List of OGN Receivers

The map of OGN receivers

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List of receivers by countries

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No. APRS name Description Photo Status Contact
Cordoba Receiver located at the gliderfield Juarez Celman - Córdoba Antenna availability.php?station=Cordoba Edu
SAZS Receiver located at San Carlos de Bariloche Airport availability.php?station=SAZS
TQL Receiver located at Trenque Lauquen airfield, Aero Club Trenque Lauquen availability.php?station=TQL
UCC1 Receiver located at Facultad de Ciencias Químicas - UCC - Córdoba availability.php?station=UCC1
SA8C Receiver located at Club de Planeadores LDG - Junín (BsAs) availability.php?station=SA8C Mauricio Tonelli
SAFR Receiver located at Club de Planeadores de Rafaela - (Sta Fe.) availability.php?station=SAFR Leo Sonzogni
CHAVES01 Receiver Nro1 located at different location by FAVAV, used at competition. Equiped with R820T2 NooElec, RFamplifier 9A4QV-9A3IH, Antenna AIR802 model ANOM9XX08 900-928MHz 8dBi availability.php?station=CHAVES01 Mauricio Tonelli
CHAVES03 Receiver Nro3 located at different location by FAVAV, used at competition. Equiped with R820T2 NooElec, RFamplifier 9A4QV-9A3IH, Antenna AIR802 model ANOM9XX08 900-928MHz 8dBi availability.php?station=CHAVES03 Mauricio Tonelli
CHAVES04 Receiver Nro4 located at different location by FAVAV, used at competition. Equiped with R820T2 NooElec, RFamplifier 9A4QV-9A3IH, Antenna AIR802 model ANOM9XX08 900-928MHz 8dBi availability.php?station=CHAVES04 Mauricio Tonelli
CHAVES05 Receiver Nro5 located at different location by FAVAV, used at competition. Equiped with R820T2 NooElec, RFamplifier 9A4QV-9A3IH, Antenna AIR802 model ANOM9XX08 900-928MHz 8dBi availability.php?station=CHAVES05 Mauricio Tonelli
CHAVES06 Receiver Nro6 located at different location by FAVAV, used at competition. Equiped with R820T2 NooElec, RFamplifier 9A4QV-9A3IH, Antenna AIR802 model ANOM9XX08 900-928MHz 8dBi availability.php?station=CHAVES06 Mauricio Tonelli


No. APRS name Description Photo Status Contact
YBEV Beverley Airport. Beverley Soaring Society
YBLA Benalla Airfield
YBSS Bacchus Marsh Airfield, Melbourne Gliding club - RPI3, V3, SAW filter, 9db Antenna, 8m coax USB WebCam Steve
YBSS1 Bacchus Marsh Airfield, Melbourne Gliding club - RPI3, V3, 9db Antenna, 8m coax - test station WebCam Steve
YKEP Lake Keepit Airfield, Lake Keepit Soaring Club - RPI3, 9db Antenna Jacques
YKRY Kingaroy Airport, Kingaroy Soaring Club
YLAB Mount Mellum at about 3.7 km from Landsborough airfield
YMBT Mount Beauty Airfield. Mount Beauty Gliding Club - Autonomous receiver: Odroid U3, DVB tuner Antenna, 80W Solar Power, 40Ah battery Receiver Webcam Dave
YMCF McCaffrey Airfield, Darling Downs Soaring Club - RPI2, 9dB Antenna and preamp Mike
YSCN Camden Airport. Southern Cross Gliding Club- RPi3, 9db Antenna John
YSTW Tamworth, at 8 km from the Tamworth Regional Airport.
YTOC Tocumwal Airport. Sport Aviation- RPi3, 9db Antenna Eddie
YWKW Warkworth Airfield. Hunter Valley Gliding Club Colin
other locations
Beelgara Receiver at Beelgara Wines, near Griffith Airport (YGTH)
BoxHill Box Hill, Victoria, Melbourne Gliding club - RPI2, 9db Antenna Steve
Clearspot On top of Mount Clear Spot. Mount Beauty Gliding Club - Solar powered with 40w panel. Chinese antenna and a LNA/saw filter. Dave
Tawonga Near Mount Beauty Airfield. Mount Beauty Gliding Club - RPi 2B, 9db antenna Dave
Willunga Willunga Hill Test - RPi 3, Chinese Antenna Heath


No. APRS name Description Photo Status Contact
LOAA Receiver located at the airfield Ottenschlag. LOAA Union Segelflieger Webcam EMail
LOAB Receiver located at the airfield Dobersberg. Union-Fliegergruppe Waldviertel Webcam Email
LOAD Receiver located at the airfield Völtendorf. Fliegerclub St.Pölten Webcam Gerhard
LOAG Receiver located at the airfield Krems-Gneixendorf. USFC Krems Webcam1 Webcam2 Webcam3 Webcam4 Webcam5 Webcam6 Stefan
LOAS Receiver located close to airfield Spitzerberg. Segelfliegergruppe "Spitzerberg" Webcam Christian
LOGO Receiver located at the airfield Niederöblarn. Club Sportunion Niederöblarn Webcam Webcam2 Antenna Christoph
LOGT Receiver located at the airfield Timmersdorf. Alpine Sportflieger Club Leoben Timmersdorf Webcam
LOIH Receiver located at the Hohenems-Dornbirn airfield. Österreichischer Aero-Club Landesverband Vorarlberg Airfield Webcam1 Webcam2 Email
LOIJ Receiver located at the Airfield St.Johann in Tirol. Fliegerclub St.Johann in Tirol Webcam13 Webcam31 Christian Meier
LOIK Receiver located at the Airfield Kufstein. Fliegerclub Kufstein/Langkampfen Webcam 1 Webcam 2 Email
LOLH Receiver located at the Airfield HB-Hofkirchen. Flugplatz HB-Hofkirchen Webcam Email
LOLK located at the airfield Ried-Kirchheim. Sportfliegerclub Ried Webcam12 Webcam30 Erwin R.
LOWG Receiver located at Graz Airport Webcam0 Webcam1 Webcam2 Webcam3 Webcam4 Webcam5 Webcam6 Webcam7 Webcam8
LOXN Receiver located at Wiener Neustadt West airfield. Flugring Austria Wiener Neustadt Airfield FPBG Wr.Neustadt
LOXT Receiver located at Tulln airfield
LOSM Receiver located at the airfield Mauterndorf. Alpin Aerosport Austria Webcam1 Webcam2 Webcam2Zoom Email
LOAU Receiver located at the airfield Stockerau. Flugsportverein 2000 Stockerau Webcam1 Webcam2 Airfield Email
LOGL Receiver located at the airfield Lanzen-Turnau. FSC Turnau Webcam Email
LOGM Receiver located at the airfield Mariazell. Segelfliegergruppe Mariazell Webcam Email
LOGP Receiver located near the airfield Pinkafeld. Sportfliegerclub Pinkafeld Airfield
LOLT Receiver located at the airfield Seitenstetten-Biberbach. Flugunion Seitenstetten-Biberbach Webcam EMail
LOKF Receiver located at the airfield Feldkirchen. FSV Feldkirchen Ossiacher See Webcam Markus
LOKN Receiver located at the airfield Nötsch. Flugsportverein Nötsch Webcam1 Webcam2 Email
LOGI Receiver located at the airfield Trieben. Union Sportfliegerclub Trieben Webcam Airfield Email
LOWZ Receiver located at aerodrome Zell am See. Flugplatz Zell am See Webcam1 Webcam2 Webcam3 Airfield Alexander Gruber
LOGK Receiver located at the airfield Kapfenberg. KSV Motor-Flugsportverein und Motor-Zivilluftfahrerschule Webcam Email
other locations
Gedersbrg Located on top of a hill at Gedersberg near Graz
GrEngersd near VOR Deutsch Wagram, Receiver located at Groß Engersdorf. Segelflug Club "Drei Möven" Harry
IbkKlinik Receiver located at Innsbruck, near the airport
Innsbruck Receiver located in the city of Innsbruck.
MaAnzbach near Altlengbach / Eichgraben
Schrems Receiver located at Schrems. USFC Krems Stefan
StJohann Receiver located at St.Johann in Tirol near Airfield LOIJ Christian Meier
whb Dornbirn, at 3 km of LOIH airfield.
Speier Receiver located at Speiereck near Mauterndorf airfield (LOSM). Alpin Aerosport Austria Webcam Email
Hochwolke Receiver located at Hochwolke.
VBruck1 Receiver located in the city of Voecklabruck.
ESVAmst Receiver located near Waidhofen an der Ybbs. ESV Amstetten Flugsport EMail
Buerger Receiver located at the Buergeralpe. Segelfliegergruppe Mariazell Webcam Email
Rofan Receiver located at Rofan/Unterinntal/Tirol. with uputronics preamp/sawfilter Email
HoheWand Receiver located at Hohe Wand. Soaringclub Hohe Wand Webcam Email
Schmitten Receiver located temp. at Zell. Flugplatz Zell am See Webcam1 Webcam2 Webcam3 Airfield Alexander Gruber
Kitz Receiver located in Kitzbuehel. OrangePiLite with R820T-dongle Email
Kitzbuehl Receiver located at Kitzbuehel, Steinbergkogel Christian Meier


No. APRS name Description Photo Status Contact
EBBT Receiver located at Brasschaat airfield. With 9db antenna. Dieter
EBDT Receiver located at Schaffen/Diest airfield. With 9db antenna. Bert
EBKH Receiver located at Keiheuvel airfield. With 9dB antenna. Webcam Ken, Stijn
EBKT Receiver at Kortrijk-Wevelgem airport, also covers Moorsele Airfield (EBMO) Jan
EBNM Receiver located at Namur/Temploux airfield. With 9db antenna. Vincent
EBTX Receiver located at Verviers-Theux airfield. Royal Verviers Aviation Airfield Webcam Royal Verviers Aviation
EBSH Receiver located at Saint Hubert airfield. Aérodrome de St.Hubert Webcam Claude P.
EBTY Receiver located at Maubray airfield. Fab, Fred
EBWE Receiver located at Weelde airfield. BananaPI, 15m of RG213UBX cable with 9dB antenna. Pieter Ruts
EBZH Receiver located at Hasselt/Zonhoven airfield. With 9db antenna. Remi
EBZR Receiver located at Zoersel airfield. With 9db antenna. Dirk
EBZW Receiver located at Genk/Zwartberg airfield. With 9db antenna. Freddy
other locations
BalenSE Receiver located near Keiheuvel airfield. (test-receiver) Ken
Lommel Joeri Cools
TestFabe Receiver near Tournai, test setup for EBTY Fab
ZonhovenN Receiver located near Zonhoven Noord E314-N74 Thomas Smeets
RonsePVDD Receiver located at Ronse/Renaix Patrice
Weelde Located near Weelde airbase - EBWE Pieter
Chievres Receiver near Chièvres. Purpose is to try to improve the coverage between EBTY and LFQJ. Frederick


No. APRS name Description Photo Status Contact
CNF3a Pendleton Airport, Gatineau Gliding Club. RPI2B, 5 dBi omni antenna, LNA, SAW filter, R820T, 30m Antenna Webcam Nick
CPT3a Receiver located at Rockton Aerodrome, SOSA Gliding Club. Raspberry Pi, RTL-SDR R820T2, 900MHz 8dBi Omni-Directional [Rob]
Ottawa1 Receiver located at L'Orignal, at Hawkesbury Airport. Club de vol à voile de Montréal Webcam Webcam2


No. APRS name Description Photo Status Contact
PoloCL At ~800 m west of Vitacura airfield.
SCLC Receiver located at the Aerodromo de Vitacura - Santiago RPi1B Omni Antenna Antennas availability?station=SCLC Alex
VITACURA1 Receiver located at the Aerodromo de Vitacura - Santiago RPi3 Yagi Antenna - East Antennas availability?station=VITACURA1 Alex
VITACURA2 Receiver located at the Aerodromo de Vitacura - Santiago RPi3 Yagi Antenna - South Antennas availability?station=VITACURA2 Alex
SCVH Receiver located at Chacabuco Aerodrome - RPi3 Omni Antenna Antenna availability?station=SCVH Alex
other locations
WBUXTON Receiver located at Chicureo RPi1B Omni Antenna Antenna availability?station=WBUXTON Alex
WBUXTON2 Receiver located at Chicureo RPi1B Yagi Antenna - East Antenna availability?station=WBUXTON2 Alex
ELBOSQUE1 Receiver located at El Bosque airforce base Omni Antenna Antenna availability?station=ELBOSQUE1 Alex
ELBOSQUE2 Receiver located at El Bosque airforce base Yagi Antenna Antenna availability?station=ELBOSQUE2 Alex
ROBLE1 Receiver located at El Roble mountain RPi3 Yagi Antenna - North Antennas , Box1 , Box2 availability?station=ROBLE1 Alex
ROBLE2 Receiver located at El Roble mountain RPi3 Yagi Antenna - East Antennas availability?station=ROBLE2 Alex
ROBLE3 Receiver located at El Roble mountain RPi3 Yagi Antenna - South Antennas availability?station=ROBLE3 Alex
ROBLE4 Receiver located at El Roble mountain Rpi3 Omni Antenna Antennas availability?station=ROBLE4 Alex
TROCALAN1 Receiver located at El Trocalan mountain RPi3 Yagi Antenna - North Antennas availability?station=TROCALAN1 Alex
TROCALAN2 Receiver located at El Trocalan mountain RPi3 Yagi Antenna - East Antennas availability?station=TROCALAN2 Alex
COLORADO Receiver located at El Colorado ski station RPi1B Omni Antenna Antenna availability?station=COLORADO Alex
LOSANDES1 Receiver located at near Los Andes town RPi3 Omni Antenna Antennas availability?station=LOSANDES1 Alex
LOSANDES2 Receiver located at near Los Andes town RPi3 Yagi Antenna - East Antennas availability?station=LOSANDES2 Alex

