List Of Receivers - German
No. APRS name Description Photo Status Contact
Agathazel Agathazell glider airfield. Luftsportverein Agathazell Airfield Antenna Receiver Antenna2 availability.php?station=Agathazel LSG Oberallgäu e.V.
Altdorf Receiver located in Altdorf bei Nürnberg, chinese Antenna, Terra AB010 pre-amp, Kathrein LCD 112 sat cable, rtl-sdr V2 dongle, Pi2 availability.php?station=Altdorf Dominic
Amoneburg Raspberry PI 3 B and OGN ARM availability.php?station=Amoneburg Philipp Schreiber
Aue Raspberry 2 with small antenna on SDR @ Glider-airfield Aue near Osterode am Harz availability.php?station=Aue Nixe
BadWaldse Receiver and JetVision antenna installed at tower, air field Bad Waldsee near Ravensburg availability.php?station=BadWaldse Wolfgang
Bene Receiver located nearby glider-airfield Benediktbeuern, 12db chinese antenna with Odroid U4 availability.php?station=Bene Berni
Bensheim Receiver located at "Bensheimer Stadtwiesen" airfield. Segelfluggruppe Bensheim Airfield availability.php?station=Bensheim
BMarienbg RCVR is located at glider airfield Bad Marienberg Oberrossbach,the airfield is in the vicinity of EDGS and EDGB, R Pi with RTL-SDR R820T2 tuner and Chinese Colinear Antenna 9db. availability.php?station=BMarienbg Peter
BOBERG located near Hamburg. Active Flarm antenna under test availability.php?station=BOBERG Andy
Bohlhof Receiver with Chinese antenna located at Bohlhof glider airfield close to the Swiss border, using white list selection of OGN DDB registered stations. availability.php?station=Bohlhof SGB
Bueren Testsetup Pi with Salcar, Bueren near EDLP Paderborn, Germany availability.php?station=Bueren Andreas Jordan
Cralsheim Homemade antenna located on the roof of the house at Crailsheim availability.php?station=Cralsheim Goesta Worf
EDAD Receiver (Hardware Frontend) located in Dessau Hugo-Junkers Flugplatz, operated by Fliegerclub Hugo Junkers See also "Hugo Junkers" Museum Airfield Webcam availability.php?station=EDAD Holger
EDAE Receiver located Eisenhüttenstadt airfield. availability.php?station=EDAE OGNKDF
EDAG Receiver located at Grossrueckerswalde airfield availability.php?station=EDAG UB
EDAN Receiver located at Neustadt-Glewe airfield. Segelfliegerclub Neustadt-Glewe e.V. (SFC)) Webcam1 Webcam2 availability.php?station=EDAN
EDAR Receiver installed at Pirna airfield -EDAR availability.php?station=EDAR Thomas
EDBP Receiver installed at Pinnow airfield. Operated by Fliegerclub Schwerin/ Pinnow e.V. availability.php?station=EDBP
EDBQ Receiver located Bronkow airfield. availability.php?station=EDBQ OGNKDF
EDBX Raspberry Pi with fibre-glass 9dB collinear antenna on the Clubhouse of Görlitzer Flugsportclub e.V. availability.php?station=EDBX Raik
EDDG The receiver with whitelist Filter is located near the airfield. The responsible person is the operator of the receiver. Please use the according contact link for questions or any complaints regarding this receiver. availability.php?station=EDDG Schmoergel
EDEL Receiver located at Tower of the Airfield in Langenlonsheim; Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3 + small antenna availability.php?station=EDEL Julian
