DVB-T Dongles

Realtek RTL2832U dongles

You need to buy one with Realtek RTL2832U on board.

From our experience the dongles with R820T tuner work best. Best prices are on e-bay: search by "R820T" keyword, the downside is the shipment may take 2-3 or more weeks.

Taking into account the dongles on RL2832U chipset and our experience with them, we can conclude:

  • [ GOOD ] -no "crystals drifting" problem observed:

On e-bay you will find them by searching for: "E4000 DVB-T RTL-SDR DAB FM USB TV & Radio Tuner Receiver". Should cost ~9$

  • [ WARNING ] - be careful with the smallest dongles - they tend to get hot and crystals drift very much off. If you absolutely need to use them - give them good cooling (remove the casing, etc.):

So, better avoid the "mini" dongles wherever possible…

R820T2 dongles

New dongles with R820T2 tuner are available on the market. They seem to have better sensibility and lower noise levels. More information will follow shortly.

The website rtl-sdr.com is offering an advanced R820T2 Dongle. It features
- an optionally enables Bias-T to power your preamp
- has a aluminum enclosure to shield it from the outside EMI world
- has a heat sink inside
- has a SMA-connector
- features a temperature compensated crystal, so no need to correct frequency offset



One blue (link) dongle was initially tested.
They have lower noise level but in the same time signals were also weaker, so finally S/N ratios reported by receivers were very similar.
Overall, this resulted with more or less similar sensitivity of R820T and R820T2.
Generally - currently we didn't see any big improvement of R820T2 reception which is strange comparing to good reviews in the internet.
Please note that we measured only sensitivity without any distortion from other signals, and currently I compared only two devices.
(tested by Sylwek)

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