List Of Receivers - French
No. APRS name Description Photo Status Contact
LaMotteDC Receiver located at La Motte du Caire Airfield, placed on the Airfield Hangar, Antenna 9dB with Odroïd C1 Panorama Webcam Microbada
LFAD Aérodrome de Compiègne - Margny, Oise. Association Compiegnoise de Vol à Voile. Raspberry Pi en panne. Antenne Huahong 9 dBi en attente de pose. Romain
LFAQ Receiver located at Albert, N of France (Picardie)
LFAS Receiver located at Falaise, N of France (Normandie) Lolo
LFAY Aérodrome d'Amiens-Glisy (Picardie). Aéroclub de Picardie Amiens Métropole Aérodrome Kévin
LFBK Receiver located at Montluçon-Gueret airfield
LFBL Receiver located at Limoges-Bellegarde, on roof of gliders hangar Yves
LFBS Receiver located at Biscarrosse Parentis airfield
LFBU Receiver located at Angoulème airfield
LFCB Receiver located at Bagnères de Luchon Airfield, Raspberry PI2 FFVV, Ant. 9dB Huahong. Not expecting a wide range as located in deep background Luchon valley at club house level Michel SANCHEZ
LFCC CAHORS Lalbenque Airfield TWR, station in working conditions, just waiting for plug in and power on at final location Mathieu LANGER
LFCG Receiver located at Saint-Girons airfield
LFCH Receiver located at Arcachon La Teste airfield
LFCN Receiver located at Nogaro airfield
LFCO Receiver located at Oloron-Hérrère airfield
LFCQ Receiver located at Graulhet airfield
LFCS Receiver located at Bordeaux Saucats airfield
LFCT Receiver located at Thouars airfield
LFCX Récepteur situé sur l'aérodrome de Castelsarrasin - Moissac. Aérodrome Centre de Vol à Voile du Tarn et Garonne
LFDA Receiver located at Aire sur Adour airfield
LFDF Receiver located at Sainte Foy la Grande airfield
LFDH Receiver located at Auch Lamothe airfield
LFDT Receiver located at Tarbes-Labourère airfield
LFDW Récepteur situé sur l'aérodrome de Chauvigny. Aéroclub
LFEG Receiver located at Argenton sur Creuse airfield, temporarily active during summer camp. Philoo
LFEK Receiver located at Issoudun-Fay airfield
LFEL Receiver located at Le Blanc airfield photo1
LFEM Receiver located at Montargis-Vimory airfield photo 1 AVX
LFEZ Receiver located at Nancy Malzeville airfield
LFFB Receiver located at Buno-Bonnevaux airfield
LFFC Receiver located at Chérence airfield
LFFJ Receiver located at Mussey airfield FC
LFFK Receiver located at Fontenay le Comte airfield FC
LFFL Receiver located at Bailleau-Armenonville airfield
LFFW Receiver located at Montaigu - Saint Georges airfield
LFFZ Receiver located at Sézanne - Saint Rémy airfield
LFGA Récepteur au club de vol à voile de Colmar (CICVVA) Loïc
LFGB Récepteur situé sur l'aérodrome de Mulhouse Habsheim. Aéroclub du Haut-Rhin Webcam AC3F Webcam ACHR
LFGC Receiver located at Strasbourg airfield
LFGG Receiver located at Belfort airfield
LFGI Receiver located at Dijon Darois Michel
LFGN Récepteur situé sur l'Aérodrome de la Forêt, à Paray-le-Monia. Centre de Vol à Voile de Saône
LFGO Receiver located at Pont sur Yonne airfield
LFGP Receiver located at Saint Florentin airfield
LFGT Receiver located at Sarrebourg airfield
LFGU Receiver located at Sarreguemines LJ
LFHA Receiver located at Issoire airfield
LFHD Receiver located at Pierrelatte airfield
LFHE Receiver located at Romans airfield
LFHI Receiver located at Morestel airfield Fabrice