Czech Republic

No. APRS name Description Photo Status Contact
LKBR Receiver located at Broumov Airfield, RaspberryPi 3 with homemade 12 element collinear antenna Oldrich Slavicek
LKCM Receiver located at Medlanky airport, 280m AMSL, RPi 3B with RTL2838 + Uputronics 868Mhz SAW filter/preamp (5v powered) + Chinese 9dB antenna Ladislav Jozsa
LKDK Dvůr Králové airfield. Aeroklub Dvůr Králové WebcamEast WebcamWest
LKHB Receiver located at Havlickuv Brod Airfield Charlie
LKHS Receiver located at Hosín Airfield, Rpi2, POE 24/5V DC-DC, RT820T2, LNA + SAW, chinese 9dB antenna L@K
LKKA-DEV Experimental receiver located near Krizanov airfield running on a quad-core Raspi 2 with blue 820T2 dongle ibisek
LKKA2 Three receivers with sector antennae located at Krizanov airfield running on a quad-core Raspi 2 with blue 820T2 dongles ibisek
LKKA3 Four receivers with sector antennae located at Krizanov airfield running on a quad-core Raspi 2 with blue 820T2 dongles ibisek
LKKA4 Four receivers with sector antennae located at Krizanov airfield running on a quad-core Raspi 2 with blue 820T2 dongles ibisek
LKJA Receiver located at Jaromer airfield, RaspberryPi 3 with homemade 12 element collinear antenna Oldrich Slavicek
LKJI Receiver located at Jihlava Airfield, Rpi2, POE 24/5V DC-DC, RT820T2, LNA + SAW, chinese 9dB antenna CZPK
LKKR Receiver located at Krnov Airfield, Rpi2, POE 24/5V DC-DC, RT820T2, LNA + SAW, chinese 9dB antenna CZPK
LKKU Receiver located at Kunovice Airfield (RaspberryPi 2 + 802T + homemade collinear antenna) SAK Richard Pecl
LKLB Receiver located at Liberec Airfield, DIY Collinear 12 parts, R820T2+SAW, Rpi 2 B+, POE 12/5V View1 Zajda
LKMK Receiver located at Moravska Trebova airfield, Rpi2, POE 24/5V DC-DC, RT820T2, LNA + SAW, chinese 9dB antenna CZPK
LKMO Receiver located at Most Airfield (RaspberryPi 2B + 820T2 with 869MHz SAW filter + homemade collinear antenna) Overall Antenna Housing Krupi
LKPL DIY Collinear 12 parts, R820T2 + SAW, Rpi 2 B+, POE 12/5V DC-DC Peter
LKPM Receiver located at Pribram Airfield, Rpi3, RT820T2, DYI antenna Hyvris
LKPS Receiver located at Plasy Airfield, Rpi2, POE 24/5V DC-DC, RT820T2, LNA + SAW, chinese 9dB antenna CZPK
LKRA Receiver located at Rana Airfield Gliding Club (Raspberry Pi + 820T2 with 869MHz SAW filter + homemade collinear antenna) Aeroclub Aeroclub2 Hangar Antenna Tunner Connector SAW RaspberryPi Fricak
LKRK Receiver located at Aeroclub Rakovnik (Raspberry Pi 3 + 820T2 + DIY collinear antenna) Miroslav
LKRO Receiver located at Roudnice nad Labem Airfield, Rpi2, POE 24/5V DC-DC, RT820T2, LNA + SAW, chinese 9dB antenna CZPK
LKSR Receiver located at Strunkovice nad Blanici Airfield, Gliding Club Prachatice, RaspberryPi 3B, RT820T2 with DIY collinear antenna Petr Haderka
LKSU Receiver located at Sumperk Airfield, RaspberryPi 2B with homemade collinear antenna Martin Ficnar
LKSZ Receiver located at Sazena airfield, OrangePI PC+ + SAW + DIY 12 element collinear antenna Nikola Zizkovsky
LKTA Receiver located at Tabor Airfield, Rpi2, POE 24/5V DC-DC, RT820T2, LNA + SAW, chinese 9dB antenna L@K
LKTO Receiver located at Touzim Airfield, Rpi2, POE 24/5V DC-DC, RT820T2, LNA + SAW, chinese 9dB antenna CZPK
LKVM Receiver located at Vysoke Myto airfield, RaspberryPi 3 with homemade 12 element collinear antenna Oldrich Slavicek
LKVP Receiver located at Hronov Airfield, RaspberryPi 3 with homemade 12 element collinear antenna Oldrich Slavicek
LKZB Receiver located at Zbraslavice Airfield. RPi B+ and Chinese mega-antenna Horac
LKZM Receiver located at Zamberk Airfield, RaspberryPi 2B with homemade collinear antenna Miroslav Jezek
other locations
Jelenec Rpi2, POE 24/5V DC-DC, RT820T2, LNA + SAW, chinese 9dB antenna CZPK
Kresin Receiver located at Czech Globe Atmospheric Observatory in 230m AGL, Rpi3, POE 24/5V DC-DC, RT820T2, LNA + SAW, chinese 9dB antenna CZPK
Louka Located at the top of the Meteo observatory on the Ore Mountain ridge, 935m AMSL. RPi 2B+, 2-stage PSA4 based LNA with SAW filter ©F5ANN, silver, DIY 12-elements collinear antenna Image gallery Fricak / Krupi
Lipina Located 7 km SW of LKZB. Made of Raspberry Pi 3, BR820T2+LNA+SAW, Chinese 9 dBi antenna Matej Rendla
Pardubice Test receiver located at near Pardubice Airfield, RaspberryPi 3 with homemade 12 element collinear antenna Oldrich Slavicek
Rasovka Receiver located at SSW ridge 620m AMSL close to Jested mountain, Rpi2, POE 24/5V DC-DC, RT820T2, LNA + SAW, chinese 9dB antenna Charlie
Strakonice Receiver located at Strakonice thermal power station chimney, Rpi2, POE 24/5V DC-DC, RT820T2, LNA + SAW, chinese 9dB antenna CZPK
SuchyVrch Rozhledna Suchý vrch HotelAndTelecommunicationTower


No. APRS name Description Photo Status Contact
EKAB Denmark's national gliding center, close to Arnborg city. RPi2 + Chinese 9db ANT 10m AGL placed on top of hangar. Best Range about 170 km. Airfield Slaglille - Peter Pawnee
EKCR At Christianshede airfield. Silkeborg Flyveklub Airfield Webcam
EKGL Gørløse Gliding Center. RPi2 + Chinese 9db ANT
EKHG RPi + Scan Antenna 7.1dBi 8m AGL placed on top of HSvK club house. Airfield Skinderholm
EKKL Kalundborg airport. RPi2 + Chinese 9db antenna 8m AGL Airfield
EKKS rpi + Chinese 9db antenna 6M AGL / Kongsted Airfield / Øst-Sjællands Flyveklub Webcam - Jan Hebnes
EKLV rpi + (8M Tag)
EKMB Located 3km West of EKMB, RPI 1 B with RTL2832u - R820T2 Christian L. V. Madsen
EKNF Located at Nr Felding near Holstebro Michael Rasmussen
EKRA Located just off EKRA, RPI 3 with RTL2832u - R820T2 Jules@PFG
EKRD Located at Randers airfield north of Randers Michael Rasmussen
EKSL rpi2 + Chinese 9db ANT 20m AGL placed on top of hangar. Best range 187km. Webcam Slaglille - Peter Pawnee
EKSP rpi 2b + Ant. 6m AGL placed on top of OYFSS club house. Club Homepage
EKTO rpi 2b + Ant. 6m AGL placed on club house. Tollose Flyveklub
EKVH RPI2 + homemade coax antenna Henrik Holm Kristensen
True Located at True Glider field, 9 km west of Aarhus Michael Rasmussen
other locations
Aalborg RPi2 - RTL-SDR - 6 el. stacked 35m ASL LR
BorupSj rpi + home made ant. Halfway between EKRS & EKRK Finn OZ1AHV
Hjordkaer rpi + Prof. Ant. 6m AGL placed on top of my villa. My Club Homepage
Kronborg At Helsingør, near Kronborg
Lundtofte At Danmarks Tekniske Universitet (DTU), close to Lundtofte
Rodehoj Receiver located in Frederikssund. rpi2 + homemade antenna Michael Bruun
TorebyLL rpi + home made ant. 26km ENE of EKMB photo1 , MaxRange Contact Kim KA1WCC - OZ1ARQ


No. APRS name Description Photo Status Contact
EFAH Ahmosuo Airfield, receiver not implemented yet Webcam Juha
EFHV Hyvinkää/Hyvinge Airfield. Hyvinkään Ilmailukerho Webcam1 Webcam2 timopOGN
EFHF Helsinki-Malmi Airport. Currently in test mode. Kvide
EFHP Haapavesi airfield. Raahen Ilmailijat Flying Club Airfield
EFJM Jämijärvi Airfield Airfield Ville Ranki
EFME Menkijarvi airfield. RPi2 + RT820T2, chinese antenna Antenna, Airfield Veli-Matti
EFNU Nummela airfield is one of the busiest leisure flying centers in Finland. It is the glider base closest to Helsinki, being situated in Vihti county, only 40 kilometres from Helsinki city center Airfield, Tow plane, Gliders Tom Arppe
EFOP Oripää Airfield, RPi2 + R820T2, This is still test run with poor antenna. Airfield Kimmo
EFPU Pudasjärvi Airfield. Test run with poor antenna. Airfield Juha
EFRH Raahe-Pattijoki airfield. Airfield
EFRY Räyskälä, Loppi. Räyskälä Foundation webcam1 webcam2 webcam3 webcam4
EFSE Selänpää airfield 30 kilometres from Kouvola city to north Airfield Tero
other locations
Jervis Houtskär island in the Archipelago Sea. Kvide
Järvenpää Järvenpää. timopOGN
Lappajarvi Lappajarvi/Kärnä, Not implemented yet. Juha
Nastola Nastola.
Paipis Paippinen, Sipoo Kvide
Pernio Pernio, Salo, RPi + collinear homemade antenna Matti
EFTS Teisko airfield. Closed for now Airfield Ville Ranki


