List Of Receivers Austrian

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No. APRS name Description Photo Status Contact
LOAA Receiver located at the airfield Ottenschlag. LOAA Union Segelflieger Webcam availability.php?station=LOAA EMail
LOAB Receiver located at the airfield Dobersberg. Union-Fliegergruppe Waldviertel Webcam availability.php?station=LOAB Email
LOAD Receiver located at the airfield Völtendorf. Fliegerclub St.Pölten Webcam availability.php?station=LOAD Gerhard
LOAG Receiver located at the airfield Krems-Gneixendorf. USFC Krems Webcam1 Webcam2 Webcam3 Webcam4 Webcam5 Webcam6 availability.php?station=LOAG Stefan
LOAR Receiver located at next to LOAR. LOAR Fliegergruppe Weinviertel Webcam availability.php?station=LOAR EMail
LOAS Receiver located very close to airfield Spitzerberg. Segelfliegergruppe "Spitzerberg" Webcam availability.php?station=LOAS Christian
LOGO Receiver located at the airfield Niederöblarn. Club Sportunion Niederöblarn Webcam Webcam2 Antenna availability.php?station=LOGO Christoph
LOGT Receiver located at the airfield Timmersdorf. Alpine Sportflieger Club Leoben Timmersdorf Webcam availability.php?station=LOGT
LOIH Receiver located at the Hohenems-Dornbirn airfield. Österreichischer Aero-Club Landesverband Vorarlberg Airfield Webcam1 Webcam2 availability.php?station=LOIH Email
LOIJ Receiver located at the Airfield St.Johann in Tirol. Fliegerclub St.Johann in Tirol Webcam13 Webcam31 availability.php?station=LOIJ Christian Meier
LOIK Receiver located at the Airfield Kufstein. Fliegerclub Kufstein/Langkampfen Webcam 1 Webcam 2 availability.php?station=LOIK Email
LOLE Receiver located at top of Hangar. SMBC Eferding availability.php?station=LOLE Email
LOLH Receiver located at the Airfield HB-Hofkirchen. Flugplatz HB-Hofkirchen Webcam availability.php?station=LOLH Email
LOLK located at the airfield Ried-Kirchheim. Sportfliegerclub Ried Webcam12 Webcam30 availability.php?station=LOLK Erwin R.
LOLO Receiver located at the airfield Linz-Ost. Webcam availability.php?station=LOLO Email
LOWG Receiver located at top of Hangar West, Graz Airport Webcam0 Webcam1 Webcam2 Webcam3 Webcam4 Webcam5 Webcam6 Webcam7 Webcam8 availability.php?station=LOWG Christoph
LOXN Receiver located at Wiener Neustadt West airfield. FPBG Wiener Neustadt Airfield availability.php?station=LOXN FPBG Wr.Neustadt
LOXT Receiver located at Tulln airfield availability.php?station=LOXT
LOSM Receiver located at the airfield Mauterndorf. Alpin Aerosport Austria Webcam1 Webcam2 Webcam2Zoom availability.php?station=LOSM Email
LOAU Receiver located at the airfield Stockerau. Flugsportverein 2000 Stockerau Webcam1 Webcam2 Airfield availability.php?station=LOAU Email
LOGL Receiver located at the airfield Lanzen-Turnau. FSC Turnau Webcam availability.php?station=LOGL Email
LOGM Receiver located at the airfield Mariazell. Segelfliegergruppe Mariazell Webcam availability.php?station=LOGM Email
LOGP Receiver located near the airfield Pinkafeld. Sportfliegerclub Pinkafeld Airfield availability.php?station=LOGP
LOLT Receiver located at the airfield Seitenstetten-Biberbach. Flugunion Seitenstetten-Biberbach Webcam availability.php?station=LOLT EMail
LOKF Receiver located at the airfield Feldkirchen. FSV Feldkirchen Ossiacher See Webcam availability.php?station=LOKF Markus
LOKN Receiver located at the airfield Nötsch. Flugsportverein Nötsch Webcam1 Webcam2 availability.php?station=LOKN Email
LOGI Receiver located at the airfield Trieben. Union Sportfliegerclub Trieben Webcam Airfield availability.php?station=LOGI Email
LOWZ Receiver located at aerodrome Zell am See. Flugplatz Zell am See Webcam1 Webcam2 Webcam3 Airfield availability.php?station=LOWZ Walter Holz
LOGK Receiver located at the airfield Kapfenberg. KSV Motor-Flugsportverein und Motor-Zivilluftfahrerschule Webcam availability.php?station=LOGK Email
other locations
Buerger Receiver located at the Buergeralpe. Segelfliegergruppe Mariazell Webcam availability.php?station=Buerger Email
ESVAmst Receiver located near Waidhofen an der Ybbs. ESV Amstetten Flugsport availability.php?station=ESVAmst EMail
Gerlitzen Receiver located at Gerlitzen. availability.php?station=Gerlitzen EMail
GrEngersd near VOR Deutsch Wagram, Receiver located at Groß Engersdorf. Segelflug Club "Drei Möven" availability.php?station=GrEngersd Harry
Hochwolke Receiver located at Hochwolke. availability.php?station=Hochwolke
HoheWand Receiver located at Hohe Wand. Soaringclub Hohe Wand Webcam availability.php?station=HoheWand Email
IbkKlinik Receiver located at Innsbruck, near the airport availability.php?station=IbkKlinik
Innsbruck Receiver located in the city of Innsbruck. availability.php?station=Innsbruck
IBK01 Receiver located in Innsbruck/Kranebitten availability.php?station=IBK01 Bernhard
Kitzbuehl Receiver located at Kitzbuehel, Steinbergkogel availability.php?station=Kitzbuehl Christian Meier
Lachtal Receiver located near Schönberg Bergstation, Skigebiet Lachtal availability.php?station=Lachtal Christoph
LUKI near Niederoeblarn availability.php?station=LUKI
MaAnzbach near Altlengbach / Eichgraben availability.php?station=MaAnzbach
MFCAL near Bad Mitterndorf / Modellfliegerclub Ausseerland Webcam availability.php?station=MFCAL H. Brechtler
Rofan Receiver located at Rofan/Unterinntal/Tirol. with uputronics preamp/sawfilter availability.php?station=Rofan Email
Schmitten Bergstation Schmittenhöhe 2000m Webcams Schmittenhöhe Schmitten im Sommer availability.php?station=Schmitten Walter Holz
Schrems Receiver located at Schrems. USFC Krems availability.php?station=Schrems Stefan
Speier Receiver located at Speiereck near Mauterndorf airfield (LOSM). Alpin Aerosport Austria Webcam availability.php?station=Speier Email
NANET-ALT Receiver located at next to LOAR. LOAR Fliegergruppe Weinviertel Webcam availability.php?station=NANET-ALT EMail
StJohann Receiver located at St.Johann in Tirol near Airfield LOIJ availability.php?station=StJohann Christian Meier
whb Dornbirn, at 3 km of LOIH airfield. availability.php?station=whb
VBruck1 Receiver located in the city of Voecklabruck. availability.php?station=VBruck1
Walter Receiver located in Piesendorf near LOWZ. availability.php?station=Walter Walter Holz
Wattens Receiver located in Wattens, BananaPi with DVB-T-Dongle availability.php?station=Wattens Email
WyPgvNw Receiver located on Schnabelberg in Waidhofen/Ybbs availability.php?station=WyPgvNw Gerald Eichler
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