EDEM RP2 + chinese colinear antenna; Mosenberg clubhouse test installation availability.php?station=EDEM Skyteam
EDEQ Receiver located at Mühlhausen airfield. Luftsportverein Mühlhausen e.V. availability.php?station=EDEQ
EDER Wasserkuppe, Germany, 9db China Antenna, Terra AB010 Preamp, Kathrein LCD111 coaxial cabling, Flarm Filter by Adam, RTL-SDR Dongle, Pi2 availability.php?station=EDER Ulrich
EDEW Receiver located at airfield EDEW, antenna selfmade groundplane availability.php?station=EDEW
EDFA RasPi B+ with chinese colinear antenna. Receiver located on Tower of airfield EDFA (Anspach/Ts.) LSC Bad Homburg e.V. Webcams availability.php?station=EDFA Peter Scholz
EDFJ Receiver located FSG Hammelburg availability.php?station=EDFJ Michael Yayannis
EDFZ Mainz-Finthen, Luftfahrtverein Mainz e.V Airfield Webcam availability.php?station=EDFZ
EDGB Raspberry Pi with fibre-glass 9dB collinear antenna. Receiver located at airfield EDGB Webcam availability.php?station=EDGB Helmut
EDHL Receiver located at Lübeck airfield. Aero Club von Lübeck Airfield availability.php?station=EDHL
EDHN School project with Raspberry Pi and dvb-T antenna Webcam availability.php?station=EDHN Timo Moritz
EDHS Luftsportverein Günther Groenhoff e.V. Stade EDHS Airfield availability.php?station=EDHS Sylvio
EDKA Receiver located at Aachen-Merzbrück aiport. Segelfluggruppe Nordstern eV Webcam availability.php?station=EDKA
EDKB Raspberry Pi with home made groundplane antenna. Receiver located 1km NW of EDKB RWY. availability.php?station=EDKB Kurt
EDKL Raspberry Pi2 with Chinese antenna. Receiver located on the tower roof. availability.php?station=EDKL Alex
EDKM RPI 3B - New installation - bigger antenna on its way. Image will follow. availability.php?station=EDKM Georg
EDKO Receiver located at glider-airfield EDKO (Brilon), 9dB chinese antenna availability.php?station=EDKO Rüdiger
EDLB Receiver located at Borkenberge (EDLB), antenna selfmade collinear availability.php?station=EDLB Gero
EDLE Receiver located at Essen-Mülheim (EDLE) availability.php?station=EDLE Gero
EDLD Receiver located at Schwarze Heide (EDLD), antenna selfmade collinear availability.php?station=EDLD Gero
EDLG Using the Chinese 9dB antenne availability.php?station=EDLG Ulli
EDLI Receiver located at Bielefeld airport. Segelflugverein Bielefeld e.V. Airfield Webcam availability.php?station=EDLI
EDLK Receiver located at airfield Krefeld availability.php?station=EDLK Aero Club Krefeld
EDLS Receiver located at airfield Stadtlohn-Vreden availability.php?station=EDLS Christian
EDLX Wesel Römerwardt airfield. Luftsportfreunde Wesel-Rheinhausen. Rasp with "chinese" antenna on 10 m Pole Antenna Dongle Receivers Other Photos Webcam1 Webcam2 Webcam3 availability.php?station=EDLX Volker
EDLY Receiver located at airfield Borken-Hoxfeld availability.php?station=EDLY EDLY
EDLY2 Borken-Hoxfeld 2 availability.php?station=EDLY2 EDLY
EDMA Receiver located at airport Augsburg availability.php?station=EDMA EDMA
EDMC Receiver with whitelist Filter located at glider-airfield EDMC, antenna selfmade collinear Antenna availability.php?station=EDMC Sebastian