No. APRS name Description Photo Status Contact
LaMotteDC Receiver located at La Motte du Caire Airfield, placed on the Airfield Hangar, Antenna 9dB with Odroïd C1 Panorama Webcam availability.php?station=LaMotteDC Microbada
LFAD Aérodrome de Compiègne - Margny, Oise. Association Compiegnoise de Vol à Voile. Raspberry Pi en panne. Antenne Huahong 9 dBi en attente de pose. availability.php?station=LFAD Romain
LFAQ Receiver located at Albert, N of France (Picardie) availability.php?station=LFAQ
LFAS Receiver located at Falaise, N of France (Normandie) availability.php?station=LFAS Lolo
LFAY Aérodrome d'Amiens-Glisy (Picardie). Aéroclub de Picardie Amiens Métropole Aérodrome availability.php?station=LFAY Kévin
LFBA Receiver located at Agen airfield, S of France (Nouvelle Aquitaine) availability.php?station=LFBA Thomas Tetelin
LFBI Receiver located at Poitiers Biard airfield availability.php?station=LFBI
LFBK Receiver located at Montluçon-Gueret airfield availability.php?station=LFBK
LFBL Receiver located at Limoges-Bellegarde, on roof of gliders hangar availability.php?station=LFBL Yves
LFBS Receiver located at Biscarrosse Parentis airfield availability.php?station=LFBS
LFBU Receiver located at Angoulème airfield availability.php?station=LFBU
LFBX Receiver located at Périgueux airfield, Centre de Vol à Voile du Périgord availability.php?station=LFBX CVVP
LFCB Receiver located at Bagnères de Luchon Airfield, Raspberry PI2 FFVV, Ant. 9dB Huahong. Not expecting a wide range as located in deep background Luchon valley at club house level availability.php?station=LFCB Michel SANCHEZ
LFCC CAHORS Lalbenque Airfield TWR, station now restarted after lightning stroke… availability.php?station=LFCC Christian HONNONS F4GZJ
LFCG Receiver located at Saint-Girons airfield availability.php?station=LFCG
LFCH Receiver located at Arcachon La Teste airfield availability.php?station=LFCH
LFCN Receiver located at Nogaro airfield availability.php?station=LFCN
LFCO Receiver located at Oloron-Hérrère airfield availability.php?station=LFCO
LFCQ Receiver located at Graulhet airfield availability.php?station=LFCQ
LFCS Receiver located at Bordeaux Saucats airfield availability.php?station=LFCS
LFCT Receiver located at Thouars airfield availability.php?station=LFCT
LFCV VILLEFRANCHE DE ROUERGUE Airfield Project, station ready to install within few weeks, thanks P. CORBILLE & Guillaume GARDIEN Graulhet club team. availability.php?station=LFCV Christian HONNONS F4GZJ
LFCX Récepteur situé sur l'aérodrome de Castelsarrasin - Moissac. Centre de Vol à Voile du Tarn et Garonne Aérodrome availability.php?station=LFCX
LFDA Receiver located at Aire sur Adour airfield availability.php?station=LFDA
LFDF Receiver located at Sainte Foy la Grande airfield availability.php?station=LFDF
LFDH Receiver located at Auch Lamothe airfield availability.php?station=LFDH
LFDT Receiver located at Tarbes-Labourère airfield availability.php?station=LFDT
LFDW Récepteur situé sur l'aérodrome de Chauvigny. Aéroclub availability.php?station=LFDW
LFEG Receiver located at Argenton sur Creuse airfield, temporarily active during summer camp. availability.php?station=LFEG Philoo
LFEK Receiver located at Issoudun-Fay airfield availability.php?station=LFEK
LFEL Receiver located at Le Blanc airfield Antenna availability.php?station=LFEL
LFEM Receiver located at Montargis-Vimory airfield Antenna availability.php?station=LFEM AVX
LFEZ Receiver located at Nancy Malzeville airfield availability.php?station=LFEZ
LFFB Aérodrome de Buno-Bonnevaux. Association Aéronautique du Val d'Essonne (AAVE) Aérodrome availability.php?station=LFFB
LFFC Receiver located at Chérence airfield availability.php?station=LFFC
LFFJ Receiver located at Mussey airfield availability.php?station=LFFJ FC
LFFK Receiver located at Fontenay le Comte airfield availability.php?station=LFFK FC
LFFL Receiver located at Bailleau-Armenonville airfield availability.php?station=LFFL
LFFW Receiver located at Montaigu - Saint Georges airfield availability.php?station=LFFW
LFFZ Receiver located at Sézanne - Saint Rémy airfield availability.php?station=LFFZ
LFGA Récepteur au club de vol à voile de Colmar (CICVVA) availability.php?station=LFGA Loïc
LFGB Récepteur situé sur l'aérodrome de Mulhouse Habsheim. Aéroclub du Haut-Rhin Webcam1 Webcam2 availability.php?station=LFGB
LFGC Receiver located at Strasbourg airfield availability.php?station=LFGC
LFGG Receiver located at Belfort airfield availability.php?station=LFGG
LFGI Receiver located at Dijon Darois availability.php?station=LFGI Michel
LFGN Récepteur situé sur l'Aérodrome de la Forêt, à Paray-le-Monia. Centre de Vol à Voile de Saône availability.php?station=LFGN
LFGO Receiver located at Pont sur Yonne airfield availability.php?station=LFGO
LFGP Receiver located at Saint Florentin airfield availability.php?station=LFGP
LFGT Receiver located at Sarrebourg airfield availability.php?station=LFGT
LFGU Receiver located at Sarreguemines availability.php?station=LFGU LJ
LFHA Receiver located at Issoire airfield availability.php?station=LFHA
LFHD Receiver located at Pierrelatte airfield availability.php?station=LFHD
LFHE Receiver located at Romans airfield availability.php?station=LFHE
LFHI Receiver located at Morestel airfield availability.php?station=LFHI Fabrice
LFHJ Receiver located at Lyon-Corbas airfield availability.php?station=LFHJ Bruno
LFHO Receiver located at Aubenas airfield availability.php?station=LFHO
LFHP Receiver located at Le Puy en Velay airfield availability.php?station=LFHP
LFHS Receiver located at Bourg en Bresse airfield availability.php?station=LFHS
LFHV Receiver located at Villefranche gliding club availability.php?station=LFHV FC
LFHY Receiver located at Moulins airfield availability.php?station=LFHY David
LFID Receiver located at Condom airfield availability.php?station=LFID LSG
LFIL Receiver located at Rion des Landes airfield availability.php?station=LFIL
LFIM Receiver located at Saint Gaudens airfield availability.php?station=LFIM
LFIT Receiver located at Toulouse Bourg St Bernard airfield Antenna availability.php?station=LFIT
LFIX Receiver located at Itxassou airfield availability.php?station=LFIX
LFJF Receiver located at Aubenasson availability.php?station=LFJF Bart
LFJR Receiver located at Angers-Marcé airfield. F5ANN/F1OPA active diapason antenna +RPi2 + 820T dongle LNA, Antennas availability.php?station=LFJR asvv
LFJS Récepteur en attente d'installation à l'aérodrome de Soissons Courmelles. Association Sportive Vélivole Soissonnaise Terrain Webcam availability.php?station=LFJS
LFJT Receiver located at Tours- Le Louroux airfield availability.php?station=LFJT
LFKP Receiver located at La tour du Pin airfield availability.php?station=LFKP
LFLA Receiver located at Auxerre branches availability.php?station=LFLA Rafael
LFLE Receiver located at LFLE, Challes-les-Eaux, Savoie, France. The home airfield of CSVVA gliding club webcam availability.php?station=LFLE WB/Seb/JD/BL3
LFLG Receiver located at Grenoble - Le Versoud airfield availability.php?station=LFLG Grenoble Vol a Voile
LFLK Receiver located at Oyonnax airfield availability.php?station=LFLK
LFLO Aérodrome de Roanne. Centre de Vol à Voile Roannais. ODROID, antenne omnidirectionnelle Huahong (gain 9 DBi). Alimentation en panne. Récepteur availability.php?station=LFLO Dim, Stephane A.
LFLO-1 Aérodrome de Roanne. Centre de Vol à Voile Roannais. ODROID, antenne omnidirectionnelle Huahong (gain 9 DBi) Récepteur availability.php?station=LFLO-1 Dim, Stephane A.
LFLU Aéroport de Valence - Chabeuil. Valence Planeur availability.php?station=LFLU
LFMF Receiver located at Fayence-Tourettes airfield availability.php?station=LFMF Régis
LFMG Receiver located in Montagne Noire availability.php?station=LFMG Luc
LFMR Receiver located at Barcelonette, SE of France Panorama availability.php?station=LFMR Seb / Microbada
LFMX Receiver located at Saint Auban airfield availability.php?station=LFMX Christophe
LFMY Receiver located at Salon de Provence airfield availability.php?station=LFMY Christophe
LFNA Receiver located at Gap Tallard Airfield, placed on the Airfield Tower, Antenna 9dB with Raspberry B+ Antenna, Webcam, Panorama availability.php?station=LFNA Microbada
LFNB Receiver located at Mende airfield availability.php?station=LFNB PC
LFNC Receiver located at Mont-Dauphin - Saint-Crépin airfield Antenna, Installation description, Panorama availability.php?station=LFNC Seb / Microbada
LFNE Receiver located at Salon-Eyguières airfield availability.php?station=LFNE
LFNF Receiver located at Vinon sur Verdon airfield availability.php?station=LFNF Philippe
LFNH Receiver located at Carpentras airfield availability.php?station=LFNH
LFNJ Receiver located at Aspres availability.php?station=LFNJ
LFNL Receiver located at Saint Martin de Londres/Pic St Loup gliding club, N of Montpellier, S of France availability.php?station=LFNL PC
LFNO Receiver located at Florac Sainte Enimie availability.php?station=LFNO
LFNQ Receiver now in place at LFNQ Airfield 1700 m QNH ODROID C1 / Ubuntu 14.4.2 Housing Receiver availability.php?station=LFNQ HNS - F4GZJ
LFNS Receiver located at Sisteron airfield Panorama availability.php?station=LFNS Christophe Microbada
LFNT Receiver located at LFNT Avignon-Pujaut airfield and maintained by Les Planeurs d'Avignon-Pujaut Airfield Antenna availability.php?station=LFNT svoop
LFNW Puivert availability.php?station=LFNW Tgouzy
LFNZ Romanin-Saint Remy les Alpilles airfield, Odroid-C1 8Gb eMMC, 9dBi antenna availability.php?station=LFNZ
LFOD Receiver located at Saumur airfield availability.php?station=LFOD
LFOI Receiver located at Abbeville, N of France availability.php?station=LFOI Fred
LFOP Receiver offline for undetermined period availability.php?station=LFOP Rimaroc
LFOR Receiver located at Chartres, France. availability.php?station=LFOR Pierre
LFOU Receiver located at Cholet airfield availability.php?station=LFOU
LFOV Receiver located at LFOV, Laval, France. Installation scheduled. availability.php?station=LFOV Seb / Michel L.
LFOW Receiver located at LFOW, Fontaine-les-Clercs, France. Installation scheduled. availability.php?station=LFOW Nicolas VDP
LFOY Receiver located at LFOY (Le Havre - Saint Romain) / Aéro Club de l'Estuaire de la Seine, N of France (Normandie) availability.php?station=LFOY Philoo
LFOZ Receiver located at LFOZ (Orléans - Saint Denis de l'Hôtel) availability.php?station=LFOZ
LFPF Situé sur l'aérodrome de Beynes Thiverval du Centre Aéronautique de Beynes Terrain Aéroclub Webcam availability.php?station=LFPF Contact
LFPK Receiver located at LFPK, Coulommiers - Voisins, Seine-et-Marne - Ile de France, France. In the clubhouse club gliding AACM Antenna availability.php?station=LFPK Thibaut
LFPU Receiver located at Moret-Episy airfield availability.php?station=LFPU
LFPZ Receiver located at Saint-Cyr l'Ecole, W of Paris, France. availability.php?station=LFPZ JPF
LFQA Receiver located at Reims airfield availability.php?station=LFQA
LFQB Receiver located at Troyes Barberey france in the clubhouse of gliding club Troyes Aube availability.php?station=LFQB xavier
LFQJ Receiver located at Maubeuge/Elesmes airfield. RPi B with Chinese antenna. availability.php?station=LFQJ Seb / Guillaume D.
LFQK Receiver located at Châlons-en-champagne airfield availability.php?station=LFQK
LFQO Receiver located at Lille-Marcq airfield. RPi B with 9 dB Chinese antenna. availability.php?station=LFQO DanyD
LFRI Receiver located at La-Roche-sur-Yon airfield availability.php?station=LFRI
LFRM Receiver located at Le Mans airfield availability.php?station=LFRM
LFRP Receiver located at Ploërmel-Loyat airfield in Brittany availability.php?station=LFRP Jacques
LFSE Récepteur situé à l'aérodrome d'Épinal Dogneville. Aéro-Club Vosgien Webcam availability.php?station=LFSE
LFSH Receiver located at Haguenau airfield availability.php?station=LFSH Vincent
LFSJ Receiver located at Douzy airfield availability.php?station=LFSJ
LFSS Receiver at the St Sulpice des Landes airfield, located 40km South of Rennes Receiver availability.php?station=LFSS Benoît
LFSU Receiver located at Langres airfield availability.php?station=LFSU
LFSV Receiver located at Pont Saint Vincent airfield availability.php?station=LFSV
LFTM Receiver located at Serres La Bâtie airfield availability.php?station=LFTM
LFTP Receiver located at Puimoisson airfield availability.php?station=LFTP
LFXB Récepteur situé sur l'aérodrome de Saintes Thénac. Les planeurs de Saintonge availability.php?station=lfxb
LFXC ancien aérodrome de Vittel Auzainvilliers acquis par la communauté de communes de Bulgnéville, exploitré par l'aéroclub d'Auzainvilliers et de la plaine es Vosges availability.php?station=LFXC Dominique Pernot
LFYG Receiver located at Cambrai airfield availability.php?station=LFYG
LFYR Receiver located at Romorantin airfield Antenna Dongle Installation description availability.php?station=LFYR Seb
HPoche Receiver located at Planeur Léman Mont Blanc (PLMB) in Habere Poche availability.php?station=HPoche Guilhem Preti
other locations
Aiglemont Récepteur situé à Aiglemont au Nord de Charleville-Mézières dans les Ardennes. Rapsberry Pi 2 et RTL SDR sur une antenne colinéaire 5dBi de 70cm. Ant. Housing availability.php?station=Aiglemont Jean-Philippe
AireVille Experimental receiver located at Aire sur l'Adour (city) (SO of France). Pi 2 + home made collinear availability.php?station=AireVille Jp
Albertvil Receiver located at Gilly/Isère, Savoie, France. Very close to Albertville. Ant. View1 view2 view3 availability.php?station=Albertvil jeando
Anglet Receiver located at Anglet, France SW availability.php?station=Anglet
Annecy Receiver located close to Annecy city, Haute-Savoie, France. Wifi connection (a bit unstable) availability.php?station=Annecy Seb
Annecy2 Récepteur situé à Meythet (près du SDIS74 et de la gendarmerie). Proche de l'aérodrome Annecy Meythet (LFLP) availability.php?station=Annecy2
AVIGNON Receiver under test in Avignon, France. availability.php?station=AVIGNON Roland
Beaumont Récepteur situé à Esparsac, près de Beaumont-de-Lomagne, à environ 30 km de l'aérodrome de Castelsarrasin - Moissac. availability.php?station=Beaumont
BdAmont Récepteur en test à Bois d'Amont, Jura (39). Déplacé à Eternoz, Doubs (25) Rapsberry Pi 3 ou Virtual Box Debian sous macOS, et antenne colinéaire DIY availability.php?station=BdAmont Pyrog
exireuil Récepteur situé à Exireuil, à 2,5 km de l'ENSA, Saint-Maixent-l'École availability.php?station=exireuil
BoscGuera 8 elements coaxial colinnear antenna under my roof near Rouen Normandy Antenna availability.php?station=BoscGuera Rimaroc
Bram home to test for Puivert availability.php?station=Bram Tgouzy
Carca Receiver located near Carcassone, S-W France. availability.php?station=Carca Seb
cerizay Récepteur situé à Cerizay. availability.php?station=cerizay
CEEMA Receiver located at CEEMA (Centre d’Études et d'Essais pour Modèles Autonomes) an UAV and Glider test center near Pourrières, France availability.php?station=CEEMA Benoit
CEEMA2 Receiver located at Saint-Maximin la Sainte Baume, France. Pick-Up and Drop Off station to the CEEMA delivery line availability.php?station=CEEMA2 Benoit
Cluses Receiver hosted in Cluses, France availability.php?station=Cluses Seb
DIJON Station experimentale a Dijon, France availability.php?station=DIJON Michel
Eternoz Récepteur en test à Éternoz, Doubs (25). Anciennement à Bois d'Amont, Jura (39). Rapsberry Pi 3 ou Virtual Box Debian sous macOS, et antenne colinéaire DIY availability.php?station=Eternoz Pyrog
FLERS Receiver located at Flers, N of France (Basse-Normandie, Orne) availability.php?station=FLERS Florian
GapSW Receiver located in Pellautier, very close to GAP city, France. Raspberry Pi 2 B availability.php?station=GapSW /contact Microbada
Grenoble Receiver located in the montains, very close to Grenoble, France. availability.php?station=Grenoble BL3
IaagHaz Récepteur situé à l'Institut Aéronautique Amaury de la Grange, près du Canal d'Hazebrouck. Il se trouve à 10 km~ de l'aérodrome de Merville Calonne (LFQT). Club de Vol à Voile Flandres Artois availability.php?station=IaagHaz Michael
manu mobile station receiver : network with a 3G access point WIFI from a mobile phone, power supply from a car booster, charging with solar panels. mounting in 5 minutes and quickly operational. modular : solar panels are optional and the fully charged battery can power up the system for 2 to 3 days. Receiver Antenna photos availability.php?station=manu manu
mobilecar mobile station receiver on caravan availability.php?station=mobilecar mobilecar
MotServlx Receiver located at La Motte Servolex, Savoie, France. Very close to Chambery. Antenna View Webcam availability.php?station=MotServlx jeando
Labege Experimental receiver located at Labège (SE of Toulouse, France). Pi 2 + home made collinear availability.php?station=Labege Jp
Lachens Receiver located at Lachens Mountain summit (1715m), Var, France. Antenna Receiver availability.php?station=Lachens Fayence
Lagardel Experimental receiver located at Lagardelle sur Leze (South city Toulouse, France). RASPBERRY PI3 / Jessie Lite availability.php?station=Lagardel HNS - F4GZJ
LaMotte Receiver located at La Motte near Loudéac (Brittany, France). Raspberry Pi2, Kit FFVV Antenna availability.php?station=LaMotte Yann
RocAude Station located on Roc d'Aude summit 2400 m QNH Pyrénées Catalane ski station Les Angles RASPBERY Pi 2 WebCam availability.php?station=RocAude HNS - F4GZJ
LASSERRE Experimental receiver located at Lasserre (South city Toulouse, France). Pi avec ampli uhf +20db availability.php?station=LASSERRE LSG
LaTapie receiver located at La romieu (Nord est de CONDOM LFID, France). Pi availability.php?station=LaTapie LSG
LeNoiray Receiver located in Noiray, Savoie, France. Very frequently used gliding routes above. Antenna ViewNNW ViewSW availability.php?station=LeNoiray jeando
LesCrots Receiver located near outlanding aera of "Les Crots" availability.php?station=LesCrots Microbada
Loches Receiver located at La Ragotterie home, indre et loire, France. homemade 8 elements coaxial colinnear antenna, DVB-T dongle USB and Raspberry Pi B+ Antenna availability.php?station=Loches François.D
Nancy Receiver located in Nancy, France availability.php?station=Nancy Pierre
PasdeJaux Receiver located at Viala du Pas de Jaux, S of France Larzac availability.php?station=PasdeJaux PC
Pau Receiver located in the city of Pau (SO France). Pi 2 + home made collinear availability.php?station=Pau Jp
Poubeau Receiver located at Poubeau availability.php?station=Poubeau
Saleve Receiver located at the summit of Saleve, a mountain in Geneva area, from where we've got a beautiful 360 view on the the Alps (S-E) and Jura (N-W). There are very busy gliding routes in this part of the Alps. Tech. spec: Cubieboard2 with "big" DVB-T dongle. Chinese collinear 9dB antenna. Initially equiped with 25m of thick RG-232 coax cable, later changed to PoE solution (coax not needed anymore). This installation is made possible thanks to the courtesy of the Centre Genève Vol Libre Receiver CubieBoard RTL2832U WIFIantena WIFI2 Photos Webcam1 Webcam2 Webcams availability.php?station=Saleve WB
Saumur Receiver under test located near Saumur, France. Active Flarm antenna. Down for all since august 2016. Antenna,Detail availability.php?station=Saumur François / F5ANN
SerreChe Receiver located on telecabin-summit of SerreChevalier Skiressort (2355m), RPi B+ Panorama Photo availability.php?station=SerreChe Seb / Microbada
SerreCheN Receiver located on SerreChevalier Skiressort Grand Serre, RPi 2 Receiver Aerial view availability.php?station=SerreCheN Seb / Microbada
SPAlbigny Receiver located at Saint-Pierre d'Albigny, Savoie, France. availability.php?station=SPAlbigny Seb / Lionel V.
TALLENAY Receiver located at Tallenay very close airfields of Besançon LFSA and LFQM availability.php?station=TALLENAY
THOLONET Receiver located at le Tholonet availability.php?station=THOLONET Irving
UrySud Receiver located near Ury, France RPi2 + DVB-T stick + Active Diapason AA 868 MHz antenna, outdoor installation availability.php?station=UrySud alain
Victoire Receiver located near Aix en Provence, France. availability.php?station=Victoire Yves / F6EPT
Voiron Receiver located at Voiron (NW of Grenoble, France). Good view of west of Chartreuse and Vercors availability.php?station=Voiron Seb / BDT


