJ Michael Yayannis
EDFZ Mainz-Finthen, Luftfahrtverein Mainz e.V Airfield Webcam availability.php?station=EDFZ
EDGB Raspberry Pi with fibre-glass 9dB collinear antenna. Receiver located at airfield EDGB Webcam availability.php?station=EDGB Helmut
EDGT Receiver located on Bottenhorn [] availability.php?station=EDGT René
EDHL Receiver located at Lübeck airfield. Aero Club von Lübeck Airfield availability.php?station=EDHL
EDHN School project with Raspberry Pi and dvb-T antenna Webcam availability.php?station=EDHN Timo Moritz
EDHS Luftsportverein Günther Groenhoff e.V. Stade EDHS Airfield availability.php?station=EDHS Sylvio
EDKA Receiver located at Aachen-Merzbrück aiport. Segelfluggruppe Nordstern eV Webcam availability.php?station=EDKA
EDKBnw Raspberry Pi with home made groundplane antenna. Receiver located 1km NW of EDKB RWY. availability.php?station=EDKBnw Kurt
EDKL Raspberry Pi2 with Chinese antenna. Receiver located on the tower roof. availability.php?station=EDKL Alex
EDKM RPI 3B - New installation - bigger antenna on its way. Image will follow. availability.php?station=EDKM Georg
EDKN Raspberry-Receiver located at Wipperfuerth-Neye (EDKN) Airfield availability.php?station=EDKN HG
EDKO Receiver located at glider-airfield EDKO (Brilon), 9dB chinese antenna availability.php?station=EDKO Rüdiger
EDKW Receiver located at Werdohl-Kuentrop (EDKW) , antenna selfmade collinear availability.php?station=EDKW
EDLB Receiver located at Borkenberge (EDLB), antenna selfmade collinear availability.php?station=EDLB Gero
EDLC Raspberry Pi 3B+ , Fan , Sirio GP 868 C availability.php?station=EDLC Michael
EDLD Receiver located at Schwarze Heide (EDLD), antenna selfmade collinear availability.php?station=EDLD Gero
EDLE Receiver located at Essen-Mülheim (EDLE) availability.php?station=EDLE Gero
EDLG Using the Chinese 9dB antenne availability.php?station=EDLG Ulli
EDLI Receiver located at Bielefeld airport. Segelflugverein Bielefeld e.V. Airfield Webcam availability.php?station=EDLI
EDLK Receiver located at airfield Krefeld availability.php?station=EDLK Aero Club Krefeld
EDLS Receiver located at airfield Stadtlohn-Vreden availability.php?station=EDLS Christian
EDLX Wesel Römerwardt airfield. Luftsportfreunde Wesel-Rheinhausen. Rasp with "chinese" antenna on 10 m Pole Antenna Dongle Receivers Other Photos Webcam1 Webcam2 Webcam3 availability.php?station=EDLX Volker
EDLY Receiver located at airfield Borken-Hoxfeld availability.php?station=EDLY EDLY
EDLY2 Borken-Hoxfeld 2 availability.php?station=EDLY2 EDLY
EDMA Receiver located at airport Augsburg availability.php?station=EDMA EDMA
EDMC Receiver with whitelist Filter located at glider-airfield EDMC, antenna selfmade collinear availability.php?station=EDMC
EDMD Receiver located at Dachau-Gröbenried airfield, in Bergkirchen. Dachau e.V. Airfield Webcam availability.php?station=EDMD
EDNC Beilngries airfield EDNC Webcam availability.php?station=EDNC
EDNE Receiver located at glider-airfield EDNE, Receiver with Chinese antenna availability.php?station=EDNE Uli
EDNK Kirchdorf/Inn 9db chinese antenna, AB010 preamp, Kathrein LCD 111 cable, rtlsdr dongle v3, Raspi2 availability.php?station=EDNK florianjb
EDNU Thannhausen Airfield availability.php?station=EDNU Timo Bruderek
EDNW Located next to Weissenhorn Airfield EDNW - RaspPi 2B with Active Diapason AA 868 Antenna Antenna Webcam availability.php?station=EDNW Sebastian
EDOJ Receiver at Lüsse Airfield availability.php?station=EDOJ Stefan
Luesse Receiver 2 at Luesse Airfield availability.php?station=Luesse Stefan
EDPJ Receiver located at Laichingen airfield EDPJ. Flugsportverein Laichingen e.V. Webcam1 Webcam2 Webcam3 availability.php?station=EDPJ