EDMD Receiver located at Dachau-Gröbenried airfield, in Bergkirchen. Dachau e.V. Airfield Webcam availability.php?station=EDMD
EDNC Beilngries airfield EDNC Webcam availability.php?station=EDNC
EDNE Receiver located at glider-airfield EDNE, Receiver with Chinese antenna availability.php?station=EDNE Uli
EDNK Kirchdorf/Inn 9db chinese antenna, AB010 preamp, Kathrein LCD 111 cable, rtlsdr dongle v3, Raspi2 availability.php?station=EDNK florianjb
EDNU Thannhausen Airfield availability.php?station=EDNU Timo Bruderek
EDNW Located next to Weissenhorn Airfield EDNW - RaspPi 2B with Active Diapason AA 868 Antenna Antenna Webcam availability.php?station=EDNW Sebastian
EDPJ Receiver located at Laichingen airfield EDPJ. Flugsportverein Laichingen e.V. Webcam1 Webcam2 Webcam3 availability.php?station=EDPJ
EDOC Raspi B+ mit chinesischer Antenne availability.php?station=EDOC Ulli
EDOX Receiver located at Renneritz availability.php?station=EDOX Maik
EDOZ RPi B+ availability.php?station=EDOZ Fabian
EDPD Receiver located at airfield Dingolfing; Chinese Antenna, availability.php?station=EDPD Werner
EDPF Schwandorf glider airfield. Flugsport-Club Schwandorf Webcam availability.php?station=EDPF FLC Schwandorf
EDPH Schwabach-Büchenbach airfield. Fliegervereinigung Schwabach Airfield availability.php?station=EDPH
EDPK Schönberg glider airfield. Fliegergruppe Traunstein Airfield Webcam availability.php?station=EDPK
EDPT Receiver located at Gerstetten airfield. FSV Gerstetten Webcam availability.php?station=EDPT
EDQD Receiver located at Bayreuth Airfield (EDQD), antenna selfmade collinear availability.php?station=EDQD Gero
EDQE Receiver on tower EDQE availability.php?station=EDQE Marcus
EDQO Receiver located at Ottengrüner-Heide airfield, Helmbrechts. Segelflugzentrum Ottengrüner Heide e.V. Airfield availability.php?station=EDQO
EDQW Receiver located at Weiden airfield No pictures yet availability.php?station=EDQW EDQWmgr
EDQX Receiver on tower, DVTB antenna availability.php?station=EDQX Sebastian
EDRA Receiver located at airfield EDRA: "chinese" fibre-glas collinear 9dB antenna; LNA4ALL + SAW Filter (FLARM 868 Mhz) from 9A4QV; NooELec NESDR Mini 2+ 0,5PPM TCXO USB RTL-SDR Receiver; Cubieboard 2. availability.php?station=EDRA Dirk
EDRG Receiver located at airfield EDRG, Raspberry Pi 2, 9dB antenna (in construction), tested as EDRS-Test and BonnTest availability.php?station=EDRG kerel
EDRS Receiver at airfield Domberg, Bad Sobernheim. Location: FSV Sobernheim Tower EDRS CAM2 CAM1 availability.php?station=EDRS edrs
EDRV Receiver located at airfield Wershofen/Eifel: 9dB collinear antenna; Terra AB010;Kathrein LCD 111; RTL-SDR V3 Dongle; Raspberry Pi3 Webcam availability.php?station=EDRV EDRV
EDSG Receiver located at EDSG, "chinese" 9dB collinear antenna, Raspberry Pi3b, TV28Tv2 stick Airfield Webcam availability.php?station=EDSG FabiB
EDSP Receiver located at airfield EDSP, Raspberry Pi 2, Whitelist-Filtering enabled, no proper antanna yet - still testing availability.php?station=EDSP FSV Herrenberg e.V.