No. APRS name Description Photo Status Contact
Agathazel Agathazell glider airfield. Luftsportverein Agathazell Airfield Antenna Receiver Antenna2 LSG Oberallgäu e.V.
Altdorf Receiver located in Altdorf bei Nürnberg, chinese Antenna, Terra AB010 pre-amp, Kathrein LCD 112 sat cable, rtl-sdr V2 dongle, Pi2 Dominic
Amoneburg Raspberry PI 3 B and OGN ARM Philipp Schreiber
Aue Raspberry 2 with small antenna on SDR @ Glider-airfield Aue near Osterode am Harz Nixe
BadWaldse Receiver and JetVision antenna installed at tower, air field Bad Waldsee near Ravensburg Wolfgang
Bene Receiver located nearby glider-airfield Benediktbeuern, 12db chinese antenna with Odroid U4 Berni
Bensheim Receiver located at "Bensheimer Stadtwiesen" airfield. Segelfluggruppe Bensheim Airfield
BMarienbg RCVR is located at glider airfield Bad Marienberg Oberrossbach,the airfield is in the vicinity of EDGS and EDGB, R Pi with RTL-SDR R820T2 tuner and Chinese Colinear Antenna 9db. Peter
BOBERG located near Hamburg. Active Flarm antenna under test Andy
Bohlhof Receiver with Chinese antenna located at Bohlhof glider airfield close to the Swiss border, using white list selection of OGN DDB registered stations. SGB
Bueren Testsetup Pi with Salcar, Bueren near EDLP Paderborn, Germany Andreas Jordan
Cralsheim Homemade antenna located on the roof of the house at Crailsheim Goesta Worf
EDAD Receiver (Hardware Frontend) located in Dessau Hugo-Junkers Flugplatz, operated by Fliegerclub Hugo Junkers See also "Hugo Junkers" Museum Airfield Webcam Holger
EDAE Receiver located Eisenhüttenstadt airfield. OGNKDF
EDAG Receiver located at Grossrueckerswalde airfield UB
EDAN Receiver located at Neustadt-Glewe airfield. Segelfliegerclub Neustadt-Glewe e.V. (SFC)) Webcam1 Webcam2
EDAR Receiver installed at Pirna airfield -EDAR Thomas
EDBP Receiver installed at Pinnow airfield. Operated by Fliegerclub Schwerin/ Pinnow e.V.
EDBQ Receiver located Bronkow airfield. OGNKDF
EDBX Raspberry Pi with fibre-glass 9dB collinear antenna on the Clubhouse of Görlitzer Flugsportclub e.V. Raik
EDDG The receiver with whitelist Filter is located near the airfield. The responsible person is the operator of the receiver. Please use the according contact link for questions or any complaints regarding this receiver. Schmoergel
EDEL Receiver located at Tower of the Airfield in Langenlonsheim; Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3 + small antenna Julian
EDEM RP2 + chinese colinear antenna; Mosenberg clubhouse test installation Skyteam
EDEQ Receiver located at Mühlhausen airfield. Luftsportverein Mühlhausen e.V.
EDER Wasserkuppe, Germany, 9db China Antenna, Terra AB010 Preamp, Kathrein LCD111 coaxial cabling, Flarm Filter by Adam, RTL-SDR Dongle, Pi2 Ulrich
EDEW Receiver located at airfield EDEW, antenna selfmade groundplane
EDFA RasPi B+ with chinese colinear antenna. Receiver located on Tower of airfield EDFA (Anspach/Ts.) LSC Bad Homburg e.V. Webcams Peter Scholz
EDFJ Receiver located FSG Hammelburg Michael Yayannis
EDFZ Mainz-Finthen, Luftfahrtverein Mainz e.V Airfield Webcam
EDGB Raspberry Pi with fibre-glass 9dB collinear antenna. Receiver located at airfield EDGB Webcam Helmut
EDHL Receiver located at Lübeck airfield. Aero Club von Lübeck Airfield
EDHN School project with Raspberry Pi and dvb-T antenna Webcam Timo Moritz
EDHS Luftsportverein Günther Groenhoff e.V. Stade EDHS Airfield Sylvio
EDKA Receiver located at Aachen-Merzbrück aiport. Segelfluggruppe Nordstern eV Webcam
EDKB Raspberry Pi with home made groundplane antenna. Receiver located 1km NW of EDKB RWY. Kurt
EDKL Raspberry Pi2 with Chinese antenna. Receiver located on the tower roof. Alex
EDKM RPI 3B - New installation - bigger antenna on its way. Image will follow. Georg
EDKO Receiver located at glider-airfield EDKO (Brilon), 9dB chinese antenna Rüdiger
EDLB Receiver located at Borkenberge (EDLB), antenna selfmade collinear Gero
EDLE Receiver located at Essen-Mülheim (EDLE) Gero
EDLD Receiver located at Schwarze Heide (EDLD), antenna selfmade collinear Gero
EDLG Using the Chinese 9dB antenne Ulli
EDLI Receiver located at Bielefeld airport. Segelflugverein Bielefeld e.V. Airfield Webcam
EDLK Receiver located at airfield Krefeld Aero Club Krefeld
EDLS Receiver located at airfield Stadtlohn-Vreden Christian
EDLX Wesel Römerwardt airfield. Luftsportfreunde Wesel-Rheinhausen. Rasp with "chinese" antenna on 10 m Pole Antenna Dongle Receivers Other Photos Webcam1 Webcam2 Webcam3 Volker
EDLY Receiver located at airfield Borken-Hoxfeld EDLY
EDMA Receiver located at airport Augsburg EDMA
EDMC Receiver with whitelist Filter located at glider-airfield EDMC, antenna selfmade collinear Antenna Sebastian
EDMD Receiver located at Dachau-Gröbenried airfield, in Bergkirchen. Dachau e.V. Airfield Webcam
EDNC Beilngries airfield EDNC Webcam
EDNE Receiver located at glider-airfield EDNE, Receiver with Chinese antenna Uli
EDNK Kirchdorf/Inn 9db chinese antenna, AB010 preamp, Kathrein LCD 111 cable, rtlsdr dongle v3, Raspi2 florianjb
EDNU Thannhausen Airfield Timo Bruderek
EDNW Located next to Weissenhorn Airfield EDNW - RaspPi 2B with Active Diapason AA 868 Antenna Antenna Webcam Sebastian
EDPJ Receiver located at Laichingen airfield EDPJ. Flugsportverein Laichingen e.V. Webcam1 Webcam2 Webcam3
EDOC Raspi B+ mit chinesischer Antenne Ulli
EDOX Receiver located at Renneritz Maik
EDOZ RPi B+ Fabian
EDPD Receiver located at airfield Dingolfing; Chinese Antenna, Werner
EDPF Schwandorf glider airfield. Flugsport-Club Schwandorf Webcam FLC Schwandorf
EDPH Schwabach-Büchenbach airfield. Fliegervereinigung Schwabach Airfield
EDPK Schönberg glider airfield. Fliegergruppe Traunstein Airfield Webcam
EDPT Receiver located at Gerstetten airfield. FSV Gerstetten Webcam
EDQD Receiver located at Bayreuth Airfield (EDQD), antenna selfmade collinear Gero
EDQE Receiver on tower EDQE Marcus
EDQO Receiver located at Ottengrüner-Heide airfield, Helmbrechts. Segelflugzentrum Ottengrüner Heide e.V. Airfield
EDQW Receiver located at Weiden airfield No pictures yet EDQWmgr
EDQX Receiver on tower, DVTB antenna Sebastian
EDRA Receiver located at airfield EDRA: "chinese" fibre-glas collinear 9dB antenna; LNA4ALL + SAW Filter (FLARM 868 Mhz) from 9A4QV; NooELec NESDR Mini 2+ 0,5PPM TCXO USB RTL-SDR Receiver; Cubieboard 2. Dirk
EDRG Receiver located at airfield EDRG, Raspberry Pi 2, 9dB antenna (in construction), tested as EDRS-Test and BonnTest kerel
EDRS Receiver at airfield Domberg, Bad Sobernheim. Location: FSV Sobernheim Tower EDRS CAM2 CAM1 edrs
EDRV Receiver located at airfield Wershofen/Eifel: 9dB collinear antenna; Terra AB010;Kathrein LCD 111; RTL-SDR V3 Dongle; Raspberry Pi3 Webcam EDRV
EDSG Receiver located at EDSG, "chinese" 9dB collinear antenna, Raspberry Pi3b, TV28Tv2 stick Airfield Webcam FabiB
EDSP Receiver located at airfield EDSP, Raspberry Pi 2, Whitelist-Filtering enabled, no proper antanna yet - still testing FSV Herrenberg e.V.
EDSR Radolfzell-Stahringen airfield. Flugsportvereinigung Radolfzell Airfield Webcam
EDSV Wächtersberg glider airfield. Flugsportvereinigung Wächtersberg Webcam Webcam2
EDTD Receiver located at Donaueschingen-Villingen airport Webcam
EDTE Receiver located at Eutingen airfield EDTE. FSV Rottenburg-Horb-Eutingen Webcam Rich
EDTM Receiver located @ EDTM Mengen airfield - RPi3B Chinese Antenna Webcam Stefan
EDTN Receiver located at airfield EDTN, antenna selfmade collinear fibre-glass
EDTQ Receiver located at airfield EDTQ, antenna selfmade
EDTW Receiver located on the airfiled EDTW, Raspi B+ with NooElec TV28T v2 DVB-T receiver and "chinese" fibre-glass 9dB collinear antenna Martin
EDTY Receiver located at airfield EDTY, antenna selfmade Sven
EDVC Raspi B and RTL2832u stick with Chinese Colinear 9db antenna Bernd
EDVE Banana Pi - RTL-Stick - Diapason AA 868 - Aero Club Braunschweig - will become active by the end of March DooMMasteR
EDVH Raspberry Pi with a Salcar Top SDR USB DVB-T Receiver located in Hodenhagen. Robert
EDVM Receiver located at airfield EDVM - openSUSE Server with SDR USB DVB-T Receiver and Kathrein K7021621 Antenna Antenna Helmut
EDVR Receiver located at airfiled Rinteln (EDVR), Raspberry Pi 2, DVB-T Receiver, Chinese Colinear Antenna 9db. Stefan
EDWJ Receiver located at airfield Juist (EDWJ), antenna selfmade collinear Gero
EDWN Receiver located at airfiled Nordhorn-Lingen (EDWN), Raspberry Pi 2, DVB-T Receiver, currently default antenna Stefan
EDXF Receiver located at 3 km~ of Flensburg Schäferhaus airfield. Luftsportverein Flensburg e.V. Webcam
Eisberg glider airfield Joachim Schwenk
Emmerich Emmerich-Palmersward glider airfield. Flugsportverein Emmerich-Rees
Erbendorf Erbendorf Schweißlohe airfield. Segelflugverein Grafenwöhr 1930 Airfield
ETOI Vilseck, at 3.5 km of Vilseck military airfield Airfield
Farrenb3 Receiver located at glider airfield Farrenberg Jonas Krautter
GAMD Receiver located at glider-airfield Gammelsdorf, antenna Jetvision Active Diapason Felix
Geratshof Receiver located at glider-airfield Geratshof, antenna Chinese Colinear 9db antenna Peter
HeLi Hessisch Lichtenau glider airfield. Luftsportverein Hessisch Lichtenau
HELLENHG Hellenhagen glider airfield. Flugsportclub e.V. Hannover Frank
Hellingst Hellingst glider airfield. Luftfahrtverein Unterweser e.V. Airfield
Hengsen Receiver located at Hengsen-Opherdicke airfield, still with DVB-T antenna, will be replaced soon Thomas
Hersbruck Hersbruck glider airfield. RPi2 and DVB-T Stick with selfmade colinear antenna Stefan
Hornberg Hornberg airfield, Fliegergruppe Schwäbisch Gmünd Airfield Webcam
HoyaFlpl Hoya airfield, Segelflugverein Hoya von 1931. Raspberry Pi with a collinear antenna Manfred
Iserlohn Receiver located at Iserlohn-Sümmern, antenna selfmade collinear
KIKD Test Receiver located at Pruem - RPi2 and DVB-T Stick+antenna