EDOV Receiver on top of EDOV tower building availability.php?station=EDOV Christoph
EDOX Receiver located at Renneritz availability.php?station=EDOX Maik
EDOZ RPi B+ availability.php?station=EDOZ Fabian
EDPD Receiver located at airfield Dingolfing; Chinese Antenna, availability.php?station=EDPD Werner
EDPF Schwandorf glider airfield. Flugsport-Club Schwandorf Webcam availability.php?station=EDPF FLC Schwandorf
EDPH Schwabach-Büchenbach airfield. Fliegervereinigung Schwabach Airfield availability.php?station=EDPH
EDPK Schönberg glider airfield. Fliegergruppe Traunstein Airfield Webcam availability.php?station=EDPK
EDPT Receiver located at Gerstetten airfield. FSV Gerstetten Webcam availability.php?station=EDPT
EDQD Receiver located at Bayreuth Airfield (EDQD), antenna selfmade collinear availability.php?station=EDQD Gero
EDQE Receiver on tower EDQE availability.php?station=EDQE Marcus
EDQG Receiver located at FSC Giebelstadt [] availability.php?station=EDQG JT
EDQO Receiver located at Ottengrüner-Heide airfield, Helmbrechts. Segelflugzentrum Ottengrüner Heide e.V. Airfield availability.php?station=EDQO
EDQW Receiver located at Weiden airfield No pictures yet availability.php?station=EDQW EDQWmgr
EDQX Receiver on tower, DVTB antenna availability.php?station=EDQX Sebastian
EDRA Receiver located at airfield EDRA: "chinese" fibre-glas collinear 9dB antenna; LNA4ALL + SAW Filter (FLARM 868 Mhz) from 9A4QV; NooELec NESDR Mini 2+ 0,5PPM TCXO USB RTL-SDR Receiver; Cubieboard 2. availability.php?station=EDRA Dirk
EDRG Receiver located at airfield EDRG, Raspberry Pi 2, 9dB antenna (in construction), tested as EDRS-Test and BonnTest availability.php?station=EDRG kerel
EDRS Receiver at airfield Domberg, Bad Sobernheim. Location: FSV Sobernheim Tower EDRS CAM2 CAM1 availability.php?station=EDRS edrs
EDRV Receiver located at airfield Wershofen/Eifel: 9dB collinear antenna; Terra AB010;Kathrein LCD 111; RTL-SDR V3 Dongle; Raspberry Pi3 Webcam availability.php?station=EDRV EDRV
EDSG Receiver located at EDSG, "chinese" 9dB collinear antenna, Raspberry Pi3b, TV28Tv2 stick Airfield Webcam availability.php?station=EDSG FabiB
EDSP Receiver located at airfield EDSP, Raspberry Pi 2, Whitelist-Filtering enabled, no proper antanna yet - still testing availability.php?station=EDSP FSV Herrenberg e.V.
EDSR Radolfzell-Stahringen airfield. Flugsportvereinigung Radolfzell Airfield Webcam availability.php?station=EDSR
EDSV Wächtersberg glider airfield. Flugsportvereinigung Wächtersberg Webcam Webcam2 availability.php?station=EDSV
EDSW Receiver located at airfield Altdorf-Wallburg: 9dB colinear antenna; Terra AB010;Kathrein LCD 111; RTL-SDR V3 Dongle; Raspberry Pi3 Airfield availability.php?station=EDSW Wolfgang
EDTD Receiver located at Donaueschingen-Villingen airport Webcam availability.php?station=EDTD
EDTE Receiver located at Eutingen airfield EDTE. FSV Rottenburg-Horb-Eutingen Webcam availability.php?station=EDTE Rich
EDTL Receiver located at airfield Lahr: 9dB colinear antenna; Terra AB010;Kathrein LCD 111; RTL-SDR V3 Dongle; Raspberry Pi3 availability.php?station=EDTL Wolfgang
EDTM Receiver located near EDNY Friedrichshafen airfield - RPi3B Chinese Antenna [* ] availability.php?station=EDTM Stefan
EDTN Receiver located at airfield EDTN, antenna selfmade collinear fibre-glass availability.php?station=EDTN
EDTQ Receiver located at airfield EDTQ, antenna selfmade availability.php?station=EDTQ
EDTW Receiver located on the airfiled EDTW, Raspi B+ with NooElec TV28T v2 DVB-T receiver and "chinese" fibre-glass 9dB collinear antenna availability.php?station=EDTW Martin
EDTY Receiver located at airfield EDTY, antenna selfmade availability.php?station=EDTY Sven
