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Date OGN SW OGN HW Flarm Other Description
26.02.2008 X Flarm Technology GmbH releases the mandantory firmware update v4.00. With this firmware a encryption (TEA) is introduced.1
01.03.2010 X Eric Fry sniffs USB packets from a Quad Realtek DVB tuner
08.02.2011 X Pawel Jalocha applies as test Enginner at SAFEmine AG, the spin-off from Flarm Technology GmbH
10.02.2011 X Pawel Jalocha and Andrea Schlapbach start discussing the combination of Flarm and aprs: "receive FLARM traffic and send it to servers that feed sites like aprs.fi. This way you could see gliders as well. The data in the packets is encrypted, right? And the encryption key changes sometimes? Do you think it would be feasible to modify a FLARM unit such that it would give me all packets it can hear in a decrypted form?"
12.02.2011 X Pawel Jalocha meets Andrea Schlapbach from Flarm Technology GmbH in Birrfeld, and gets a free Flarm unit to play with
??.02.2011 X Flarm Technology GmbH releases the mandantory firmware update v5.00. With this firmware frequency hopping is introduced. (release notes?)
13.03.2011 X Linux newlists discuss the possibility to use Realtek's RT2832U chip as SDR
02.05.2011 X Pawel Jalocha starts working for SAFEmine AG, with full access to Flarm's IP and documentation
20.05.2011 X Pawel Jalocha has implemented traffic around Birrfeld (LSZF) on aprs.fr
29.07.2011 X Pawel Jalocha employment with SAFEmine AG terminated
26.11.2011 X Linux newlists deepen the discussion to use Realtek's RT2832U chip as SDR
09.02.2012 X Antti Palosaari shows that RT2832U can be used as SDR, kicking-off a huge public effort: "I smell very cheap poor man's software radio here :)"
19.05.2012 X First permanent receiver with DIY collinear antenna at Challes-Les-Eaux airfield
01.05.2013 X First post in OGN forum
20.05.2013 X The APRS Server aprs.glidernet.org goes online
??.06.2013 X First high altitude OGN receiver on Letzi
28.08.2013 X presentation "OpenGlide Network tracking solution"2
28.04.2014 X OGN range tool released by Melissa Jenkins
14.05.2014 X First 9dbi antennas collective order (55 items)
26.05.2014 X Flarm contacts Pawel on OGN, and expresses an interest to support OGN e.g. by sponsoring h/w. No feedback ever received. However Philoo, Seb and Wojtek respond on separate threads
12.06.2014 X OGN receiver update v0.1.2
??.10.2014 X First working OGN tracker prototype presented in Krakow, Poland
22.10.2014 X In a meeting suggested by Flarm, Flarm and all OGN key people (except Pawel who was invited as well) meet for the first time, present their goals and constraints, discuss possibilities for cooperation after v6 and define action items. Meeting was attended by Wojtek, Seb, Philoo, Mel, Frank, Paul, Richard, and Andrea, Urs and Urban
29.10.2014 X French gliding association (F.F.V.V.) decides to speed up the building up of OGN in french mountain regions3
07.01.2015 X Flarm and Seb discuss possible collaboration for v6 release and pending follow-up action from the Oct meeting
15.01.2015 X Flarm Technology GmbH announces a TrackingServer service which will go online after spring 20154
13.02.2015 X FlarmNet disabled the database download
18.02.2015 X FlarmNet confirmed that they don't want OGN uses their FlarmNet database5
22.02.2015 X Flarm posts "possible killer-conditions for cooperation" in OGN newslist, e.g. "(airborne) position-transmitter activities (a.k.a. 'trackers') regardless of RF-characteristics"
07.03.2015 X 500 members subscribed to OGN google discussion group forum
13.03.2015 X Flarm Technology GmbH releases the mandantory firmware update v6.006. This firmware adds a "no-tracking-flag", removes the position ambiguity and changes the encryption for the radio protocol from TEA to XXTEA. Updated Flarms are not visible to OGN receivers v0.1.4 and below, new Firmware is not compatible to old firmware.
24.03.2015 X "Gliding International" publishes article "A totally new spectator experience"7
26.03.2015 X OGN receiver update v0.2.0 - first beta release for Flarm v6, testing on 15 receivers
27.03.2015 X OGN publish their own devices database as an alternative for the FlarmNet database
27.03.2015 X Flarm Technology GmbH suggests OGN send all raw (encrypted) data to the TrackingServer and enables OGN access to the TackingServer service
28.03.2015 X OGN clarifies that they neither used nor wanted the access to the TrackingServer
12.04.2015 X OGN receiver update v0.2.2 - first stable release for Flarm v6
14.04.2015 X OGN devices db includes 1000 devices
08.05.2015 X Jetvision releases a active 23dbi OGN antenna8
27.06.2015 X OGN receiver update v0.2.3 - increased sensitivity
19.07.2015 X OGN devices db includes 3000 devices
05.09.2015 X > 400 OGN receivers working
25.10.2015 X OGN receiver update v0.2.4 - optional strict opt-in using data from OGN DDB
03.12.2015 X OGN is used for live tracking & scoring of Gliding Parallel Race at Dubai FAI World Air Games
16.12.2015 X 1000 likes on OGN Facebook page
16.12.2015 X OGN devices db includes 4000 devices
22.04.2016 X > 500 OGN receivers working
24.04.2016 X OGN devices db includes 5000 devices
22.06.2016 X > 600 OGN receivers working
27.06.2016 X OGN devices db includes 6000 devices
29.08.2016 X OGN receiver update v0.2.5 - optional local OGN DDB and more receiver stats
02.10.2016 X OGN devices db includes 7000 devices
01.02.2017 X OGN is mandatory for all competing gliders during the "2nd FAI World 13.5 metre Class Gliding Championship"9
25.02.2017 X German online shop segelflugbedarf24.de is offering the 9dB antenna
01.04.2017 X Without prior notice from Flarm Technology GmbH the encryption keys are changed, so Flarms are not visible for OGN anymore
01.04.2017 X OGN receiver update v0.2.6 - updated decryption keys
15.04.2017 X OGN devices db includes 8000 devices
13.05.2017 X > 800 OGN receivers working
16.06.2017 X OGN devices db includes 9000 devices
17.07.2017 X 1000 members subscribed to OGN google discussion group forum
25.09.2017 X OGN devices db includes 10000 devices
12.06.2018 X OGN devices db includes 12000 devices

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Sources: OGN forum, Flarm, Google, FAI


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