Klippenec Receiver located at DB0KLI amateur radio repeater, on glider-airfield Klippeneck
Koenigsdf Receiver located at glider-airfield Königsdorf, 9db antenna with Odroid C1, Terra AB011 amplifier and dongle v3 with software switched bias tee webcamSE webcamSW Spectrogram OGNKDF
Langenfld Receiver located at Langenfeld - RPi and Chineeseantenna Hans
Leibertng Fluggemeinschaft Leibertingen ADMIN
Lobberich Receiver located in Nettetal-Lobberich. Vicinity of EDLF and Venlo airfield. RPI 2 and China-Antenna. Webcam of EDLF. My Blog: Verflogen Webcam1 Webcam2 Webcam3 Webcam4 HeikoXO
Loechgau Receiver located at glider airfield Loechgau - antenna selfmade collinear Holger
LuDa Receiver located at glider-airfield Ludwigshafen-Dannstadt, antenna 868MHz Chinese Colinear LuDa_Testside 1 LuDa_Testside 2 LuDa_Testside 3 LuDa_Testside 4 Webcam Domlott
LuDaN Receiver located 10 km North of Ludwigshafen-Dannstadt, Antenna 868MHz Chinese Colinear 14dBi, LN4ALL cavity filter and amplifier, RTL-SDR v3, RPi3, Antenna on rooftop of house. Marcel
Markdorf Markdorf airfield. Segelfluggelände Markdorf Airfield
Meiersbrg Meiersberg Glider Airfield Eberhard
Monchshei Receiver located at Mönchsheide airfield, RPi3 with DVBT stick and mini antenna David
Montabaur Receiver located at Montabaur glider-airfield, RPi3, 9dbi China antenna, Terra AB010 preamp, Kathrein LCD111 coax cabling, currently NO FLARM filter by Adam, RTL-SDR dongle, TZU 15-02 crossover Antenna Emre Günes
Muhlacker Mühlacker, at 1.5 km of Hangensteinerhof glider airflield. Flugsportclub Mühlacker und Umgebung Airfield
Musbach Receiver located at glider-airfield Musbach, antenna Chinese Colinear 9db outdoor installation RPi2 + DVB-T stick Axel Reich
Neuruppin Segelfluggelände Neuruppin, Raspberry Pi 3B, RTL2838 DVB-T 0,5 PPM, Chinese 9dB Colinear Antenna Webcam Antenna Eggert Ehmke
Nidda Nidda auf dem Helmsberg glider airfield. Fliegersportklub Nidda e. V.
OHAUSEN Receiver located on airfield Oppershausen, Raspberry Pi 3, RTL2832U+R820T DVB-T USB-Stick and a small tv-antenna will be permanently available soon (i hope) Chris
Ohlstadt Ohlstadt glider airfield. Segelflugzentrum Ohlstadt Airfield Webcam1 Webcam2
Paterzell Receiver at Paterzell airfield. Thinkpad X200 with RTL-SDR stick, Uputronics SAW filtered LNA and Chinese 9db antenna. Sven
Pohlheim Receiver located on SGS Pohlheim Rodrigo
Poris Raspberry Pi2 with Chinese antenna on the roof. Terra AB010 amplifier, Kathrein LCD111 Cable, SAW Filter from Adam 9A4QV. Alex
Strass1 Receiver located at Straßham. UL airfield Sepp
Tarmstedt Raspberry Pi, RTL2832u , 9 dB chinese antenna Tim
Teck Fliegergruppe Dettingen unter Teck e.V. Airfield Webcam1 Webcam2 Andreas
Tirschenr Receiver located at glider-airfield Tirschenreuth, antenna tooth-stick from DVB-T stick
UWoessen Receiver located at Unterwössen airfield. Segelfluggruppe Siemens München e.V. Runway
UWoessen2 Receiver located at Unterwössen village, near the airfield.
UWoessen3 Receiver located at Unterwössen airfield. Segelfluggruppe Siemens München e.V.
Vielbrunn RPi B+ with Salcar DVB-T-Stick and 12-element collinear DIY-antenna 9Y
other locations
Aarbergen Another receiver in Aarbergen.
Aarbgn1 RPi 1 + RTLSDR.COM Stick Location Aarbergen/RTK. Thomas
AFezer Receiver located at Heiningen, ~43 km south east Backnang-Heiningen (EDSH).
Ahaus Receiver located at Ahaus. Christian
Anwalting Receiver located at Anwalting. DaM
Aue2 Raspberry 2 + DVB-T 11.5 km west from Glider-airfield Aue (see also Airfield Aue above) Nixe
Arber Receiver located on top of mountain Arber at ham radio station DB0ARB. OGNKDF
BadBad Receiver located at Baden-Baden on a hill, near the airfiled. Aero-Club Baden-Baden e.V. Airfield
Berglen Receiver located at Berglen
Berlin Receiver located in the south of Berlin. OGNKDF
Bielefeld Receiver located at Bielefeld, about 10 km north of the airfield (EDLI).
Bocholt Bocholt, run recOGNice software
Bocholt01 Raspberry Pi 2 with DVB-T receiver, LNA but long coax cable Lukas
Bockhorn Raspberry Pi 2 with DVB-T receiver
Conitec Receiver located at Dieburg. At Conitec GmbH office
DDHbf Rasperry Pi 2 with DVB-T receiver near Mainstation, only flarm data from east, we install a better antenna
Deblinghs Deblinghausen, Steyerberg
DEboetzow Rasperry Pi with DVB-T receiver in NW of Berlin Ralle
Drenstein Drensteinfurt
Dresden Rasperry Pi 2
EDDHEast Receiver under test located near Hamburg. Active Flarm antenna under test Andy
erlangen Testinstallation mit Raspberry Pi B+ und DVBT-Antenne mopmop
Esperke Test setup with Raspi B and RTL2832u stick Bernd
Euskirche Euskirchen, at ~8 km south of Weilerswist UL airfield
FFB Fürstenfeldbruck, between Jesenwang and Dachau airfields.
Fildstdt Receiver located at Filderstadt, close to Stuttgart airport
GAR74 Testinstallation Ulli
Gladbeck Receiver located in Galdbeck NRW, Testing:Raspberry with DVB-T receiver Johannes
Goch Testing Raspberry with DVB-T receiver Darian
GochESP recOGNice software. See Goch
Gultling Receiver is located in Gültlingen near Deckenpfronn Nigel
HamburgSE Receiver located near Hamburg.
HammNRW Receiver located west of Hamm/Westfalen in NRW, antenna factory toothpick Michael
Heilbronn Receiver RTL-SDR Dongle with selfmade coaxial colinear antenna and Pi2 Roland
Herrenber Raspberry Pi1 with dvb-t stick. Thomas
HertenNRW Receiver located north/west of Herten in NRW, antenna selfmade collinear Gero
HochschDA Receiver located at Hochschule Darmstadt RasPi2+ 4 * 7el Yagi looking SW + 6 chamber cavity resonator bandpass filter +0.8dB ultra low noise amp on top of a 100m tower building Antennas Filter Bandwidth Klaus
Hof1 Receiver located at Hof
HOLTUMDS Raspberry Pi2 with DVBT Stick an Chinese Antenna at a 117m Wind Turbine near EDWV, 28283 Verden (Aller) Daniel Schmitz
IBB OGN receiver located near Ibbenbüren. Banana pro; RTL-SDR R820T2 tuner; Wimo 868 MHz omni antenna Antenna Ulrich
IBBe OGN receiver located near Ibbenbüren. Banana pro; RTL-SDR R820T2 tuner; test 1/4 wave antenna Alfons
IDD Test installation. RPi with DVB-T stick. Location: South of Braunschweig Bjoern
Ihrlerstein Receiver located in Ihrlerstein; Chinese Antenna, Terra AB010 Pre-amp, Raspberry 1 Dominic
Ihringen Located in Ihringen Luca
Ingostadt Receiver located in Ingolstadt; Chinese Antenna, Terra AB010 Pre-amp, Odroid C1 Dominic
Kalkar Testinstallation with a remote feeded active antenna Ulli
KalkarESP recOGNice software. See Kalkar
Kamen Receiver located Airfield of Kamen-Heeren /Westfalen in NRW, antenna 9db chinese collinear Detlev
Karlsruhe Test installation. RPi with DVB-T stick. Receiver located at south front of my home in center of Karlsruhe. Until Sptember 3rd with toothpick antenna, since then with 9db chinese collinear. toothpick collinear Harald
Konstanz Private Installation WAUKN
KOOS2 Test Receiver located at Koosbuesch - RPi2 and DVB-T Stick+antenna
Laim Laim, near Munich
Mainz3 RPi 2B + RTLSDR.COM Stick + Uputronics SAW filtered LNA + chinese collinear antenna. Wolfram
Miesbach Odroid XU4, RTL2832/R820T USB-Stick, homemade 12 element colinear antenna Alex
Moehnesee Möhnesee, at ~10 km of Oeventrop Ruhrwiesen airfield.
Moosburg Moosburg an der Isar, at 1 km of the airfield. Fliegerclub Moosburg Airfield Webcam
MosbachDH Receiver located at DHBW Mosbach, using RPiB+ and DVB-T Juergen Eckert
MuelheimR Receiver located south/west of Muelheim Ruhr, antenna selfmade collinear Gero
OFFENBG Offenburg, at 2.5 km of Offenburg-Baden airfield (EDTO). Fliegergruppe Offenburg Airfield
OMB Raspberry Pi 2 with diapason-antenna in Obermichelbach, 10km W of EDDN netbees
Ottobrunn Ottobrunn
Paderborn Receiver located near to EDLR, using RPI3, Chinese colinear antenna and Uputronics Filtered Preamp Daniel
Reggliswe Regglisweiler, Dietenheim
RheinauDE Receiver at the west side of the Black Forest. Running on old BeagleBoard and temporarily on the small DVB-T dongle aerial. Due to low CPU power it is decoding packets on the lower FLARM frequency only Yves
Rielasing Private installation - antenna Chinese Colinear 9db indoor installation RPi3 + DVB-T stick Ebi
RoeHm test installation Pi2+DVB-T+chinese outdoor antenna Genschman
Rottenbg1 Receiver located at Rottenburg am Neckar
SanktAug1 Pi3+DVB-T (RTL2832 + R820T) and chinese 9dB antenna Marcel
Sassenb Sassenberg.
Schauinsl Receiver located at DB0FRG amateur radio repeater, on top of the Schauinsland mountain near Freiburg
Skytraxx Located in Titisee-Neustadt Michael
SRBVOR1 Strausberg Vorstadt, RPi3 with Nooelec small SMA-Port Stick, at 7.5 km of EDAY airfield, located on a balcony in the 3rd floor, standard crap antenna with AB011 Amp. Holger
Stadtlohn description christian
Stukenbro Receiver located at Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock.
SUESSEN Receiver located at Süßen.
Sykeihgr Raspberry Pi, RTL2832u , 9 dB chinese antenna on rooftop Manfred
Tettnang Receiver located at Tettnang, near Bodensee-Airport at Friedrichshafen. See also Dornier Museum
Uedem Uedem, at ~20 km of Wesel-Römerwardt airfield (EDLX).
Uetze Uetze. Flugsportclub e.V. Hannover Frank
Walbeck Walbeck, at 16 km of Kerken glider airfield. Windmill
Wank Receiver located at DM0GAP amateur radio repeater on top of mountain "Wank" near Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Rx chain: chinese 9dB-Antenna, CBP-840C+ filter from Paul HB9AXA, dongle v2, 20m active USB cable, RPi 2 OGNKDF
Wemding Rx chain: homemade 4 x 2el Moxon, homemade preselector (like my filter but low insertion loss), LNA4ALL (Adam 9A4QV), homemade filter 868 MHz from copper waterpipe, R820T2 DVB-T, RPi2. Antenna located at window board 9m above ground, window facing south-west towards meteorite crater. Marcus
Wolbeck Bitbroker
DING Receiver located at Airfield: Der Dingel, Hardware: Raspberry Pi2 with selfmade collinear antenna Frederic
Bergheim Test Phase Martin