EDVA Receiver located at Airfield Bad Gandersheim (EDVA) and "LSV Bad Gandersheim - Akaflieg Göttingen" [], Hardware > Rasperry Pi 3b+, Flightaware-Pro ADS-B-Dongle, Uputronics HAB-FPA868 Filter+PreAmp, Huahong Communication 868,3 MHz Antenna (see also Receiver "Akaflieg" below) inside Amplifier Receiver Antenna#1 Antenna#2 availability.php?station=EDVA Casse
EDVC Raspi B and RTL2832u stick with Chinese Colinear 9db antenna availability.php?station=EDVC Bernd
EDVE Banana Pi - RTL-Stick - Diapason AA 868 - Aero Club Braunschweig - will become active by the end of March availability.php?station=EDVE DooMMasteR
EDVENorth Reciever in northern direction of EDVE availability.php?station=EDVENorth LCBS
EDVH Raspberry Pi with a Salcar Top SDR USB DVB-T Receiver located in Hodenhagen. availability.php?station=EDVH Robert
EDVM Receiver located at airfield EDVM - openSUSE Server with SDR USB DVB-T Receiver and Kathrein K7021621 Antenna Antenna availability.php?station=EDVM Helmut
EDVQ Receiver (RPi3 B+ now with chinese antenna 9db.) located at special arfield Wilsche availability.php?station=EDVQ Kersten
EDVY Receiver located at Porta Westfalica Airfield availability.php?station=EDVY Marcel
EDWJ Receiver located at airfield Juist (EDWJ), antenna selfmade collinear availability.php?station=EDWJ Gero
EDWN Receiver located at airfiled Nordhorn-Lingen (EDWN), Raspberry Pi 3, DVB-T Receiver, currently default antenna availability.php?station=EDWN LSVLingen
EDXE Receiver located next to the airfiled EDXE (Rheine-Eschendorf), Raspi 3 B with NooElec TV28T v2 DVB-T receiver and a selfmade antenna. Luftsportverein Rheine-Eschendorf e.V. EDXE availability.php?station=EDXE Peter
EDXF Receiver located at 3 km~ of Flensburg Schäferhaus airfield. Luftsportverein Flensburg e.V. Webcam availability.php?station=EDXF
Eisberg glider airfield availability.php?station=Eisberg Joachim Schwenk
Emmerich Emmerich-Palmersward glider airfield. Flugsportverein Emmerich-Rees availability.php?station=Emmerich
Erbendorf Erbendorf Schweißlohe airfield. Segelflugverein Grafenwöhr 1930 Airfield availability.php?station=Erbendorf
ETOI Vilseck, at 3.5 km of Vilseck military airfield Airfield availability.php?station=ETOI
Farrenb3 Receiver located at glider airfield Farrenberg availability.php?station=Farrenb3 Jonas Krautter
GAMD Receiver located at glider-airfield Gammelsdorf, antenna Jetvision Active Diapason availability.php?station=GAMD Felix
Geratshof Receiver located at glider-airfield Geratshof, antenna Chinese Colinear 9db antenna availability.php?station=Geratshof Peter
Greifswld Receiver in Greifswald,MV mainly for glider operations over Schmoldow (EDBY) (seen above 200m). 12-segment home-made linear array antenna (anti-phase coax). availability.php?station=Greifswld Oliver Ford
HeLi Hessisch Lichtenau glider airfield. Luftsportverein Hessisch Lichtenau availability.php?station=HeLi
HELLENHG Hellenhagen glider airfield. Flugsportclub e.V. Hannover availability.php?station=HELLENHG Frank
Hellingst Hellingst glider airfield. Luftfahrtverein Unterweser e.V. Airfield availability.php?station=Hellingst
Hengsen Receiver located at Hengsen-Opherdicke airfield, still with DVB-T antenna, will be replaced soon availability.php?station=HENGSEN Thomas
Hersbruck Hersbruck glider airfield. RPi2 and DVB-T Stick with selfmade colinear antenna availability.php?station=Hersbruck Stefan
Hilzingen Receiver located at Hilzingen glider airfield - antenna Chinese Colinear 9db indoor installation RPi2 + DVB-T stick availability.php?station=Hilzingen Ebi
Hornberg Hornberg airfield, Fliegergruppe Schwäbisch Gmünd Airfield Webcam availability.php?station=Hornberg