EDSR Radolfzell-Stahringen airfield. Flugsportvereinigung Radolfzell Airfield Webcam availability.php?station=EDSR
EDSV Wächtersberg glider airfield. Flugsportvereinigung Wächtersberg Webcam Webcam2 availability.php?station=EDSV
EDTD Receiver located at Donaueschingen-Villingen airport Webcam availability.php?station=EDTD
EDTE Receiver located at Eutingen airfield EDTE. FSV Rottenburg-Horb-Eutingen Webcam availability.php?station=EDTE Rich
EDTM Receiver located @ EDTM Mengen airfield - RPi3B Chinese Antenna Webcam availability.php?station=EDTM Stefan
EDTN Receiver located at airfield EDTN, antenna selfmade collinear fibre-glass availability.php?station=EDTN
EDTQ Receiver located at airfield EDTQ, antenna selfmade availability.php?station=EDTQ
EDTW Receiver located on the airfiled EDTW, Raspi B+ with NooElec TV28T v2 DVB-T receiver and "chinese" fibre-glass 9dB collinear antenna availability.php?station=EDTW Martin
EDTY Receiver located at airfield EDTY, antenna selfmade availability.php?station=EDTY Sven
EDVC Raspi B and RTL2832u stick with Chinese Colinear 9db antenna availability.php?station=EDVC Bernd
EDVE Banana Pi - RTL-Stick - Diapason AA 868 - Aero Club Braunschweig - will become active by the end of March availability.php?station=EDVE DooMMasteR
EDVH Raspberry Pi with a Salcar Top SDR USB DVB-T Receiver located in Hodenhagen. availability.php?station=EDVH Robert
EDVM Receiver located at airfield EDVM - openSUSE Server with SDR USB DVB-T Receiver and Kathrein K7021621 Antenna Antenna availability.php?station=EDVM Helmut
EDVR Receiver located at airfiled Rinteln (EDVR), Raspberry Pi 2, DVB-T Receiver, Chinese Colinear Antenna 9db. availability.php?station=EDVR Stefan
EDWJ Receiver located at airfield Juist (EDWJ), antenna selfmade collinear availability.php?station=EDWJ Gero
EDWN Receiver located at airfiled Nordhorn-Lingen (EDWN), Raspberry Pi 2, DVB-T Receiver, currently default antenna availability.php?station=EDWN Stefan
EDXF Receiver located at 3 km~ of Flensburg Schäferhaus airfield. Luftsportverein Flensburg e.V. Webcam availability.php?station=EDXF
Eisberg glider airfield availability.php?station=Eisberg Joachim Schwenk
Emmerich Emmerich-Palmersward glider airfield. Flugsportverein Emmerich-Rees availability.php?station=Emmerich
Erbendorf Erbendorf Schweißlohe airfield. Segelflugverein Grafenwöhr 1930 Airfield availability.php?station=Erbendorf
ETOI Vilseck, at 3.5 km of Vilseck military airfield Airfield availability.php?station=ETOI
Farrenb3 Receiver located at glider airfield Farrenberg availability.php?station=Farrenb3 Jonas Krautter
GAMD Receiver located at glider-airfield Gammelsdorf, antenna Jetvision Active Diapason availability.php?station=GAMD Felix
Geratshof Receiver located at glider-airfield Geratshof, antenna Chinese Colinear 9db antenna availability.php?station=Geratshof Peter
HeLi Hessisch Lichtenau glider airfield. Luftsportverein Hessisch Lichtenau availability.php?station=HeLi
HELLENHG Hellenhagen glider airfield. Flugsportclub e.V. Hannover availability.php?station=HELLENHG Frank
Hellingst Hellingst glider airfield. Luftfahrtverein Unterweser e.V. Airfield availability.php?station=Hellingst
Hengsen Receiver located at Hengsen-Opherdicke airfield, still with DVB-T antenna, will be replaced soon availability.php?station=HENGSEN Thomas
Hersbruck Hersbruck glider airfield. RPi2 and DVB-T Stick with selfmade colinear antenna availability.php?station=Hersbruck Stefan
Hornberg Hornberg airfield, Fliegergruppe Schwäbisch Gmünd Airfield Webcam availability.php?station=Hornberg
