OGN developers corner

This section is dedicated to developers who either work on improvements of the OGN core system or develop their own applications using OGN data. You should be able to find description of the OGN-flavour APRS beacons links to existing APIs, pointers to git repositories with OGN tracker source code etc.

OGN Git repository

OGN Tracker development (software)

ESP32 DIY OGN Tracker
STM32 DIY OGN Tracker

OGN Tracker based on Spirit1 RF module

Subscribing to OGN data

If you are building your own app and want to use OGN data - simply use one of the available APIs (OGN client libraries) or write your own.

  • The subscribe-to-ogn-data page describes different sources that can be used to obtain OGN data.
  • The format of OGN APRS beacons is explained here.

APIs in different languages

Ready-to-use docker images

A set of ready to use ogn docker images can be found at docker hub

Transmiting data through LoRaWAN and The Things Network (TTN)

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