HoyaFlpl Hoya airfield, Segelflugverein Hoya von 1931. Raspberry Pi with a collinear antenna availability.php?station=HoyaFlpl Manfred
Huelben Receiver located at Hülben glider airfield. 9dB Colinear Antenna, Raspberry Pi 3, FlightAware Pro Stick. Airfield Webcam availability.php?station=Huelben Oliver
Iserlohn Receiver located at Iserlohn-Sümmern, antenna selfmade collinear availability.php?station=iserlohn
KIKD Test Receiver located at Pruem - RPi2 and DVB-T Stick+antenna availability.php?station=KIKD
Klippneck Klippeneck gliderfield. Testinstallation with Raspberry Pi 3B+. Antenna performance will be optimized soon. availability.php?station=Klippneck Gunter
Klippenec Receiver located at DB0KLI amateur radio repeater, on glider-airfield Klippeneck availability.php?station=Klippenec
Koenigsdf Receiver located at glider-airfield Königsdorf, 9db antenna with Odroid C1, Terra AB011 amplifier and dongle v3 with software switched bias tee webcamSE webcamSW Spectrogram availability.php?station=Koenigsdf OGNKDF
KRONACH Receiver located at Kronach availability.php?station=KRONACH Karl Heinz Reinhard
Langenfld Receiver located at Langenfeld - RPi and Chineeseantenna availability.php?station=Langenfld Hans
Leibertng Fluggemeinschaft Leibertingen availability.php?station=Leibertng ADMIN
Lobberich Receiver located in Nettetal-Lobberich. Vicinity of EDLF and Venlo airfield. RPI 2 and China-Antenna. Webcam of EDLF. My Blog: Verflogen Webcam1 Webcam2 Webcam3 Webcam4 availability.php?station=Lobberich HeikoXO
Loechgau Receiver located at glider airfield Loechgau - antenna selfmade collinear availability.php?station=Loechgau Holger
LuDa Receiver located at glider-airfield Ludwigshafen-Dannstadt, antenna 868MHz Chinese Colinear LuDa_Testside 1 LuDa_Testside 2 LuDa_Testside 3 LuDa_Testside 4 Webcam availability.php?station=LuDa Domlott
LuDaN Receiver located 10 km North of Ludwigshafen-Dannstadt, Antenna 868MHz Chinese Colinear 14dBi, LN4ALL cavity filter and amplifier, RTL-SDR v3, RPi3, Antenna on rooftop of house. availability.php?station=LuDaN Marcel
Markdorf Markdorf airfield. Segelfluggelände Markdorf Airfield availability.php?station=Markdorf
Meiersbrg Meiersberg Glider Airfield availability.php?station=Meiersbrg Eberhard
Meineweh City Meineweh availability.php?station=Meineweh
Monchshei Receiver located at Mönchsheide airfield, RPi3 with DVBT stick and mini antenna availability.php?station=Monchshei David
Montabaur Receiver located at Montabaur glider-airfield, RPi3, 9dbi China antenna, Terra AB010 preamp, Kathrein LCD111 coax cabling, currently NO FLARM filter by Adam, RTL-SDR dongle, TZU 15-02 crossover Antenna availability.php?station=Montabaur Emre Günes
Muhlacker Mühlacker, at 1.5 km of Hangensteinerhof glider airflield. Flugsportclub Mühlacker und Umgebung Airfield availability.php?station=Muhlacker
Muhlhause City Mühlhausen availability.php?station=Muhlhause
Musbach Receiver located at glider-airfield Musbach, antenna Chinese Colinear 9db outdoor installation RPi2 + DVB-T stick availability.php?station=Musbach Axel Reich
Neuruppin Segelfluggelände Neuruppin, Raspberry Pi 3B, RTL2838 DVB-T 0,5 PPM, Terra AB010 UHF band amplifier, Chinese 9dB Colinear Antenna Webcam Antenna availability.php?station=Neuruppin Eggert Ehmke
Nidda Nidda auf dem Helmsberg glider airfield. Fliegersportklub Nidda e. V. availability.php?station=Nidda
OHAUSEN Receiver located on airfield Oppershausen, Raspberry Pi 3, RTL2832U+R820T DVB-T USB-Stick and a small tv-antenna will be permanently available soon (i hope) availability.php?station=OHAUSEN Chris
Ohlstadt Ohlstadt glider airfield. Segelflugzentrum Ohlstadt Airfield Webcam1 Webcam2 availability.php?station=Ohlstadt
