Software for OGN receivers

Today the easiest and fastest way of setting-up your new OGN receiver is to purchase a Raspberry PI, download a ready-to-use image and write it on a SD card. If you have a PI, we suggest to proceed like that. If, however, you intend to use different hardware (other type of mini board or a PC) you can download the binaries for your platform and proceed with manual installation.

Ready to use Images

To write follwoing images on SD card you can use

Raspberry Pi image by Konstantin Gründger

Download the image (443MB) here: general.img.gz or from Google Drive mirror here: general.img.gz
Note: this Image is provided by Konstantin Gründger. It is not an official OGN image. You must login and update the receiver position, altitude, name, etc. in the config file (/home/ogn/rtlsdr-ogn.conf).

  • Based on newest Raspbian Lite image (debian 9.4), updated on 2018-05-11
  • ssh enabled. Users are: pi (password: raspberry) and ogn (password: ogn)
  • Works for RPi B+, RPi 2, RPi 3, RPi 3+, RPi Zero (W)
  • Filesystem OverlayFS installed.
  • Hardware watchdog enabled (reboot on kernel panic, for other options see here).
  • Works also with DVB-T-Sticks from v3 with bias tee (set the option "BiasTee=1;" in the config file)
  • Optional: Do a headless installation.

Raspberry Pi image by Sébastien Chaumontet

Ready to use image for Raspberry Pi (Seb v0.2, 388MB)
Note: this Image is provided by Sébastien Chaumontet. It is not an official OGN image. Before installing the SD card in the Pi you should update the receiver position, altitude, name, etc. in the single config file from a Windows PC in readable FAT partition (OGN-receiver.conf).

  • Based on Raspbian Lite image (2018-03-13-raspbian-stretch-lite)
  • ssh enabled. User is pi and password is configurable from single config file. (pi password login disabled by default)
  • Tested with RPi, RPi2, RPi3, RPi3+
  • Filesystem OverlayFS installed.
  • Allows remote login from OGN core team (Pawel & Seb) => Can be disabled from config file.
  • Allows wifi connection from single config file.
  • Hardware watchdog enabled.
  • OGN receiver auto-upgrade
  • Automatic GeoidSepar by using WW15MGH.DAC instead

All information regarding creation of this image and details are available here:
Installation and configuration instructions (in french)

Binaries: The latest binary decoder software for different architectures and hardware

Binaries for different platforms

  • Raspbery Pi 1, Raspberry Pi 2, Raspberry Pi 3, Raspberry Pi Zero (W): rpi-gpu
  • Orange Pi, Banana Pi, Cubieboard2, ODROID U3, BeagleBoneBlack, etc.: arm
  • PC: x86, x64
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