HoyaFlpl Hoya airfield, Segelflugverein Hoya von 1931. Raspberry Pi with a collinear antenna availability.php?station=HoyaFlpl Manfred
Iserlohn Receiver located at Iserlohn-Sümmern, antenna selfmade collinear availability.php?station=iserlohn
KIKD Test Receiver located at Pruem - RPi2 and DVB-T Stick+antenna availability.php?station=KIKD
Klippenec Receiver located at DB0KLI amateur radio repeater, on glider-airfield Klippeneck availability.php?station=Klippenec
Koenigsdf Receiver located at glider-airfield Königsdorf, 9db antenna with Odroid C1, Terra AB011 amplifier and dongle v3 with software switched bias tee webcamSE webcamSW Spectrogram availability.php?station=Koenigsdf OGNKDF
Langenfld Receiver located at Langenfeld - RPi and Chineeseantenna availability.php?station=Langenfld Hans
Leibertng Fluggemeinschaft Leibertingen availability.php?station=Leibertng ADMIN
Lobberich Receiver located in Nettetal-Lobberich. Vicinity of EDLF and Venlo airfield. RPI 2 and China-Antenna. Webcam of EDLF. My Blog: Verflogen Webcam1 Webcam2 Webcam3 Webcam4 availability.php?station=Lobberich HeikoXO
Loechgau Receiver located at glider airfield Loechgau - antenna selfmade collinear availability.php?station=Loechgau Holger
LuDa Receiver located at glider-airfield Ludwigshafen-Dannstadt, antenna 868MHz Chinese Colinear LuDa_Testside 1 LuDa_Testside 2 LuDa_Testside 3 LuDa_Testside 4 Webcam availability.php?station=LuDa Domlott
LuDaN Receiver located 10 km North of Ludwigshafen-Dannstadt, Antenna 868MHz Chinese Colinear 14dBi, LN4ALL cavity filter and amplifier, RTL-SDR v3, RPi3, Antenna on rooftop of house. availability.php?station=LuDaN Marcel
Markdorf Markdorf airfield. Segelfluggelände Markdorf Airfield availability.php?station=Markdorf
Meiersbrg Meiersberg Glider Airfield availability.php?station=Meiersbrg Eberhard
Monchshei Receiver located at Mönchsheide airfield, RPi3 with DVBT stick and mini antenna availability.php?station=Monchshei David
Montabaur Receiver located at Montabaur glider-airfield, RPi3, 9dbi China antenna, Terra AB010 preamp, Kathrein LCD111 coax cabling, currently NO FLARM filter by Adam, RTL-SDR dongle, TZU 15-02 crossover Antenna availability.php?station=Montabaur Emre Günes
Muhlacker Mühlacker, at 1.5 km of Hangensteinerhof glider airflield. Flugsportclub Mühlacker und Umgebung Airfield availability.php?station=Muhlacker
Musbach Receiver located at glider-airfield Musbach, antenna Chinese Colinear 9db outdoor installation RPi2 + DVB-T stick availability.php?station=Musbach Axel Reich
Neuruppin Segelfluggelände Neuruppin, Raspberry Pi 3B, RTL2838 DVB-T 0,5 PPM, Chinese 9dB Colinear Antenna Webcam Antenna availability.php?station=Neuruppin Eggert Ehmke
Nidda Nidda auf dem Helmsberg glider airfield. Fliegersportklub Nidda e. V. availability.php?station=Nidda
OHAUSEN Receiver located on airfield Oppershausen, Raspberry Pi 3, RTL2832U+R820T DVB-T USB-Stick and a small tv-antenna will be permanently available soon (i hope) availability.php?station=OHAUSEN Chris
Ohlstadt Ohlstadt glider airfield. Segelflugzentrum Ohlstadt Airfield Webcam1 Webcam2 availability.php?station=Ohlstadt
Paterzell Receiver at Paterzell airfield. Thinkpad X200 with RTL-SDR stick, Uputronics SAW filtered LNA and Chinese 9db antenna. availability.php?station=Paterzell Sven
Pohlheim Receiver located on SGS Pohlheim availability.php?station=Pohlheim Rodrigo