Paterzell Receiver at Paterzell airfield. Thinkpad X200 with RTL-SDR stick, Uputronics SAW filtered LNA and Chinese 9db antenna. availability.php?station=Paterzell Sven
Pohlheim Receiver located on SGS Pohlheim availability.php?station=Pohlheim Rodrigo
Poris Raspberry Pi2 with Chinese antenna on the roof. Terra AB010 amplifier, Kathrein LCD111 Cable, SAW Filter from Adam 9A4QV. availability.php?station=Poris Alex
Quakenbr Raspberry Pi2 availability.php?station=Quakenbr Andreas
Rade Raspberry Pi availability.php?station=Rade Tim
Reinheim Segelfluggelände Reinheim availability.php?station=Reinheim Martin
RHST Rheinstetten glider airfield near Karlsruhe. Luftsportgemeinschaft Rheinstetten availability.php?station=RHST Juergen
SiEisernh Segelfluggelände Siegen-Eisernhardt availability.php?station=SiEisernh EH
Strass1 Receiver located at Straßham. UL airfield availability.php?station=Strass1 Sepp
Tarmstedt Raspberry Pi, RTL2832u , 9 dB chinese antenna availability.php?station=Tarmstedt Tim
Teck Fliegergruppe Dettingen unter Teck e.V. Airfield Webcam1 Webcam2 availability.php?station=Teck Andreas
Tirschenr Receiver located at glider-airfield Tirschenreuth, antenna tooth-stick from DVB-T stick availability.php?station=Tirschenr
uebersbg Receiver located at glider airfield Übersberg, Receiver with R820T2 and amplifier (FlightAware Pro Stick 1090MHz ADS-B) and Raspberry 3 B+, chinese 9dB antenna availability.php?station=uebersbg Julian Bartholomeyczik
Umerzbach Receiver locatet at Untermerzbach availability.php?station=Umerzbach Bernhard Eder
UWoessen Receiver located at Unterwössen airfield. Segelfluggruppe Siemens München e.V. Runway availability.php?station=UWoessen
UWoessen2 Receiver located at Unterwössen village, near the airfield. availability.php?station=UWoessen2
UWoessen3 Receiver located at Unterwössen airfield. Segelfluggruppe Siemens München e.V. availability.php?station=UWoessen3
Vielbrunn RPi B+ with Salcar DVB-T-Stick and 12-element collinear DIY-antenna availability.php?station=Vielbrunn 9Y
VoehrumVL Receiver located nearby EDVP availability.php?station=VoehrumVL Ulrich
other locations
Aarbergen Another receiver in Aarbergen. availability.php?station=Aarbergen
Aarbgn1 RPi 1 + RTLSDR.COM Stick Location Aarbergen/RTK. availability.php?station=Aarbgn1 Thomas
AFezer Receiver located at Heiningen, ~43 km south east Backnang-Heiningen (EDSH). availability.php?station=AFezer
Ahaus Receiver located at Ahaus. availability.php?station=Ahaus Christian
Akaflieg Receiver located in Göttingen 37 km south of Airfield Bad Gandersheim (EDVA) and "LSV Bad Gandersheim - Akaflieg Göttingen" [], Hardware > Rasperry Pi 3b+, Flightaware-Pro ADS-B-Dongle, Uputronics HAB-FPA868 Filter+PreAmp, Huahong Communication 868,3 MHz Antenna (see also Receiver "EDVA" above) inside Receiver Receiver+Antenna availability.php?station=Akaflieg Casse
Anwalting Receiver located at Anwalting. availability.php?station=Anwalting DaM
Aue2 Raspberry 2 + DVB-T 11.5 km west from Glider-airfield Aue (see also Airfield Aue above) availability.php?station=Aue2 Nixe
Aue3 Raspberry 2 + DVB-T west from Glider-airfield Aue (see also Airfield Aue above) availability.php?station=Aue3 Nixe
Arber Receiver located on top of mountain Arber at ham radio station DB0ARB. availability.php?station=BadBad OGNKDF
BadBad Receiver located at Baden-Baden on a hill, near the airfiled. Aero-Club Baden-Baden e.V. Airfield availability.php?station=BadBad
Bergheim Test Phase availability.php?station=Bergheim Martin
Berglen Receiver located at Berglen availability.php?station=Berglen
Berlin Receiver located in the south of Berlin. availability.php?station=Berlin OGNKDF
Bielefeld Receiver located at Bielefeld, about 10 km north of the airfield (EDLI). availability.php?station=Bielefeld