LFHJ Receiver located at Lyon-Corbas airfield Bruno
LFHO Receiver located at Aubenas airfield
LFHP Receiver located at Le Puy en Velay airfield
LFHS Receiver located at Bourg en Bresse airfield
LFHV Receiver located at Villefranche gliding club FC
LFHY Receiver located at Moulins airfield David
LFID Receiver located at Condom airfield LSG
LFIL Receiver located at Rion des Landes airfield
LFIM Receiver located at Saint Gaudens airfield
LFIT Receiver located at Toulouse Bourg St Bernard airfield Antenna
LFIX Receiver located at Itxassou airfield
LFJF Receiver located at Aubenasson Bart
LFJR Receiver located at Angers-Marcé airfield. F5ANN/F1OPA active diapason antenna +RPi2 + 820T dongle Stand alone LNA, Antennas asvv
LFJS Récepteur en attente d'installation à l'aérodrome de Soissons Courmelles. Terrain Webcam Association Sportive Vélivole Soissonnaise
LFJT Receiver located at Tours- Le Louroux airfield
LFKP Receiver located at La tour du Pin airfield
LFLA Receiver located at Auxerre branches Rafael
LFLE Receiver located at LFLE, Challes-les-Eaux, Savoie, France. The home airfield of CSVVA gliding club webcam WB/Seb/JD/BL3
LFLG Receiver located at Grenoble - Le Versoud airfield Grenoble Vol a Voile
LFLK Receiver located at Oyonnax airfield
LFLO Aérodrome de Roanne. Centre de Vol à Voile Roannais. ODROID, antenne omnidirectionnelle Huahong (gain 9 DBi). Alimentation en panne. Récepteur Dim, Stephane A.
LFLO-1 Aérodrome de Roanne. Centre de Vol à Voile Roannais. ODROID, antenne omnidirectionnelle Huahong (gain 9 DBi) Récepteur Dim, Stephane A.
LFLU Aéroport de Valence - Chabeuil. Valence Planeur
LFMF Receiver located at Fayence-Tourettes airfield Régis
LFMG Receiver located in Montagne Noire Luc
LFMR Receiver located at Barcelonette, SE of France Panorama Seb / Microbada
LFMX Receiver located at Saint Auban airfield Christophe
LFMY Receiver located at Salon de Provence airfield Christophe
LFNA Receiver located at Gap Tallard Airfield, placed on the Airfield Tower, Antenna 9dB with Raspberry B+ Photo, Webcam, Panorama Microbada
LFNB Receiver located at Mende airfield PC
LFNC Receiver located at Mont-Dauphin - Saint-Crépin airfield Installation description, Panorama Seb / Microbada
LFNE Receiver located at Salon-Eyguières airfield
LFNF Receiver located at Vinon sur Verdon airfield Philippe
LFNH Receiver located at Carpentras airfield
LFNJ Receiver located at Aspres
LFNL Receiver located at Saint Martin de Londres/Pic St Loup gliding club, N of Montpellier, S of France PC
LFNO Receiver located at Florac Sainte Enimie
LFNQ Receiver now in place at LFNQ Airfield 1700 m QNH ODROID C1 / Ubuntu 14.4.2 Housing Spare station HNS - F4GZJ
LFNS Receiver located at Sisteron airfield Panorama Christophe Microbada
LFNT Receiver located at LFNT Avignon-Pujaut airfield and maintained by Les Planeurs d'Avignon-Pujaut Airfield Antenna svoop
LFNW Puivert Tgouzy
LFNZ Romanin-Saint Remy les Alpilles airfield, Odroid-C1 8Gb eMMC, 9dBi antenna
LFOD Receiver located at Saumur airfield
LFOI Receiver located at Abbeville, N of France Fred
LFOP Receiver offline for undetermined period Rimaroc
LFOR Receiver located at Chartres, France. Pierre
LFOU Receiver located at Cholet airfield
LFOV Receiver located at LFOV, Laval, France. Installation scheduled. Seb / Michel L.