Poris Raspberry Pi2 with Chinese antenna on the roof. Terra AB010 amplifier, Kathrein LCD111 Cable, SAW Filter from Adam 9A4QV. availability.php?station=Poris Alex
Strass1 Receiver located at Straßham. UL airfield availability.php?station=Strass1 Sepp
Tarmstedt Raspberry Pi, RTL2832u , 9 dB chinese antenna availability.php?station=Tarmstedt Tim
Teck Fliegergruppe Dettingen unter Teck e.V. Airfield Webcam1 Webcam2 availability.php?station=Teck Andreas
Tirschenr Receiver located at glider-airfield Tirschenreuth, antenna tooth-stick from DVB-T stick availability.php?station=Tirschenr
UWoessen Receiver located at Unterwössen airfield. Segelfluggruppe Siemens München e.V. Runway availability.php?station=UWoessen
UWoessen2 Receiver located at Unterwössen village, near the airfield. availability.php?station=UWoessen2
UWoessen3 Receiver located at Unterwössen airfield. Segelfluggruppe Siemens München e.V. availability.php?station=UWoessen3
Vielbrunn RPi B+ with Salcar DVB-T-Stick and 12-element collinear DIY-antenna availability.php?station=Vielbrunn 9Y
other locations
Aarbergen Another receiver in Aarbergen. availability.php?station=Aarbergen
Aarbgn1 RPi 1 + RTLSDR.COM Stick Location Aarbergen/RTK. availability.php?station=Aarbgn1 Thomas
AFezer Receiver located at Heiningen, ~43 km south east Backnang-Heiningen (EDSH). availability.php?station=AFezer
Ahaus Receiver located at Ahaus. availability.php?station=Ahaus Christian
Anwalting Receiver located at Anwalting. availability.php?station=Anwalting DaM
Aue2 Raspberry 2 + DVB-T 11.5 km west from Glider-airfield Aue (see also Airfield Aue above) availability.php?station=Aue2 Nixe
Arber Receiver located on top of mountain Arber at ham radio station DB0ARB. availability.php?station=BadBad OGNKDF
BadBad Receiver located at Baden-Baden on a hill, near the airfiled. Aero-Club Baden-Baden e.V. Airfield availability.php?station=BadBad
Bergheim Test Phase availability.php?station=Bergheim Martin
Berglen Receiver located at Berglen availability.php?station=Berglen
Berlin Receiver located in the south of Berlin. availability.php?station=Berlin OGNKDF
Bielefeld Receiver located at Bielefeld, about 10 km north of the airfield (EDLI). availability.php?station=Bielefeld
Bocholt Bocholt, run recOGNice software availability.php?station=Bocholt
Bocholt01 Raspberry Pi 2 with DVB-T receiver, LNA but long coax cable availability.php?station=Bocholt01 Lukas
Bockhorn Raspberry Pi 2 with DVB-T receiver availability.php?station=Bockhorn
Conitec Receiver located at Dieburg. At Conitec GmbH office availability.php?station=Conitec
DDHbf Rasperry Pi 2 with DVB-T receiver near Mainstation, only flarm data from east, we install a better antenna availability.php?station=DDHbf
Deblinghs Deblinghausen, Steyerberg availability.php?station=Deblinghs
DEboetzow Rasperry Pi with DVB-T receiver in NW of Berlin availability.php?station=DEboetzow Ralle
Drenstein Drensteinfurt availability.php?station=Drenstein
Dresden Rasperry Pi 2 availability.php?station=Dresden
EDDHEast Receiver under test located near Hamburg. Active Flarm antenna under test availability.php?station=EDDHEast Andy
erlangen Testinstallation mit Raspberry Pi B+ und DVBT-Antenne availability.php?station=erlangen mopmop
Esperke Test setup with Raspi B and RTL2832u stick availability.php?station=Esperke Bernd
Euskirche Euskirchen, at ~8 km south of Weilerswist UL airfield availability.php?station=Euskirche
FFB Fürstenfeldbruck, between Jesenwang and Dachau airfields. availability.php?station=FFB
Fildstdt Receiver located at Filderstadt, close to Stuttgart airport availability.php?station=Fildstdt