Bispingen Raspberry Pi Zero W. Digital RTL2832U+R820T DVB-T SDR+DAB+FM USB 2.0 DIGITAL TV Tuner Receiver DQ. 12dBi Outdorr Antenna availability.php?station=Bispingen
Bocholt Bocholt, run recOGNice software availability.php?station=Bocholt
Bocholt01 Raspberry Pi 2 with DVB-T receiver, LNA but long coax cable availability.php?station=Bocholt01 Lukas
Bockhorn Raspberry Pi 2 with DVB-T receiver availability.php?station=Bockhorn
Conitec Receiver located at Dieburg. At Conitec GmbH office availability.php?station=Conitec
DDHbf Rasperry Pi 2 with DVB-T receiver near Mainstation, only flarm data from east, we install a better antenna availability.php?station=DDHbf
Deblinghs Deblinghausen, Steyerberg availability.php?station=Deblinghs
DEboetzow Rasperry Pi with DVB-T receiver in NW of Berlin availability.php?station=DEboetzow Ralle
DING Receiver located at Airfield: Der Dingel, Hardware: Raspberry Pi2 with selfmade collinear antenna availability.php?station=DING Frederic
Drenstein Drensteinfurt availability.php?station=Drenstein
Dresden Rasperry Pi 2 availability.php?station=Dresden
EDDHEast Receiver under test located near Hamburg. Active Flarm antenna under test availability.php?station=EDDHEast Andy
Eisdorf Receiver sponsored by FHD Osterode e.V., supported the Glidernet with hardware Rasperry Pi 3B+ / DVB-T dongle 868 MHz and self made Ground-Plane outside antenna located in Eisdorf/Harz, 14 km south from airfield EDVA, Bad Gandersheim (see also our receiver "Osterode") availability.php?station=Eisdorf Thomas
ElmSL Rasperry Pi 3 with DVB-T receiver near Schwalbach availability.php?station=ElmSL R-AP
erlangen Testinstallation mit Raspberry Pi B+ und DVBT-Antenne availability.php?station=erlangen mopmop
Esperke Test setup with Raspi B and RTL2832u stick availability.php?station=Esperke Bernd
Euskirche Euskirchen, at ~8 km south of Weilerswist UL airfield availability.php?station=Euskirche
FFB Fürstenfeldbruck, between Jesenwang and Dachau airfields. availability.php?station=FFB
Fildstdt Receiver located at Filderstadt, close to Stuttgart airport availability.php?station=Fildstdt
GAR74 Raspberry am Nordrand des ED-R74 Foka-4 availability.php?station=GAR74 Ulli
Gladbeck Receiver located in Galdbeck NRW, Testing:Raspberry with DVB-T receiver availability.php?station=Gladbeck Johannes
Goch Testing Raspberry with DVB-T receiver availability.php?station=Goch Darian
GochESP recOGNice software. See Goch availability.php?station=GochESP
GREVEN Testing Raspberry with DVB-T receiver availability.php?station=GREVEN
Guenzburg New availability.php?station=Guenzburg Kevin
Gultling Receiver is located in Gültlingen near Deckenpfronn availability.php?station=Gultling Nigel
haesen Raspberry Pi 3B+, Sirio GP 868 C availability.php?station=haesen Dirk
HalternaS Receiver located in "Haltern am See" south/west of Borkenberge (EDLB) in NRW, antenna selfmade collinear availability.php?station=HalternaS Bernd
HamburgSE Receiver located near Hamburg. availability.php?station=HamburgSE
HammNRW Receiver located west of Hamm/Westfalen in NRW, antenna factory toothpick availability.php?station=HammNRW Michael
HavelOGN1 Second receiver located in Brandenburg/Havel availability.php?station=HavelOGN1 Alex
Heilbronn Receiver RTL-SDR Dongle with selfmade coaxial colinear antenna and Pi2 availability.php?station=Heilbronn Roland
Herrenber Raspberry Pi1 with dvb-t stick. availability.php?station=Herrenber Thomas
HertenNRW Receiver located north/west of Herten in NRW, antenna selfmade collinear availability.php?station=HertenNRW Gero