No. APRS name Description Photo Status Contact
LHBD Receiver located at ALBA AIRPORT - Börgönd, Hungary; RPI2B+ [with GPU] - R820T2 tuner - Collinear Antenna Lorand Csamer
LHFH DIY collinear antenna, RPI2 Photos Sibi
LHOY Raspberry Pi 3, Active Diapason antenna Webcam Karoly Mayer


No. APRS name Description Photo Status Contact
VAPOGCP Receiver located at Gliding Centre Pune, Rpi 2B+ RTL-SDR V3 S N


No. APRS name Description Photo Status Contact
LLBS Currently testing in Israel Paz


No. APRS name Description Photo Status Contact
Chavalats Receiver on top of the Piz Chavalatsch at amateur radio repeater IR3EB. Installation Shelter Mast Webcam WebcamHD OGNKDF
Enemonzo OGN Italian node by CVAO. Located on Enemonzo Airfield - RaspberryPi, R820T dongle and 9dBi antenna ventus2b
Lagazuoi OGN Italian node by CVAO. Located on Lagazuoi Mountain retreat- RaspberryPi, R820T dongle and 9dBi antenna ventus2b
fvgogn Friuli Venezia Giulia OGN receiver - RaspberryPi2, R820T dongle and Active Diapason AA 868 antenna Igor
Gitschbg At amateur radio repeater IR3UHI OGNKDF
LevicoT1 RaspberryPi3modB R820Tdongle logo.jpg [[receiver:LevicoT1 | Michele]
LIAA Receiver at Terni airfield, Raspberry PI 2, orange R820T dongle with LNA, Chinese antenna Luca
LIDH First OGN Italian node. Located on Thiene Airport - RaspberryPi2, R820T dongle and home made 12 elements coax collinear photo ventus2b
LIDT Trento airport, Raspberry PI 3, orange R820T dongle with LNA, Chinese antenna Carlo
LILB OGN Italian node located on Alzate Brianza Airport.
LILH OGN Italian node located on Rivanazzano Airport . Raspberry Pi2, R820T dongle Silfuin
LILV Valbrembo airport. Aeroclub Volovelistico Alpino Airfield Club Webcam
LIPF Ferrara airport. Aeroclub Volovelistico Ferrarese Airfield
LIPN OGN Italian node by CVAO. Located on Verona Boscomantico Airport - RaspberryPi, R820T dongle and 9dBi antenna ventus2b
LIQN OGN Italian node by AeCCVV. RaspberryPi, R820T dongle and waiting for 9dBi antenna Giuseppe Santucci
MGrappa OGN Italian node. Located on Monte Grappa - RaspberryPi2, R820T dongle and 9dBi antenna with filtered LNA photo ventus2b
MSSimeone OGN Italian node by CVAO. Located on Monte San Simeone - RaspberryPi2, R820T dongle and 9dBi antenna ventus2b
Padova OGN Italian node by CVAO. Located on Padova - RaspberryPi, R820T dongle and 9dBi antenna ventus2b
Scandido OGN Italian node by CVAO. Located on San Candido - RaspberryPi, R820T dongle and 9dBi antenna ventus2b
TvNord Lancenigo, north suburb of Treviso
Udine Italian OGN receiver, located on Savorgnano del Torre. Server is an ubuntu serverx64 virtual machine, RTL2838 DVB-T dongle and collinear 15dB antenna Green.Pixel


No. APRS name Description Photo Status Contact
EYPR Receiver located at Pociunai airfield. Runs on RPi 1B, ThumbNet receiver and DIY 12 elements collinear antenna. Photos Club Martynas
EYVP Receiver located at Paluknys airfield. Runs on RPi 3B, rtl-sdr V3 receiver, terra ab011 amp with integrated filter and chineese 9dBi Huahong antenna. Photos Club Martynas
other locations
Griskabud Receiver located at Griskabudis. Runs on RPi 3B, ThumbNet green receiver, terra ab011 amp with integrated filter and chineese 9dBi Huahong antenna. Photos Martynas
Kaunas Receiver located at Kaunas. Runs on RPi 3B, ThumbNet receiver, terra ab010 amp with integrated filter and Yagi UN3F 11dBi directional antenna. Martynas


No. APRS name Description Photo Status Contact
Useldange Receiver located near Useldange (ELUS) airfield. Hardware : Rpi3 + NooElec NEDSR SMArt (RTL-SDR dongle) + Uputronics 868Mhz SAW filter/preamp (5v powered) + chinese 9db antenna. 0.2.6 ARM Andy Corlier


No. APRS name Description Photo Status Contact
FYBJ Receiver located at Bitterwasser airfield
FYKH Receiver located at Kiripotib Soaring airfield
FYPO Receiver located at Pokweni airfield
FYVF Receiver located at Veronica Flying airfield, RPi2 with DVBT stick and DB11 antenna Bernd
FYVF2 Receiver located at Veronica Flying airfield, RPi3 with DVBT stick and DB11 antenna Bernd


NL: Indien je je bereik wilt verhogen door het plaatsen van een 9dB antenne, ik heb er een aantal liggen - Email Frank
No. APRS name Description Photo Status Contact
Andelst New since October 2nd, 2015. Testing now with Raspberry Pi 2 B and supplied small antenna placed on top of my roof. Will need antenna upgrade and better placement. photo Maarten Vermeulen
Andelst2 New since October 8th, 2015. Testing now with 2nd Raspberry Pi 2 model B and Chinese 9DB antenna (Will arrive next day) Shielding Pi in alu box. Shielding DVB-T receiver in alu box. Maarten Vermeulen
ApeldrnN ognveendam
Assen Placed at my home. With 9dB antenna. photo Peter Schellenberg
BHstede1 VMZ station Burgh-Haamstede, using a Raspberry Pi2 and a 16 elements collinear antenna photo Peter Strayer
BOZ RaspberryPi 2B with 6 element homemade collinear antenna. Johan
Cuijk Unknown, probably pigtail antenna
Deelen RPi & RTL2838, 9DB 868mhz antenna incomming. Erwin Vorenhout
DelftVHL RPi & RTL2838, no special antenna. Don't expect much range but I'll try to keep it online.
DeVoorst Raspberry Pi 2 & 9dB collinear, located at De Voorst glidersite / Zweefvliegclub Noordoostpolder. Jos Minnema
Eerbeek Raspberry Pi 3 & 9dB collinear, located at my home Richard Jonker
EHAM RTL2838 on my work pc, no special antenna & terrible position. Don't expect much range but I'll try to keep it online.
EHGR Placed at GLC ILlustrious Gliding Club Clubhouse. In a 10 meter high mast together with an ADSB antenna. With an AirCell 7 10meter fed 9dB antenna towards rPi-B + RTL2832U & R820T Tuner Photo, Radar Frank Schellenberg
EHGRmob RaspberryPi B+ - RTL2832U & R820T Tuner - 9dB antenna - Huawei r201 MiFi (fw. v4.9) on Bliep/T-Mobile Network. Placed at GLC Illustrious Gliding Club on the Launch Site. Connected via 3G and only online when we fly, mainly to capture some low altitude blind spots of the EHGR receiver. Frank Schellenberg
EHHO BananaPi & 9dB collinear, located at EHHO airfield / Vliegclub Hoogeveen. Peter Kroon
EHHV Stanislaw Pusep
EHMZ Zeeland Airport at Arnemuiden. Zeeland Zweefland Webcam
EHNY Replaces the Malden receiver
EHSB Odroid U3 with a 9db Chineese antenna 20 meters up. The signal is send through a pre-amp and a SAW filter before being processed in the RTL2832U & R820T tuner Ron Buschgens
EHTE Placed at Teuge Airport. 9dB antenna towards rPi-B + RTL2832U & R820T Tuner Tristan Smits
EHTL Placed at Terlet Airport; Clubhouse Gelderse Zweefvliegclub. 9dB antenna towards rPi-2B + RTL2832U & R820T Tuner Johan
EHTW Raspberry Pi 3, located at Twente Airport at the TZC club house (Twente Gliding Club). Note that the current setup is still under construction and will be improved over the next few months. Joost H
EHVB Unknown, probably pigtail antenna
EHWO RaspberryPi 2B with 9 db Chinese antenna at the WBAC clubhouse. Johan
EHZCH live @ ZCH 20160615 Webcam Frank Post
EZAC With home made 9dB antenna from AirCell 7 coax to an Olimex A20 OlinuXino-Lime2 with 2x RTL2832U & R820T Tuner (Flarm and ADS-B) Evert
EZZC @EZZC Castricum temp with pigtail Frank Post
Gorinchem Raspberry Pi at my home. Also used for my solarsystem, so it is a busy box. 9 db antenna mounted on rooftop, connected with 3 meter Aircell 7 cable to RTL2832U & R820T Tuner. photo Ron Stevens
GronPW RaspberryPi & 9dB Chinese collinear, located at my home. Peter Kroon
HHWaard Heerhugowaard. Raspberry Pi at my home, with pigtail. Frank Post
Heikant Olimex A20-OLinuXino-Lime2 with M0UKD 'Slim Jim' indoor antenna Paul
Ijburg Stanislaw Pusep
Mook Raspberry Pi & 9dB Chinese collinear, located at my home. Bart Konings
Nistelr Raspberry PI & 9db Antenne Placed at rooftop of hangar Aeroclub Nistelrode Antenna Christ van der Weide
Rosmalen Placed at my home. A busy area in the south due to rivers in the north and restricted airspace in the south the location is a great corridor. It is my test location so will turn yellow/orange a lot. Will be place near the roof top at 10 meters. Now has a small whip only, will be repaced by a AirCell 7 12 elemet Pawel Coax antenna as soon as connectors from China arrive Frank Schellenberg
Salland RPi3 at Aero Club Salland airfield. 9dB antenna fixed to the clubhouse. Peter Schellenberg
Veendam Noord Nederlandse Zweefvlieg Club Placed at rooftop of hangar. Webcam Tiemen Fiat
Vlissing1 VMZ station Vlissingen, using a Raspberry Pi2 and a small DVB tuner antenna Jeroen Muurling
ZCflevo Homemade co-co antenna at Biddinghuizen glidersite David
Zweeloo RaspberryPi at my home with whip. Wim Brinks
ZwolleN RPi3 at my home with a diy 868 MHz antenna and a Filter/Preamp Antoine Megens
EHTLBEL Flarm ontvanger, antenne mast Thermiekbel Jens

New Zealand

No. APRS name Description Photo Status Contact
Alexandra Receiver located at Springvale, near Alexandra airport. Central Otago Flying Club
Drury Receiver located at Drury Glider Base, Auckland. RPi2, 9dBi Antenna Adam
Kaimata Receiver located near Inglewood, New Plymouth. RPi 2, 9dBi Antenna Dougal
Makahu Receiver located 40km inland from Stratford. PV Powered System. Ubiquity Nano 2.4GHz link to base. RPi 3, 9dBi Antenna Dougal
Matamata Receiver located near Matamata Township. RPi3 9dBi antenna Julian
Mtborough Receiver located in Martinborough Township. RPi3 Julian
Ngatea Receiver located Northern end of the Hauraki Plains. RPi3 9dBi Antenna Julian
NZMA Receiver located at Matamata Airfield. RPi3 9dBi antenna Julian
NZME Receiver located at Mercer Airfield. RPi3 9dBi antenna Julian
NZMS Receiver located at the Masterton Airfield . RPi2 Craig
NZTO Receiver located at Tokoroa Airfield. RPi3, 9dBi Antenna Julian
Omarama Receiver located at Omarama Glider Airport Melissa
PalmNth Receiver located in Palmerson North City. RPi3, 9dBi Antenna Robert
Taumata1 Receiver located near Tauranga. RPi3, 9dBi Antenna Julian
TaupoGC Receiver located at Centennial Park Gliding Strip. RPi3, 9dBi Antenna Rob
WiseleyRd Receiver located near NZWP. RPi2, 9dBi Antenna Ray


No. APRS name Description Photo Status Contact
ENHS Receiver located at Mjøndalen, at 7 km of Hokksund airfield. Gardermoen seilflyklubb


No. APRS name Description Photo Status Contact
EPKP Receiver located at Kraków - Pobiednik Wielki airport. Aeroklub Krakowski Webcam
EPLR Receiver located at Lublin / Radawiec airport. Aeroklub Lubelski Airfield
EPLU Receiver located at Aeroklub Zagłębia Miedziowego, Lubin, western Poland. Running on a PC Webcam Andrzej
EPOM Receiver located at ~7 km of Ostrów Wielkopolski airport, Aeroklub Ostrowski Airfield
EPOP Receiver located at Opole-Polska airport. Aeroklub Opolski
EPRU Receiver located at Rudniki airport. Aeroklub Częstochowski Webcam
EPWS Receiver located at Szymanów, at Aeroklub Wrocławski, western Poland. Running on a Raspberry PI 2 Webcam 1 Webcam 2 Alek
EPZR Receiver located at Żar airfield. Running on a small Futro S450 PC with Chinese collinear antenna Webcam Runway Sylwek Górska Szkoła Szybowcowa
other locations
Bialystok Receiver located at Białystok
Boleslaw Bolesławiec, at ~15 km of Krzywa (a former soviet military airport).
Fenix Receiver based on Raspberry Pi 2+ chinese antenna Pawel
HF3P Pobiedziska
malar Receiver based on Raspberry Pi 2+ chinese antenna locatet in Kociugi ( boruh
boruh Receiver based on Raspberry Pi 2+ chinese antenna located in poznań, Poland boruh
aczop Receiver based on Raspberry Pi 2+ chinese antenna locatednear Cracow, Poland boruh
Rybczyzna Rybczyzna, north east, at ~70 km of Lithuanian border.
Wronki Receiver based on Raspberry Pi + chinese antenna Piotrek
Brodnica Receiver based on Raspberry Pi B+and homemade antenna near Brodnica, Poland Damian
Bezmiech Receiver located at landing area Bezmiechowa. Webcam Akademicki Ośrodek Szybowcowy Bezmiechowa Wojciech Średniawa, Ośrodek Szkolenia Lotniczego w Bezmiechowej


No. APRS name Description Photo Status Contact
USMAN Receiver located at club . Now reciever in the test mode. Alexander


No. APRS name Description Photo Status Contact
LZMA DIY Collinear 12 parts, R820T2 + SAW, OrangePI Zero, POE 12/5V DC-DC View1 Peter
LZNI Receiver located at Nitra (LZNI) airfield, Slovakia
LZPE Prievidza airfield. Aeroklub letisko Prievidza Airfield Webcam Webcam2
LZPT Homemade collinear 12 parts, R820T2, SAW filter, POE 12/5V DC-DC, WIFI, RPi2B+, LNA PSA4-5043+ Peter
LZTR DIY Collinear 12 parts, R820T2 + SAW, Rpi 2 B+, POE 12/5V DC-DC View1 Peter
OM2APF Test station at home Peter
other locations


No. APRS name Description Photo Status Contact
KranjZP Located at Kranj.
Urslja Located on Uršlja Gora Pylone U.K.
Kunigunda [] U.K.
LJCL Aeroklub Celje Aeroclub U.K.
LJMS Aeroklub Murska Sobota Airfield S.R.
LJPT Aeroklub Ptuj Airfield U.K.
LJBL Alpski Letalski Center (ALC) Lesce Aeroclub M.K.
LJNM Aeroklub Novo mesto Down for the winter. Installation A.S.
LJKN ALD Sneznik E.D.
LJPO AK Postojna


No. APRS name Description Photo Status Contact
JSPotch Receiver located in Potchs airport at the Jonker Sailplanes factory Photo Angel
ZAKlerk Receiver located in Stillfontain factory Antenna Angel
ZAlicht Receiver located in Lichtenburg factory Photo Angel
ZAottos Receiver located in Ottosdale Photo Angel
ZAventer Receiver located in Ventersdrop OK Foods store Photo Angel
ZAbotha Receiver located in Bothaville factory Photo Angel
FATP Receiver located in New Tempe Airport Photo Angel
FAWC Cape Gliding Club, Worcester Airfield, Western Cape Colin S
FAWCS Cape Gliding Club, Worcester Airfield, Western Cape Colin S
CapeTown CapeTown, Western Cape Colin S
Rosetta Rosetta KZN Gary M