GAR74 Testinstallation availability.php?station=GAR74 Ulli
Gladbeck Receiver located in Galdbeck NRW, Testing:Raspberry with DVB-T receiver availability.php?station=Gladbeck Johannes
Goch Testing Raspberry with DVB-T receiver availability.php?station=Goch Darian
GochESP recOGNice software. See Goch availability.php?station=GochESP
Guenzburg New availability.php?station=Guenzburg Kevin
Gultling Receiver is located in Gültlingen near Deckenpfronn availability.php?station=Gultling Nigel
HamburgSE Receiver located near Hamburg. availability.php?station=HamburgSE
HammNRW Receiver located west of Hamm/Westfalen in NRW, antenna factory toothpick availability.php?station=HammNRW Michael
Heilbronn Receiver RTL-SDR Dongle with selfmade coaxial colinear antenna and Pi2 availability.php?station=Heilbronn Roland
Herrenber Raspberry Pi1 with dvb-t stick. availability.php?station=Herrenber Thomas
HertenNRW Receiver located north/west of Herten in NRW, antenna selfmade collinear availability.php?station=HertenNRW Gero
HochschDA Receiver located at Hochschule Darmstadt RasPi2+ 4 * 7el Yagi looking SW + 6 chamber cavity resonator bandpass filter +0.8dB ultra low noise amp on top of a 100m tower building Antennas Filter Bandwidth availability.php?station=HochschDA Klaus
Hof1 Receiver located at Hof availability.php?station=Hof1
HOLTUMDS Raspberry Pi2 with DVBT Stick an Chinese Antenna at a 117m Wind Turbine near EDWV, 28283 Verden (Aller) availability.php?station=HOLTUMDS Daniel Schmitz
IBB OGN receiver located near Ibbenbüren. Banana pro; RTL-SDR R820T2 tuner; Wimo 868 MHz omni antenna Antenna availability.php?station=IBB Ulrich
IBBe OGN receiver located near Ibbenbüren. Banana pro; RTL-SDR R820T2 tuner; test 1/4 wave antenna availability.php?station=IBBe Alfons
IDD Test installation. RPi with DVB-T stick. Location: South of Braunschweig availability.php?station=IDD Bjoern
Ihrlerstein Receiver located in Ihrlerstein; Chinese Antenna, Terra AB010 Pre-amp, Raspberry 1 availability.php?station=Ihrlerst Dominic
Ihringen Located in Ihringen availability.php?station=Ihringen Luca
Ingostadt Receiver located in Ingolstadt; Chinese Antenna, Terra AB010 Pre-amp, Odroid C1 availability.php?station=Ingostadt Dominic
Kalkar Testinstallation with a remote feeded active antenna availability.php?station=Kalkar Ulli
KalkarESP recOGNice software. See Kalkar availability.php?station=KalkarESP
Kamen Receiver located Airfield of Kamen-Heeren /Westfalen in NRW, antenna 9db chinese collinear availability.php?station=Kamen Detlev
Karlsruhe Test installation. RPi with DVB-T stick. Receiver located at south front of my home in center of Karlsruhe. Until Sptember 3rd with toothpick antenna, since then with 9db chinese collinear. toothpick collinear availability.php?station=Karlsruhe Harald
Konstanz Private Installation availability.php?station=Konstanz WAUKN
KOOS2 Test Receiver located at Koosbuesch - RPi2 and DVB-T Stick+antenna availability.php?station=KOOS2
Laim Laim, near Munich availability.php?station=Laim
Mainz3 RPi 2B + RTLSDR.COM Stick + Uputronics SAW filtered LNA + chinese collinear antenna. availability.php?station=Mainz3 Wolfram
Miesbach Odroid XU4, RTL2832/R820T USB-Stick, homemade 12 element colinear antenna availability.php?station=Miesbach Alex
Moehnesee Möhnesee, at ~10 km of Oeventrop Ruhrwiesen airfield. availability.php?station=Moehnesee
Moosburg Moosburg an der Isar, at 1 km of the airfield. Fliegerclub Moosburg Airfield Webcam availability.php?station=Moosburg