HochschDA Receiver located at Hochschule Darmstadt RasPi2+ 4 * 7el Yagi looking SW + 6 chamber cavity resonator bandpass filter +0.8dB ultra low noise amp on top of a 100m tower building Antennas Filter Bandwidth availability.php?station=HochschDA Klaus
Hof1 Receiver located at Hof availability.php?station=Hof1
HOLTUMDS Raspberry Pi2 with DVBT Stick an Chinese Antenna at a 117m Wind Turbine near EDWV, 28283 Verden (Aller) availability.php?station=HOLTUMDS Daniel Schmitz
IBB OGN receiver located near Ibbenbüren. Banana pro; RTL-SDR R820T2 tuner; Wimo 868 MHz omni Antenna Antenna availability.php?station=IBB Ulrich
IBBe OGN receiver located near Ibbenbüren. Banana pro; RTL-SDR R820T2 tuner; test 1/4 wave Antenna availability.php?station=IBBe Alfons
IDD Test installation. RPi with DVB-T stick. Location: South of Braunschweig availability.php?station=IDD Bjoern
Ihrlerstein Receiver located in Ihrlerstein; Chinese Antenna, Terra AB010 Pre-amp, Raspberry 1 availability.php?station=Ihrlerst Dominic
Ihringen Located in Ihringen availability.php?station=Ihringen Luca
Ingostadt Receiver located in Ingolstadt; Chinese Antenna, Terra AB010 Pre-amp, Odroid C1 availability.php?station=Ingostadt Dominic
Kalkar Testinstallation with a remote feeded active antenna availability.php?station=Kalkar Ulli
KalkarESP recOGNice software. See Kalkar availability.php?station=KalkarESP
Kamen Receiver located Airfield of Kamen-Heeren /Westfalen in NRW, antenna 9db chinese collinear availability.php?station=Kamen Detlev
Karlsruhe Test installation. RPi with DVB-T stick. Receiver located at south front of my home in center of Karlsruhe. Until Sptember 3rd with toothpick antenna, since then with 9db chinese collinear. toothpick collinear availability.php?station=Karlsruhe Harald
UAVDACH Private Installation availability.php?station=UAVDACH UWE
KOOSB Receiver located at Koosbuesch - RPi2 , DVB-T Stick with collinear antenna availability.php?station=KOOSB
Laim Laim, near Munich availability.php?station=Laim
Mainz3 RPi 2B + RTLSDR.COM Stick + Uputronics SAW filtered LNA + chinese collinear antenna. availability.php?station=Mainz3 Wolfram
Miesbach Odroid XU4, RTL2832/R820T USB-Stick, homemade 12 element colinear antenna availability.php?station=Miesbach Alex
Mittbach Raspi, RTL2832/R820T USB-Stick, homemade ground plane antenna availability.php?station=Mittbach Alfred
Moehnesee Möhnesee, at ~10 km of Oeventrop Ruhrwiesen airfield. availability.php?station=Moehnesee
Moosburg Moosburg an der Isar, at 1 km of the airfield. Fliegerclub Moosburg Airfield Webcam availability.php?station=Moosburg
MosbachDH Receiver located at DHBW Mosbach, using RPiB+ and DVB-T availability.php?station=MosbachDH Juergen Eckert
MuelheimR Receiver located south/west of Muelheim Ruhr, antenna selfmade collinear availability.php?station=MuelheimR Gero
OFFENBG Offenburg, at 2.5 km of Offenburg-Baden airfield (EDTO). Fliegergruppe Offenburg Airfield availability.php?station=OFFENBG
OMB Raspberry Pi 2 with diapason-antenna in Obermichelbach, 10km W of EDDN availability.php?station=OMB netbees
Osterode Receiver sponsored by FHD Osterode e.V., supported the Glidernet with hardware Rasperry Pi 3B+ / DVB-T dongle 868 MHz and Chinese outside antenna located at Röddenberg, 12 km north from glider-airfield Aue, near Hattorf/Harz (see also our receiver "Eisdorf" 5,5 km north-west) View from helicopter Antenna availability.php?station=Osterode Thomas
Ottobrunn Ottobrunn availability.php?station=Ottobrunn
Paderborn Receiver located near to EDLR, using RPI3, Chinese colinear antenna and Uputronics Filtered Preamp availability.php?station=Paderborn Daniel
Partenheim Receiver on roof 270 mSL, using RPI3, selfmade J-Antenna availability.php?station=Partenheim Wolfgang
Reggliswe Regglisweiler, Dietenheim availability.php?station=Reggliswe
