For Android Users

Although for the moment OGN does not provide any dedicated applications for Android platform, it is possible to use APRSDroid. It provides a set of interesting features and may be very handy e.g. for debugging new installation.


Download and install latest APK from the APRSDroid home page.


There is a few configuration steps recommended. You need to set up your callsign and disable position reporting, since you want to track the gliders and you don't want to send anything to the OGN servers.

1. in Preferences set your callsign (e.g. WB)
2. in Connection Preferences set the server host and port:
aprsdroid6.png3. Disable automatic position posting:
4. Disable "SmartBeaconing":


Start monitoring - you can now see the gliders and the receivers on the application's map!
Please keep in mind that it may take up to 5 minutes before your receiver appear on the map, as its location beacons are sent with that frequency.

aprsdroid3.pngYou can click on a selected station to listen to what it receives and sends up to the OGN servers:
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