MosbachDH Receiver located at DHBW Mosbach, using RPiB+ and DVB-T availability.php?station=MosbachDH Juergen Eckert
MuelheimR Receiver located south/west of Muelheim Ruhr, antenna selfmade collinear availability.php?station=MuelheimR Gero
OFFENBG Offenburg, at 2.5 km of Offenburg-Baden airfield (EDTO). Fliegergruppe Offenburg Airfield availability.php?station=OFFENBG
OMB Raspberry Pi 2 with diapason-antenna in Obermichelbach, 10km W of EDDN availability.php?station=OMB netbees
Ottobrunn Ottobrunn availability.php?station=Ottobrunn
Paderborn Receiver located near to EDLR, using RPI3, Chinese colinear antenna and Uputronics Filtered Preamp availability.php?station=Paderborn Daniel
Reggliswe Regglisweiler, Dietenheim availability.php?station=Reggliswe
RheinauDE Receiver at the west side of the Black Forest. Running on old BeagleBoard and temporarily on the small DVB-T dongle aerial. Due to low CPU power it is decoding packets on the lower FLARM frequency only availability.php?station=RheinauDE Yves
Rielasing Private installation - antenna Chinese Colinear 9db indoor installation RPi3 + DVB-T stick availability.php?station=RIELASING Ebi
RoeHm test installation Pi2+DVB-T+chinese outdoor antenna availability.php?station=RoeHm Genschman
Rottenbg1 Receiver located at Rottenburg am Neckar availability.php?station=Rottenbg1
SanktAug1 Pi3+DVB-T (RTL2832 + R820T) and chinese 9dB antenna availability.php?station=SanktAug1 Marcel
Sassenb Sassenberg. availability.php?station=Sassenb
Schauinsl Receiver located at DB0FRG amateur radio repeater, on top of the Schauinsland mountain near Freiburg availability.php?station=Schauinsl
Skytraxx Located in Titisee-Neustadt availability.php?station=Skytraxx Michael
SRBVOR1 Strausberg Vorstadt, RPi3 with Nooelec small SMA-Port Stick, at 7.5 km of EDAY airfield, located on a balcony in the 3rd floor, standard crap antenna with AB011 Amp. availability.php?station=SRBVOR1 Holger
Stadtlohn description availability.php?station=Stadtlohn christian
Stukenbro Receiver located at Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock. availability.php?station=Stukenbro
SUESSEN Receiver located at Süßen. availability.php?station=SUESSEN
Sykeihgr Raspberry Pi, RTL2832u , 9 dB chinese antenna on rooftop availability.php?station=Sykeihgr Manfred
Tettnang Receiver located at Tettnang, near Bodensee-Airport at Friedrichshafen. See also Dornier Museum availability.php?station=Tettnang
Uedem Uedem, at ~20 km of Wesel-Römerwardt airfield (EDLX). availability.php?station=Uedem
Uetze Uetze. Flugsportclub e.V. Hannover availability.php?station=Uetze Frank
Walbeck Walbeck, at 16 km of Kerken glider airfield. Windmill availability.php?station=Walbeck
Wank Receiver located at DM0GAP amateur radio repeater on top of mountain "Wank" near Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Rx chain: chinese 9dB-Antenna, CBP-840C+ filter from Paul HB9AXA, dongle v2, 20m active USB cable, RPi 2 availability.php?station=Wank OGNKDF
Wemding Rx chain: homemade 4 x 2el Moxon, homemade preselector (like my filter but low insertion loss), LNA4ALL (Adam 9A4QV), homemade filter 868 MHz from copper waterpipe, R820T2 DVB-T, RPi2. Antenna located at window board 9m above ground, window facing south-west towards meteorite crater. availability.php?station=Wemding Marcus
DING Receiver located at Airfield: Der Dingel, Hardware: Raspberry Pi2 with selfmade collinear antenna availability.php?station=DING Frederic
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