List Of Receivers Dutch
No. APRS name Description Photo Status Contact
ALKMAAR temp test live @Alkmaar 20190730 availability.php?station=ALKMAAR Frank Post
Apeldrn1 Test Orange-pi-PC with different receivers/antenna's availability.php?station=apeldrn2 Rob B.
Apeldrn2 Test Orange-pi-zero with different receivers/antenna's availability.php?station=apeldrn2 Rob B.
Apeldoorn RBP B,RTLSDR V3 availability.php?station=Apeldoorn Rob B.
ApeldrnN availability.php?station=ApeldrnN ognveendam
Assen Placed at my home. With 9dB antenna. photo availability.php?station=Assen Peter Schellenberg
Baarn availability.php?station=Baarn Ronald de Vries
BHstede1 VMZ station Burgh-Haamstede, using a Raspberry Pi2 and a 16 elements collinear antenna photo availability.php?station=BHstede1 Peter Strayer
BOZ RaspberryPi 2B with 6 element homemade collinear antenna. availability.php?station=BOZ Johan
BredaEast Raspberry Pi & RTL-SDR R820T2 RTL2832U & Active Diapason AA 868 Antenna from Jetvision mounted on rooftop at my home. photo availability.php?station=BredaEast Eric Kramers
CASTRICUM @EZZC Castricum temp with pigtail availability.php?station=CASTRICUM Frank Post
DelftVHL RPi & RTL2838, no special antenna. Don't expect much range but I'll try to keep it online. availability.php?station=DelftVHL
DeVoorst Raspberry Pi 2 & 9dB collinear, located at De Voorst glidersite / Zweefvliegclub Noordoostpolder. availability.php?station=DeVoorst Jos Minnema
EHGR Placed at GLC ILlustrious Gliding Club Clubhouse. In a 10 meter high mast together with an ADSB antenna. With an AirCell 7 10meter fed 9dB antenna towards rPi-B + RTL2832U & R820T Tuner Photo, Radar availability.php?station=EHGR Frank Schellenberg
EHGRmob RaspberryPi B+ - RTL2832U & R820T Tuner - 9dB antenna - Huawei r201 MiFi (fw. v4.9) on Bliep/T-Mobile Network. Placed at GLC Illustrious Gliding Club on the Launch Site. Connected via 3G and only online when we fly, mainly to capture some low altitude blind spots of the EHGR receiver. availability.php?station=EHGRmob Frank Schellenberg
EHHO BananaPi & 9dB collinear, located at EHHO airfield / Vliegclub Hoogeveen. availability.php?station=EHHO Peter Kroon
EHHV availability.php?station=EHHV Stanislaw Pusep
EHMZ Zeeland Airport at Arnemuiden. Zeeland Zweefland Webcam availability.php?station=EHMZ
EHSB RaspberryPi 4 with a 14db Chinese antenna 20 meters up. The signal is send through a pre-amp and a SAW filter before being processed in the RTL2832U & R820T tuner availability.php?station=EHSB Ron Buschgens
EHTE Placed at Teuge Airport. 9dB antenna towards rPi-B + RTL2832U & R820T Tuner availability.php?station=EHTE Tristan Smits
EHTL Placed at Terlet Airport; Clubhouse Gelderse Zweefvliegclub. 9dB antenna towards rPi-2B + RTL2832U & R820T Tuner availability.php?station=EHTL Johan
EHTLBEL Flarm ontvanger, antenne mast Thermiekbel availability.php?station=EHTLBEL Jens
EHTW Located at Twente Airport (EHTW) at the TZC club house (Twente Gliding Club). Uses the 'Chinese' collinear antenna in combination with a Uputronics 868Mhz Filtered Preamp, a R820T2 receiver and Raspberry Pi 3. availability.php?station=EHTW Joost H
EHWO RaspberryPi 2B with 9 db Chinese antenna at the WBAC clubhouse. availability.php?station=EHWO Johan
EZAC With home made 9dB antenna’s from AirCell 7 coax, using an Raspberry 3B+ with 2x RTL2832U & R820T Tuner (Flarm and ADS-B) availability.php?station=EZAC Evert
flevonet2 availability.php?station=flevonet2
GILZETOWN Gear: RPI3+9dB Antenna (temporary indoor), Receiver located near to Gilze-Rijen Air Base / EHGR. PD1PME at QRZ availability.php?station=GILZETOWN Paul / PD1PME
Gorinchem Raspberry Pi at my home. Also used for my solarsystem, so it is a busy box. 9 db antenna mounted on rooftop, connected with 3 meter Aircell 7 cable to RTL2832U & R820T Tuner. photo availability.php?station=Gorinchem Ron Stevens
GronPW RaspberryPi & 9dB Chinese collinear, located at my home. availability.php?station=GronPW Peter Kroon
HHWaard Heerhugowaard. Raspberry Pi @my home Active Diapason AA 868 Antenna from Jetvision. availability.php?station=HHWaard Frank Post
Heikant Raspberry 3B+ with M0UKD 'Slim Jim' indoor antenna availability.php?station=Heikant Paul
Malden availability.php?station=Malden
MaldenAP availability.php?station=MaldenAP
Mook Raspberry Pi & 9dB Chinese collinear, located at my home. availability.php?station=Mook Bart Konings
Nistelr Raspberry PI & 9db Antenne Placed at rooftop of hangar Aeroclub Nistelrode Antenna availability.php?station=Nistelr Christ van der Weide
NL6777 Antenna 868MHz Chinese Colinear 14dBi, Uputronics 868 Mhz Filter & Preamp, RTL-SDR v3, RPi3. /NL6777 at QRZCQ photo photo availability.php?station=NL6777 Eric - NL6777
NL11673 Raspberry Pi & RTL-SDR R820T2 RTL2832U & Active Diapason AA 868 Antenna from Jetvision mounted on rooftop at my home. /NL11673 at QRZCQ photo availability.php?station=NL11673 Jacco de Jong
Noordkop live @ Zweefvliegcentrum Noordkop 01092018 Webcam, Photo availability.php?station=Noordkop Frank Post
Salland RPi3 at Aero Club Salland airfield. 9dB antenna fixed to the clubhouse. availability.php?station=Salland Peter Schellenberg
Schimmert availability.php?station=Schimmert Paul Goossens
Soesterb1 availability.php?station=Soesterb1
Veendam Noord Nederlandse Zweefvlieg Club Placed at rooftop of hangar. Webcam availability.php?station=Veendam Tiemen Fiat
Vlissing1 Vliegclub Midden Zeeland receiver Vlissingen, using a Raspberry Pi3+ and with 9db Antenne availability.php?station=Vlissing1 Jeroen Muurling
ZCflevo Homemade co-co antenna at Biddinghuizen glidersite availability.php?station=ZCflevo David
TESTEHTE TESTEHTE test temp 18-09-2020 availability.php?station=ESTEHTE Frank Post
ZwolleN RPi3 at my home with a diy 868 MHz antenna and a Filter/Preamp availability.php?station=ZwolleN Antoine Megens
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