LFOW Receiver located at LFOW, Fontaine-les-Clercs, France. Installation scheduled. Nicolas VDP
LFOY Receiver located at LFOY (Le Havre - Saint Romain) / Aéro Club de l'Estuaire de la Seine, N of France (Normandie) Philoo
LFOZ Receiver located at LFOZ (Orléans - Saint Denis de l'Hôtel)
LFPF Situé sur l'aérodrome de Beynes Thiverval du Centre Aéronautique de Beynes Terrain Aéroclub Webcam Contact
LFPK Receiver located at LFPK, Coulommiers - Voisins, Seine-et-Marne - Ile de France, France. In the clubhouse club gliding AACM photo1 Thibaut
LFPU Receiver located at Moret-Episy airfield
LFPZ Receiver located at Saint-Cyr l'Ecole, W of Paris, France. JPF
LFQA Receiver located at Reims airfield
LFQB Receiver located at Troyes Barberey france in the clubhouse of gliding club Troyes Aube xavier
LFQJ Receiver located at Maubeuge/Elesmes airfield. RPi B with Chinese antenna. Seb / Guillaume D.
LFQK Receiver located at Châlons-en-champagne airfield
LFQO Receiver located at Lille-Marcq airfield. RPi B with 9 dB Chinese antenna. DanyD
LFRI Receiver located at La-Roche-sur-Yon airfield
LFRM Receiver located at Le Mans airfield
LFRP Receiver located at Ploërmel-Loyat airfield in Brittany Jacques
LFSE Récepteur situé à l'aérodrome d'Épinal Dogneville. Aéro-Club Vosgien Webcam
LFSH Receiver located at Haguenau airfield Vincent
LFSJ Receiver located at Douzy airfield
LFSS Receiver at the St Sulpice des Landes airfield, located 40km South of Rennes photo Benoît
LFSU Receiver located at Langres airfield
LFSV Receiver located at Pont Saint Vincent airfield
LFTM Receiver located at Serres La Bâtie airfield
LFTP Receiver located at Puimoisson airfield
LFXB Récepteur situé sur l'aérodrome de Saintes Thénac. Les planeurs de Saintonge
LFYG Receiver located at Cambrai airfield
LFYR Receiver located at Romorantin airfield Installation description Seb
HPoche Receiver located at Planeur Léman Mont Blanc (PLMB) in Habere Poche Guilhem Preti
other locations
AIGLEMONT Récepteur situé à Aiglemont au Nord de Charleville-Mézières dans les Ardennes. Rapsberry Pi et RTL SDR sur une antenne discone. Jean-Philippe
AireVille Experimental receiver located at Aire sur l'Adour (city) (SO of France). Pi 2 + home made collinear Jp
Albertvil Receiver located at Gilly/Isère, Savoie, France. Very close to Albertville. Ant. View1 view2 view3 jeando
Anglet Receiver located at Anglet, France SW
Annecy Receiver located close to Annecy city, Haute-Savoie, France. Wifi connection (a bit unstable) Seb
Annecy2 Récepteur situé à Meythet (près du SDIS74 et de la gendarmerie). Proche de l'aérodrome Annecy Meythet (LFLP)
AVIGNON Receiver under test in Avignon, France. Roland
Beaumont Récepteur situé à Esparsac, près de Beaumont-de-Lomagne, à environ 30 km de l'aérodrome de Castelsarrasin - Moissac.
BdAmont Récepteur en test à Bois d'Amont, Jura (39). Déplacé à Eternoz, Doubs (25) Rapsberry Pi 3 ou Virtual Box Debian sous macOS, et antenne colinéaire DIY Pyrog
exireuil Récepteur situé à Exireuil, à 2,5 km de l'ENSA, Saint-Maixent-l'École
BoscGuera 8 elements coaxial colinnear antenna under my roof near Rouen Normandy sous_mon_toit Rimaroc
Bram home to test for Puivert Tgouzy
Carca Receiver located near Carcassone, S-W France. Seb
cerizay Récepteur situé à Cerizay.