RheinauDE Receiver at the west side of the Black Forest. Running on old BeagleBoard and temporarily on the small DVB-T dongle aerial. Due to low CPU power it is decoding packets on the lower FLARM frequency only availability.php?station=RheinauDE Yves
Rinteln Receiver located south of Rinteln Rinteln (EDVR), Raspberry Pi 2, DVB-T Receiver, Chinese Colinear Antenna 9db. availability.php?station=EDVR Stefan
RoeHm test installation Pi2+DVB-T+chinese outdoor antenna availability.php?station=RoeHm Genschman
Rottenbg1 Receiver located at Rottenburg am Neckar availability.php?station=Rottenbg1
SanktAug1 Pi3+DVB-T (RTL2832 + R820T) and chinese 9dB antenna availability.php?station=SanktAug1 Marcel
Sassenb Sassenberg. availability.php?station=Sassenb
Schauinsl Receiver located at DB0FRG amateur radio repeater, on top of the Schauinsland mountain near Freiburg availability.php?station=Schauinsl
Schwabmu Homemade DIY Flarm Tracker using FlightAware Pro in Schwabmünchen availability.php?station=Schwabmu
Semd Located nearby Groß-Umstadt, Raspberry Pi 3B und 9db Antenna availability.php?station=Semd Uwe
Skytraxx Located in Titisee-Neustadt availability.php?station=Skytraxx Michael
SRBVOR1 Strausberg Vorstadt, RPi3 with Nooelec small SMA-Port Stick, at 7.5 km of EDAY airfield, located on a balcony in the 3rd floor, standard crap antenna with AB011 Amp. availability.php?station=SRBVOR1 Holger
Stadtlohn description availability.php?station=Stadtlohn christian
Stukenbro Receiver located at Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock. availability.php?station=Stukenbro
SUESSEN Receiver located at Süßen. availability.php?station=SUESSEN
Sykeihgr Raspberry Pi, RTL2832u , 9 dB chinese antenna on rooftop availability.php?station=Sykeihgr Manfred
Tangermde Raspberry der Amateurfunker auf dem Schrotturm Schrotturm availability.php?station=Tangermde Ulli
Tettnang Receiver located at Tettnang, near Bodensee-Airport at Friedrichshafen. See also Dornier Museum availability.php?station=Tettnang
TREUCHTLI Receiver with R820T2 stick and Raspberry 3, chinese 9dB antenna in city of Treuchtlingen availability.php?station=TREUCHTLI Marc
TOSTEDT RPi 3B+ - Chinese antenna - Antenna availability.php?station=TOSTEDT Norbert N.
Uedem Uedem, at ~20 km of Wesel-Römerwardt airfield (EDLX). availability.php?station=Uedem
Uetze Uetze. Flugsportclub e.V. Hannover availability.php?station=Uetze Frank
Vissel Raspberry Pi with a Salcar Top SDR USB DVB-T Receiver located in Visselhövede. availability.php?station=Vissel Robert
Wahrenholz Receiver (RPi2 RTL-SDR V3 Dongle) 1.2m Colinear-Antenna Uptronics 868 preamp/filter - Located at DL1HI Amateur-Radio-Station Wahrenholz - Pilot Aware and OGN-Receiving & Rebroadcasting by 2nd 1.2m Colinear-Antenna availability.php?station=Wahrenhol Sascha
Walbeck Walbeck, at 16 km of Kerken glider airfield. Windmill availability.php?station=Walbeck
Wank Receiver located at DM0GAP amateur radio repeater on top of mountain "Wank" near Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Rx chain: chinese 9dB-Antenna, CBP-840C+ filter from Paul HB9AXA, dongle v2, 20m active USB cable, RPi 2 availability.php?station=Wank OGNKDF
Wemding Rx chain: homemade 4 x 2el Moxon, homemade preselector (like my filter but low insertion loss), LNA4ALL (Adam 9A4QV), homemade filter 868 MHz from copper waterpipe, R820T2 DVB-T, RPi2. Antenna located at window board 9m above ground, window facing south-west towards meteorite crater. availability.php?station=Wemding Marcus
Wenscht Homemade Raspberry PI with 2 DVB-T Sticks and small antenna for Dump1090 and OGN availability.php?station=Wenscht Ralf
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