Firewall Rules

If you want to protect your receiver by a firewall, please find below a list of flows used by the receiver:

Warning: this flow list may change in the future, please keep in sync your firewall configuration.
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Main flows

Description Source Destination Protocol
Upload of positions Your receiver OGN APRS servers:
OGN DDB download (*) Your receiver OGN DDB server:
Software update Your receiver OGN download server:
Name resolution Your receiver Your DNS server DNS
Time synchronisation Your receiver Your NTP server NTP

(*) Only required if you enabled DDB whitelisting.

You may also need to add flows to be able to keep your system updated.

Seb's read only image

If you are using Seb's read only image you need to add the following flows:

Description Source Destination Protocol
Auto OGN receiver upgrade Your receiver Seb's admin server:
Auto script upgrade Your receiver GitHub raw server:
Time synchronisation Your receiver Default Raspbian NTP servers NTP
Remote admin Your receiver Seb's admin server:
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