DVB-T Dongles
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Flight Aware Pro Flight Aware Pro Plus rtl-sdr.com "silver" dongle Newgen "green" dongle Thumbnet N3 Good dongle R820T / R820T2 Bad dongle (short one)
Price ~30€ (amazon.de) ~36€ (amazon.de) ~20€ (rtl-sdr.com) ~18€ (ebay.de) ~25-33$ ~10€ ~10€
Rating for OGN receiver ++ - / ++ (… read the notes) +++ ??? + + -
dvbt_stick_flightaware.jpg dvbt_stick_flightaware_plus.jpg dvbt_stick_silver.jpg dvbt_stick_green.jpg dvbt_stick_thumbnet.jpg rtl-buy.png rtl-dont-buy.png
Sensitivity good good good ** ??? average good bad
Temperature compensated crystal (TCXO) yes yes yes yes yes no no
Aluminium enclosure no no yes yes yes no no
Integrated LNA yes yes no no no no no
Integrated Bias-T no no yes no no no no
Notes Integrated filter for 1090MHz which make it useless for OGN.
Expert only: you can replace the filter with a filter for 868MHz which makes this stick excellent for OGN
??? External 5V DC input R820T vs. R820T2**:
The R820T2 have lower noise level but in the same time signals were also weaker, so finally S/N ratios reported by receivers were very similar. Overall, this resulted with more or less similar sensitivity of R820T and R820T2. Generally - currently we didn't see any big improvement of R820T2 reception which is strange comparing to good reviews in the internet. Please note that we measured only sensitivity without any distortion from other signals, and currently I compared only two devices.
they tend to get hot and crystals drift very much off. If you absolutely need to use them - give them good cooling (remove the casing, etc.):
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