CEEMA Receiver located at CEEMA (Centre d’Études et d'Essais pour Modèles Autonomes) an UAV and Glider test center near Pourrières, France Benoit
Cluses Receiver hosted in Cluses, France Seb
DIJON Station experimentale a Dijon, France Michel
Eternoz Récepteur en test à Éternoz, Doubs (25). Anciennement à Bois d'Amont, Jura (39). Rapsberry Pi 3 ou Virtual Box Debian sous macOS, et antenne colinéaire DIY Pyrog
FLERS Receiver located at Flers, N of France (Basse-Normandie, Orne) Florian
GapSW Receiver located in Pellautier, very close to GAP city, France. Raspberry Pi 2 B /contact Microbada
Grenoble Receiver located in the montains, very close to Grenoble, France. BL3
IaagHaz Récepteur situé à l'Institut Aéronautique Amaury de la Grange, près du Canal d'Hazebrouck. Il se trouve à 10 km~ de l'aérodrome de Merville Calonne (LFQT). Club de Vol à Voile Flandres Artois Michael
manu mobile station receiver : network with a 3G access point WIFI from a mobile phone, power supply from a car booster, charging with solar panels. mounting in 5 minutes and quickly operational. modular : solar panels are optional and the fully charged battery can power up the system for 2 to 3 days. photos manu
mobilecar mobile station receiver on caravan mobilecar
MotServlx Receiver located at La Motte Servolex, Savoie, France. Very close to Chambery. Antenna View Webcam jeando
Labege Experimental receiver located at Labège (SE of Toulouse, France). Pi 2 + home made collinear Jp
Lachens Receiver located at Lachens Mountain summit (1715m), Var, France. Photo1 Photo2 Fayence
Lagardel Experimental receiver located at Lagardelle sur Leze (South city Toulouse, France). ODROID C1 Ubuntu 14.4.3 HNS - F4GZJ
Canohes Receiver located at Canohes village close LFMP PERPIGNAN AIRPORT RASPBERRY PI2 HNS - F4GZJ
RocAude Station located on Roc d'Aude summit 2400 m QNH Pyrénées Catalane ski station Les Angles RASPBERY Pi 2 WebCam HNS - F4GZJ
LASSERRE Experimental receiver located at Lasserre (South city Toulouse, France). Pi avec ampli uhf +20db LSG
LaTapie receiver located at La romieu (Nord est de CONDOM LFID, France). Pi LSG
LeNoiray Receiver located in Noiray, Savoie, France. Very frequently used gliding routes above. Antenna NNW view SW view jeando
LesCrots Receiver located near outlanding aera of "Les Crots" Microbada
Loches Receiver located at La Ragotterie home, indre et loire, France. homemade 8 elements coaxial colinnear antenna, DVB-T dongle USB and Raspberry Pi B+ photo1 François.D
Nancy Receiver located in Nancy, France Pierre
PasdeJaux Receiver located at Viala du Pas de Jaux, S of France Larzac PC
Pau Receiver located in the city of Pau (SO France). Pi 2 + home made collinear Jp
Poubeau Receiver located at Poubeau
Saleve Receiver located at the summit of Saleve, a mountain in Geneva area, from where we've got a beautiful 360 view on the the Alps (S-E) and Jura (N-W). There are very busy gliding routes in this part of the Alps. Tech. spec: Cubieboard2 with "big" DVB-T dongle. Chinese collinear 9dB antenna. Initially equiped with 25m of thick RG-232 coax cable, later changed to PoE solution (coax not needed anymore). This installation is made possible thanks to the courtesy of the Centre Genève Vol Libre Receiver CubieBoard RTL2832U WIFI antena WIFI 2 Photos webcam WB
Saumur Receiver under test located near Saumur, France. Active Flarm antenna. Down for all since august 2016. Antenna,Detail François / F5ANN
SerreChe Receiver located on telecabin-summit of SerreChevalier Skiressort (2355m), RPi B+ Panorama Photo Seb / Microbada
SerreCheN Receiver located on SerreChevalier Skiressort Grand Serre, RPi 2 Receiver Aerial view Seb / Microbada
SPAlbigny Receiver located at Saint-Pierre d'Albigny, Savoie, France. Seb / Lionel V.
FontRom Check in progress for Ski Station FONT-ROMEU / ODROID C1 Ubuntu 14.4.3 / HuaHong Antenna waiting agreement for final installation HNS - F4GZJ
TALLENAY Receiver located at Tallenay very close airfields of Besançon LFSA and LFQM
THOLONET Receiver located at le Tholonet Irving
UrySud Receiver located near Ury, France RPi2 + DVB-T stick + Active Diapason AA 868 MHz antenna, outdoor installation alain
Victoire Receiver located near Aix en Provence, France. Yves / F6EPT
Voiron Receiver located at Voiron (NW of Grenoble, France). Good view of west of Chartreuse and Vercors Seb / BDT
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