No. APRS name Description Photo Status Contact
CREAL Receiver located in Ciudad Real - Spain Photo Jose
LECD Receiver located in La Cerdanya - LECD - Spain Photo Sergi
LESU Receiver located in La Seu de Urgel - LESU - Spain Photo Sergi
PortAine Receiver located in the ski resort Port Aine - Spain Photo1, WEB, Photo2 Sergi
Andorra Receiver located in Andorra Sergi
LaMolina Receiver located in La Tosa, La Molina ski station, Spain Photo1 , WebCam, WEB , Photo2 Sergi
LECI1 Receiver located in Santa Cilia - LECI - Spain Photo1, Photo2 , WebCam Luis
LECI2 Receiver located in San Juan de la Peña - LECI - Spain Photo Luis
StOrosiaW Receiver located in Santa Orosia - West, Sabiñanigo - Spain View, Pylons Luis
StOrosiaE Receiver located in Santa Orosia - East, Sabiñanigo - Spain View, Pylons Luis
PaloW Receiver located in Palo - West, Huesca - Spain Pylon Luis
PaloE Receiver located in Palo - East, Huesca - Spain Pylon Luis
LEFM Receiver located in Fuentemilanos - LEFM - Spain Photo Miguel
LETP Receiver located in Santo Tomé del Puerto - LETP - Spain Photo Miguel
Alcazaren Receiver located in Alcazaren - Spain Photo Miguel
LEIG Receiver located in Igualada - LEIG- Spain Photo Luigi
LELT Receiver located in Lillo - LELT- Spain WebCam, Photo Mikel
LEOC Receiver located in Ocaña Aerodrome - LEOC - Spain Photo Carlos
MORA Receiver located in Mora de Toledo - Spain Photo Mikel


No. APRS name Description Photo Status Contact
ESGC Receiver located at Ålleberg airfield
ESGE Receiver located at Borås airfield. Borås segelflygklubb Airfield Kjell
ESGH Receiver located at Herrljunga airfield. Herrljunga Flygklubb Airfield Info
ESGI Receiver located at Alingsås airfield Bengt Svensson
ESGK Receiver located at Falköpings airfield. Falbygdens Flygklubb Airfield Info
ESGL Receiver located at Lidköping Airport. Lidköpings Flygklubb
ESGO Receiver located at Vårgårda airfield Bengt Svensson
ESGR Skövde airport. Skövde segelflygklubb Webcam
ESKC Receiver located at Sundbro airfield, near Uppsala. Segelflygarna Uppsala FK
ESKD Receiver located at Dala-Järna airfield Västerdalarnas Flygklubb LG
ESKD2 Receiver located at Dala-Järna airfield Västerdalarnas Flygklubb LG
ESMI Receiver located at Sjöbo/Sövde airfield. Sjöbo Flygklubb Airfield Webcam Info
ESQO Located at Arboga Gliding Club. Airfield Per
ESSC Receiver located at airfield ESSC, Eskilstuna-Ekeby Michael
ESSE Receiver located at Skå-Edeby Airfield Robert
ESSD Receiver located at ESSD Borlänge Kristofer
ESSF Receiver located at Hultsfred Airport ESSF. Hannes Wemming
ESSG Receiver located at ESSG Ludvika Ludvika Flygplatsförening Stefan
ESVM Receiver located in Malung Johan Gustafsson
other locations
Almhult Receiver located in Älmhult. Hannes Wemming
Arboga Receiver is Long term sleeping Per
Bergsgard Receiver located South of Kopparberg, R-Pi, homemade Koaxial-antenna. Per
Bjorbo Receiver located in Bjorbo Kristofer
Braten Receiver located west of the lake Langsvan, R-Pi, homemade Koaxial-antenna. Per
Djuras Receiver located in Djuras Kristofer
Ekero Receiver located at Ekerö 20 km sw of Stockholm Robert
GOTENE Receiver located at Götene N.
GRASTORP Receiver located at Grästorp.
Halvar Receiver located at Halvars, Ludvika, Active Jetvision/Diapason 2m above roof Stefan
JGmobile Mobile station, running in my car, in the plane together with flarm, at airshows etc. WiFI via phone Johan Gustafsson
Kanehall Kanehall
Koping Receiver in center of Koping. Directional antenna towards west. Tommy
Kronobhed Receiver located at Kronobergshed airfield, 11km NW of ESMX Hannes Wemming
lammhult Receiver located at Lammhult Micke
Lima Receiver located in Lima / Limhedsforsen Johan Gustafsson
Motala Receiver located at Motala airfield. Motala Flygklubb Airfield
NIKKA Kebnekaise wave camp ice runway, 2 weeks of wave soaring fun every easter Airfield, Towplane, Glider Tom Arppe
RadioSala Located at Radio Sala, Sala GuenuineRadio
sthlmtest Placed in central of Stockholm for the moment Magnus
Vansbro Receiver located in Vansbro Johan Gustafsson
Varnamo Receiver located in Värnamo. Hannes Wemming
Vaxjo Receiver located in Växjö. Hannes Wemming


No. APRS name Description Photo Status Contact
AbtwilSG RPi B+. RTL2832/R820T USB-Stick. Homemade-Antenne 2x Lambda/2 Martin
Airolo Airolo, Active Diapason AA 868 Antenna. Picture 1 Picture 2 Giorgio
Azmoos Receiver located at Azmoos
Bachtel Bachtel, COSSOR directional antenna receiving direction North Greyheron
Bellalui TEST, operative Summer/Fall 2016 / Montana, RPi B+. RT283L2, collinear CXL 900-6LW-NB/868 MHz Christophe
Bern1 Receiver located at Bern
Bern2 Receiver located at Bern
Broglio Receiver located at Broglio Antenna Gionata
Brugg RPi B+. RTL2832/R820T USB-Stick Simon
Bueron RPi B, 8*Lambda/2 collinear indoor Benjamin
Burgdorf Yagi indoor Benjamin
chaudefon La Chaux-de-Fonds, à ~1 km de l'aéroport des Eplatures (LSGC). BananaPi + RT283L2 Aérodrome Webcam-est Webcam-ouest Alain
Cimetta Cardada Cimetta, Active Diapason AA 868 Antenna at the arrival of the chairlift. Picture of the antennas Giorgio
Elm Elm, Installation with a Pi/Wlan+Repeater and a Standard DVB-T Antenna, Location is suboptimal (in a narrow valley) Installation Antenna Jan
Entfelden Oberentfelden, at ~12 km east of Olten airfield (LSPO).
Erlach Erlach
ETH Zürich Test station at ETH Zürich, still in the lab, will be placed on the roof soon Giorgio Tresoldi
Guemligen located 3 km from Bern Belp Airport. RPi3 - FlightAware Pro Stick - 868 MHz Filter and Preamp - selfmade collinear 50 Ohm antenna Bruno
Heisch Near Hausen am Albis airport (LSZN), collinear antenna on the roof, 5m RG-213, RPi Roof Andrea
Herisau Herisau
Letzi Letzi hill, HB9CA amateur radio station, chinese collinear antanna Paul
Letzi2 Letzi hill, HB9CA amateur radio station, test of active antenna Benjamin
Linth Wangen, at ~3 km of Wangen-Lachen airfield (LSPV)
LSGB Aérodrome de Bex, GVV les Martinets. RPI2 Antenne Webcam-piste-33 Webcam-piste-15 CouCou
LSGE Aérodrome d'Ecuvillens (AREF). Intel NUC + RT283L2 + collinear Aérodrome Webcam-est Webcam-ouest Jérôme
LSGN Aérodrome de Neuchâtel, GVVN. BananaPi + RT283L2 Aérodrome Webcam-ouest Webcam-est Alain
LSGS Aérodrome de Sion, Vol à Voile Club Valais. RPi B+. RT283L2, collinear CXL 900-6LW-NB/868 MHz Christophe
LSGT Aérodrome de Gruyère, Rpi 2 Philippe
LSGY Aérodrome d'Yverdon. Air-Club d'Yverdon-les-Bains Aérodrome Webcam
LSMD Dübendorf military airfield.
LSMF LSMF airfield Mollis, SG Glarnerland - RPi model B 256MB, chinese antenna - new setup / being reinstalled at airfield June 2017 TestSetupThalwil Ronald
LSPF LSPF airfield Schaffhausen, rPI2, RTL2838 (0bda:2838), collinear antenna on the roof of the hangar - Andres
LSPH LSPH airfield Winterthur, rPI, RTL2838 (0bda:2838), collinear antenna currently out of order due to airfield restruction works Christian
LSPK Close to airfeld Hasenstrick. professional COSSOR antenna direction south Greyheron
LSPG LSPG Sarnen-Kaegiswil airfield Manuel
LSPL LSPL airfield, toothpick antenna Beat
LSPU LSPU airfield (MUENSTER GOMS) installation Chregu
LSTB Aérodrome de Bellechasse. Groupe de vol à voile Fribourg, antenne fouet. Terrain WebcamPanoramique WebcamPiste08 WebcamPiste26 Reto
LSTBSE LSTB airfield (SE), toothpick antenna Reto
LSTR Montricher glider airfield, GGVVM GVVVM. rPi 2, Chinese 9dB antenna on a 3m mast on top of the clubhouse roof Antenna WebcamSW WebcamNW Vincent
LSTS St. Stephan Airfield, LSTS, Hunterverein, RPi 3B, SDR-Dongle (R820T) Webcam GIN
LSTZ Zweisimmen Airfield, LSTZ, ASGZ, MFGO, RPi 3B, SDR-Dongle (R820T) with TCXO, "Active Diapason AA 868" Antenna Webcam GIN
LSZB Near Bern Belp airport, RTL2838/R820T2, 30cm antenna, Banana pi together with a ADSB MLAT receiver. LSZB ujm
LSZF Birrfeld airfield. Segelfluggruppe Birrfeld. RK3188 with collinear antenna Paul
LSZI Anglikon, at ~30 km of Fricktal-Schupfart airflied (LSZI).
LSZJ Courtelary airfield (LSZJ), Courtelary (GVVC) and Biel (SGBiel) clubs, rPi B+ with a chinese antenna. The antenna will be on the top of the C Office. Airfield Webcam Jérôme
LSZK Speck, Professional RX Antenna on the Airfield Greyheron
LSZL Locarno airport, Active Diapason AA 868 Antenna on a 6m pole at the GVVT Club House Webcam west Giorgio Tresoldi
LSZO LSZO airfield, Luzern-Beromünster, BananaPi with home-brew collinear antenna located within the attic of the Hangar Benjamin
LSZS Samedan-Engadin airfield, close to St Moritz. Segelflug Club Muottas Airfield WebcamWest WebcamEast
LSZX Schänis airfield. Schänis Soaring WebcamNorth WebcamSouth-west
Malvaglia RPi 2, Groundplane antenna + LNA, indoor Stef
Mattwil Mattwil. At ~8 km of LSZV and ~12 km of EDTZ.
Maur On top of a hill, 200 m above Maur. At ~5 km of LSMD and 9 km of LSZK.
MenzlenSG rPI B+ and homemade Yagi antenna Yagi-Antenna View WEBCAM SatellitenPaul
MenzleSG1 rPI B+ and homemade Yagi antenna Yagi-Antenna View WEBCAM SatellitenPaul
MONTREUX RPI2, En montage sur mon balcon Vue_du_balcon CouCou
Oberurnen Oberurnen, Station with a black Dongle, Pi/Wlan and a Chinese 9dB Antenna, fix Antenna location is pending Jan
OberWinti Oberwinterthur, at ~2 km of Winterthur airfield. Segelfluggruppe Winterthur Airfield
Rigi At Rigi Kulm hotel, collinear antenna on the roof, 5m RG-213, combline bandpass filter Huber+Suhner 2131.17.B, VECOW EC-3000-3G Panorama Hotel filter Spectrogram(FilterOff) (FilterOn) IndustrialPC Andrea
SoloStdby Spare receiver located at Solothurn
Solothurn Receiver located at Solothurn
SpeicherS Speicher
Termen Receiver located at Termen Pi2/WLAN/DVB-T mini antenna HeyWhatsThatCoverage Oliver
Termen2 Receiver located at Termen Pi1/LAN/chinese collinear antenna HeyWhatsThatCoverage Oliver
TRuetihof antenna and device test installation Benjamin
Tujetsch Tujetsch, Installation with a Pi/Wlan and a Standard DVB-T Antenna, Location is suboptimal (in a narrow valley) Antenna Jan
USigg Untersiggenthal, at ~7 km Birrfeld airfiled (LSZF)
Uster Uster, omnidirectional home made collinear antenna Greyheron
Uster2 Uster, Professional directional antenna Greyheron
Uznach Uznach, Station with a silver Dongle, Pi/Wlan and a Chinese 9dB Antenna, is located in a trough Station Jan
Walpwil Walperswil, Rpi with a Chinese 9dB Antenna Andreas
WilSg Wil SG, hill direction west. Home made collinear antenna array (12x lambda/2). RPi2 (Raspbian/Debian Jessie), RTL2838 / R820T2 receiver. GPS / (PPS) clock. Alex
LSZG Grenchen Aeroport 9dB Antenne Segelfluggruppe Solothurn Josef
Wuennewil Wünnewil Mittelland, Antenne Eigenbau Segelfluggruppe Solothurn Josef
Appenzell Home made Collinear-Antenna, RPi B+ Station, Antenna Chrugi
Haslital Diapason AA868 Active Antenna, Rpi B3+ Chrugi
Sustenpas GP-Antenna, Rpi B3+ Station, Antenna Chrugi
Graetli GP-Antenna, Rpi B3+ Station, Antenna Chrugi
Twing GP-Antenna, Rpi B3+ Station, Antenna Chrugi
Ragaz 868MHz Sleeve Antenna, Rpi B3+ LTrack

United States

No. APRS name Description Photo Status Contact
KMEV Receiver located at Soaring NV, Minden, Nevada Silvio


