Subscribing to OGN data using Java

Subscribing to OGN data

A simple Java API is available allowing to subscribe to the OGN beacons (aircraft positioning updates as well as base stations beacons).
The source code is available on GitHub and can easily be built with Apache Maven.




This project provides classes and interfaces describing aircraft and receiver beacons (OgnBeacon and its specializations: AircraftBeacon & ReceiverBeacon), classes implementing parsing mechanisms for OGN APRS sentences, utility classes for serialization and deserialization of OGN beacons to and from JSON, aircraft descriptors, handling FlarmNet database, etc.
This module is to be shared across other java modules or applications and should be easily compilable on different platforms (including Android), therefore it is kept simple, with absolute minimum 3rd party dependencies needed.


This project provides classes and interfaces allowing subscription to OGN beacons. It provides factory for creating OGN client objects, handling subscriptions, defines beacon listeners, etc..
This library can be used by any Java application which needs to subscribe to OGN data.



The gateway is a standalone application and its main purpose is logging traffic passing through the OGN infrastructure and relaying OGN beacons to different systems (namely, FR24,…) in expected format and using expected protocol. In addition some computing plugins are implemented (e.g. the "stats" plugin), which process information extracted from the beacons (aircraft and receiver).
The so-called "forwarders" are implemented as plugins and once deployed to the expected plugin folder are automatically registered and start working. No need to restart ogn-gateway for that! OGN gateway also logs all packets into IGC files (can be enabled/disabled).


The gateway-web is a standalone spring boot application and its main purpose is serving data acquired into ogn statistics database (through ogn-gatway with statistics plugin) via HTTP.

howto build

To build modules, you will need JDK 8+ and Maven to be installed in your system. This is not the place to introduce Maven in details, most Java developers are familiar with the tool anyway. If you are developing under Eclipse, it will be convenient for you to install m2e plugin.

Please mind the dependency between the modules. If you are building from command line, you must build the modules in the following order:

cd ogn-commons-java
mvn install

cd ..
cd ogn-client-java
mvn install
cd ogn-gateway-java
mvn package

quick maven installation under ubuntu

Follow this simple procedure

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