No. APRS name Description Photo Status Contact
Bidford RPi + home made collinear on 9 m mast above clubhouse at Bidford Gliding Club with PilotAware radio uplink Guy
Booker Wycombe Air Park (EGTB). Chinese antenna (installed late June2014) Peter
Brunty Near Bruntingthorpe Airfield Leicestershire - RPi3 Model B Dave
Burn Burn Gliding Club. Chinese aerial on clubhouse George G
Crowland Crowland airfield. Peterborough and Spalding Gliding Club. Chinese antenna Webcam1 Webcam2 Paul Ruskin
DNDSOUTH Dundee Airport (EGPN) Webcam
EGDM MoD Boscombe Down, Odroid with 12 stage colinear, expect periods of outage during installation Brian
EGFD Temporary receiver at Llanbedr Airfield for the London Gliding Club's expedition in September Clement
EGHF Portsmouth Naval Gliding Centre. The receiver is a 12 element home made colinear antenna set-up on the clubhouse roof at the western edge of the airfield attached to a RPI Dongle, Antenna, Receiver Chris
EGHL Lasham airfield: home-made antenna under a roof, RK3066 2-core CPU Tim
EGKE Kent Gliding Club at Challock. Photos to be added once installation finalised. Jared
EGPT Perth Airfield hosted by AST. 'Chinese' collinear on side of building. Antenna Alastair
EGUB Raspberry Pi 2 with mini DVBT adapter F05430 and Huahong antenna Aerial, Receiver Andrew
EGWN 18/08/15 now at RAF Halton with antenna mounted on the top of a hangar 20 m agl on a TV stick MK809IV (RK3188 Debian 14.04) over WiFi. 'Chinese' co-linear. Antenna, Receiver Peter
EGXY RPi2 + RT820T2 + Chinese Antenna. Located on roof of the control tower. David
EGYD Cranwell Village Just East of RAF Cranwell (EGYD) Ian Mountain
HusBos Receiver located at Coventry Gliding Club, East Midlands, UK with PilotAware uplink. Webcam1 Webcam2 Toby
Mynd Midland Gliding Club.The Long Mynd Nr Church Stretton in Shropshire - OGN Chinese 9dB Antenna now installed. Paul S
UKNYM Bristol & Gloucestershire G. C. DIY antenna mast on top of the bar. Xtophe
Oban Oban Airport (EGEO). Connel Flying Club Airfield Club Alastair
Portmoak Receiver located at Portmoak airfield, North of Edinburgh. Scottish Gliding Centre. 9dB Chinese aerial on clubhouse. Antenna Webcam Alastair
SALTBY Receiver at Buckminster GC Saltby Airfield, 8 element Collinear, RPI on Club House Roof Malc H
Shobdon Receiver at Herefordshire Gliding Club - OGN Chinese 9dB Antenna (Temporary Install at Present). Running on a Raspberry Pi B+ Paul S
SuttonBnk Yorkshire Gliding Club. Sutton Bank - SUT. Antenna SteveB
UKABO Chinese antenna on extension to weather mast at Deeside Gliding Club, Aboyne Webcam1 Webcam2 Webcam3 Mike
UKAST RPi B+ with Chinese antenna on control tower roof at Cotswold Gliding Club, Aston Down Airfield. Antenna Stephen
UKBIC Bicester airfield (EGDD), Bicester Gliding Centre
UKBRW Receiver located at Walney Island Airport, Barrow-in-Furness. The Lakes Gliding Club Airfield
UKCHP Receiver located at Bowland Forest Gliding Club, Chipping, Lancashire with homemade 12 element collinear Antenna, Receiver Phil
UKCPH Derbyshire & Lancashire Gliding Club. Camphill Dave R.
UKDRL Darlton Gliding Club. Pi B+, Stick antenna on club house roof Robert
UKDUN2 London Gliding Club. Chinese colinear on roof of club house Webcam1 Webcam2 Melissa
UKEAS Easterton Airfield, Highland Gliding Club. RPi2 with Chinese antenna mounted on hanger roof Webcam John C
UKEDG Shenington Gliding Club with PilotAware uplink Guy
UKFES RPi2 + home made 8 element collinear antenna (Pawel design) at Feshiebridge. Cairngorm Gliding Club Webcam Nick
UKGRL Cambridge Gliding Centre RPi2 and 9dB Collinear antenna with masthead multi stage pre-amp including multiple SAW bandpass filters. Bob Pursey
UKKEE Keevil Airfield. Bannerdown Gliding Club. Needs proper Aerial. Phil
UKKIR RPi 2 B+ with commercial antenna and PilotAware uplink. Trent Valley Gliding Club, Kirton in Lindsey Robert
UKLLE Lleweni Parc airfield. Denbigh Gliding. Toothpick antenna on clubhouse windowsill! Peter
UKLTN London Luton Airport (EGGW)
UKmil RPi 2 + commercial antenna on clubhouse at Borders Gliding Club, Milfield with radio uplink onto the PilotAware frequency Robert
UKNHL Devon & Somerset Gliding Club - Chinese aerial / rasp pi, mounted on corner of Clubhouse, North Hill Jill
UKPAR Parham glider airfield, Southdown Gliding Club Webcam
UKPOC RPi2 with home made Co-linear antenna Wolds Gliding Club clubhouse at Pocklington, with PilotAware uplink. Airfield Guy
UKRAT A Raspberry Pi running a Flarm receiver on roof of Rattlesden Gliding Club setup by me… a 14 year old Nathan
UKRUF York Gliding Centre. RPi2 + DIY antenna (5 element co-linear using RG402 semi-rigid coax) on Rufforth clubhouse roof richard
UKSE2 Staffordshire Gliding Club, RPi B+ with commercial antenna on clubhouse roof Webcam Paul Cooper
UKTAL Talgarth airfield. Black Mountains Gliding Club Airfield Webcam peter hadfield
UKTIB Chinese antenna + RPi Paul Ruskin
UKWRM Chinese antenna RPi Wormingford Paul Ruskin
UKUPW Upwood airfield, Nene Valley Gliding Club
UKUSK Airfield near Usk in Monmouthshire. South Wales Gliding Club. Home made collinear on clubhouse roof. Webcam1 Webcam2 Dave J
UKWOG Weston-on-the-Green - NE of Oxford. Oxford Gliding Club. Collinear antenna on top of club's hangar Krzysiek
WingFarm Longbridge Deverill. Aerosparx. RPi B+ at Airborne Composites, Huahong colinear aerial on flag pole Colin
other locations
Alconbury In Little Stukeley, 400m S of Alconbury disused airfield, Pib with Chinese antenna - antenna now mounted on roof. 3/3/15 antenna height increased by about 1.5m, (getting it clear of the roof line) hopefully to increase sensitivity in the NE & SE quadrants. More cover into East Anglia I hope! 5M coax between antenna and Pi Pete Belcher
Aldersht2 West end of Aldershot, RPi2 with Chinese antenna at around 10m agl Ben
Arnold Home made colinear antenna, RPI 2b2 Robert
Aurora Receiver located at Fulstow, Louth
Aylesbury RPi, 863Mhz pre amp with SAW filter, Chinese antenna Antenna Receiver Box Box2 Alan
Balerno Combined PilotAware / OGN-R Relay Station near RAF Kirknewton in South West Edinburgh. Chinese 9dBi collinear connected direct to Uputronics Pre-amp/Filter & NESDR TCXO SDR (all in loft at present) then via short USB to RPi 2B, feeding into OGN network - OGN-Relay provided by PilotAware RF Transceiver combined into unit & actuated only by & to local PilotAware Traffic Peter R
Barton Receiver located at Barton, a district of Oxford
Bellinghm RPi 2, chinese antenna on chimney Keith
Bicester Located approx 1Km from Bicester airfield using a homemade colinear and running on a X86 PC EFFUL
Blunham Receiver located at 2 km north of Bedford Microlight Airsports
Bosham RPi 2 with Active Diapason Antenna Chris Bishop
BURSTALL Receiver located at Burstall, at ~17 km from Rattlesden Airfield.
Bury Chinese antenna in loft in central Bury Paul Ruskin
Calne Toothpick + RPi Paul Ruskin
Cambridge Cambridge - Permanent rooftop installation of Chinese antenna. Receiver House Antenna Andrew
Chirnside RPi B+ with home made colinear antenna in roof space Receiver Derek
Codford W of Salisbury Plain, Odroid and homemade 12 section colinear Brian
Cranfield Chinese antenna + RPi Paul Ruskin
Cwmbran Home made colinear in my back garden - good to East - mountain to West Dave J
DarltonN RPi B+ with 9 dBi Chinese antenna on chimney at Rampton, 6 Km North of Darlton Gliding Club. Airfield Robert
DAWLY Located at Dawlish
Dereham Chinese antenna external RPi Paul Ruskin
Didcot Didcot - S of Oxford, 9dB collinear antenna under the roof, RK3188 PC (MK809IV) Krzysiek
Dundee Dundee University Tower Building, Active Jetvision/Diapason aerial on roof. Hosted by Dundee Satellite Receiving Station SRantennas View TowerBuilding Webcam Alastair
Edinburgh North Edinburgh, Chinese 9dB in loft. Not a glider friendly area. Alastair
Elsworth Elsworth
Fordham Chinese antenna on Chimney, Rpi Paul Ruskin
FourMarks Pi running the basic stick antenna in the loft for now. Colinear under construction. Kevin Wood
Glamis South of Glamis village Alastair
Gransden Receiver in Gransden village
Hewish RPi2 with Chinese antenna on south side of roof of outbuilding 2 miles west of BGA TP CRK Jill
Hullav Near Hullavington Airfield still being configured Odroid and 12 section colinear Brian
KingsLynn Chinese antenna in loft, RPi Paul Ruskin
Leicester Chinese antenna + RPi Paul Ruskin
Littleton RPi 3B + rtl-sdr blog TCXO. ½ƛ dipole shielded to SE will be replaced by a 'Pawel CoCo' home-made. Alan
Llanwrda Llanwrda, Premier Electronics (UK) Ltd office.
Madeley Receiver at Home Near Telford in Shropshire - OGN Chinese 9dB Antenna now installed. Paul S
Midlem RPi 2 and home made antenna in roof space Robert
Mira Nuneaton
Morecambe RPi 3B and basic stick antenna. The Lakes Gliding Club Peter
Nhampton Northampton
Newcastle RPi 2 Freddy
OldSdbury 1km S of Old Sodbury, RPi 3B, R820T, Chinese 9dB antenna Roger
Orwell Orwell (near GRL). Chinese antenna on chimney Paul Ruskin
Oxford Garsington near Oxford
Penally RPi3B with Chinese antenna (eventually, when I get it put up) Geoff Brown
Peninver RPi3B, R820T, Filtered Preamp, Chinese Antenna. Dave
Quorn Pi with home-built collinear on a 3m mast on roof Jon
Riponhill Ripon, Hill Aviation Insurance Services Limited office.
Saxondale Pi2 v2 with commercial antenna, with Pilotaware. Both antennas on garage roof
Shefford Bruce
Southwick Self build 12 stage colinear in the loft. Klaus
Stirling East side of Stirling town. Chinese 9dB aerial. Alastair
StNeotsLF St Neots Loves Farm. Raspberry Pi 3 Model B + TCXO R820T2 tuner + 868Mhz Filtered Preamp + Chinese Antenna. Shaun
Stoke Leics/Northants border. 17km E of Hus Bos. RPi, 12 element collinear, with PilotAware uplink. Guy
Swaffham Swaffham
Thornbury Home made colinear on roof of house Dave Lewis
Totternho Totternhoe village, 2km NW of UKDUN, Raspi 2B running ARM 0.2.6, with Huahong colinear aerial in attic Colin
Troston Chinese antenna on chimney, RPi Paul Ruskin
UKBDY Metheringham - 10Km SW of Bardney. Homebrew 8 element coaxial collinear located in loft David
ukBER RPi 2 Model B with 9dBi Chinese antenna located at Berwick-upon-Tweed (1.25 mi ENE of the BGA turnpoint 'BER'), with PilotAware uplink Samuel
UKBSN Basingstoke North - RPi. Chinese aerial in house Loft. Powerline ethernet over mains. Receiver Pete
UKCHL Cheltenham. Badlands Antenna in loft on PI Melissa
UKCME Cheltenham East, on going installation with 1st floor toothpick Antenna on Pi Alan
UKCRI Crianlarich (middle of nowhere) Scottish highlands. Jetvision active aerial on a mast. (Thanks Nigel) Antenna Webcam1 Webcam2 Alastair
UKGAM Gamlingay, near Gransden, Badland + Keedox Realtek RTL2832U attic installation since July 2014 Radome Gavin
UKGRF Great Ashfield - approx 15km NE Bury St Edmunds Greg Monaghan
UKHUN Hungerford
ukinv Inverurie, between Insch and Aberdeen (EGPD) airfields.
UKKTH Keith, at ~20 km of Easterton Airfield.
UKLSW Lincoln South West - RPI + 8 ele Collinear on house roof Malc H
UKMAC Paul Ruskin
UKMAM Malmesbury, 700m West of BGA TP MAM James
UKMARW02 West of MARlborough Wilts, in loft. (9Aug2014: V1.3 upgrade and 9dB Chinese antenna, previously known as UKMARW) Jeremy
UKMBU Sherborne, Melbury Bubb ??
UKMOO Muir of Ord, at 22 km west of Inverness Airport (EGPE)
UKMUD RPiB+ with Chinese antenna on south side of roof of house adjacent to BGA TP MUD Jill
NewburyS Burghclere, south of Newbury. Home location, 100m S of NES turnpoint UK Chinese Collinear Antenna Tim
UkOln Olney, externally mounted 3-4db antenna on roof of house Melissa
UKOUN Oundle, 1.7km W of OUN TP. Loft mounted Odroid U3 with Chinese antenna Shaun M
UKPET Peterborough. Chinese antenna on mast Antenna Receiver Peter
UKPRK RPi 2 with 9dB Chinese antenna Joe
UKREASW Burghfield Common, south west of Reading
UKSHS RTL Dongle With Odroid U3, Located Shrewsbury UK, Roof Mounted OGN Chinese 9dB Antenna . Nic
UKSTN St Neots
UKTEW 1,800m SW of TEW. RPi B+ with 9db collinear antenna in the attic. Geoff
UKYTT02 NE of Newbury, 700m WSW of YTT on garage roof. (10Aug2014: V1.3 upgrade and 9dB Chinese antenna, previously UKYTT). Jeremy
UPTON RPi3B, RTLSDR, Filtered Preamp, Chinese Antenna. Dave
WestGrin West Grinstead. Raspberry Pi. Antenna: Vertical 4 dipole stacked collinear array at 60ft AGL. 820T2 SDR Dongle. Mast mounted receiver with WI-FI connection, Pre-amp Antenna Receiver John M
Whittnghm Home made antenna in roof space, RPi B+ Robert
Wokingham Receiver located at Wokingham.
Woodbury 8 Kms SE of Exeter, Devon, NE corner of building, Rpi + Chinese aerial, 7m above ground - elevation 77m Jill
Worcester Worcester

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